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Kara: Video Games meet Reality

The virtual world of video games is about to meet the reality. Gaming experience will never be the same, as it will soon blur the line between virtual and real world. A prelude to such a revolutionary prospect is presented by video game developer David Cage when he introduced “Kara”.

Kara is the next level of gaming experience that uses performance-capture technology. David Cage unveiled his innovative concept during a presentation at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. His seven-minute non-interactive demonstration called Kara showcases the groundbreaking technology to capture and digitize the performance of an actor in the gaming world.

The unbelievable footage presents an android named Kara, who is being assembled by robotic arms. Actor Valorie Curry portrays emotions of the android during her complex process of attaining self-awareness. Kara could express life-like emotions when she converses with an unknown operator.

Cage used about 90 sensors to capture the expressions on the actor’s face. He used performance-capture technology that is much faster and less expensive, compared to one used in Avatar movie. The technology does not require mounting a camera on the actor’s head and could easily capture both audio and video at the same time.

Although Kara is just a demo, but it has opened the doors to the new possibilities of gaming experience. Watch the video below and get amazed by the overwhelming technology.

Short review on WWE® ’12 video game

THQ recognized that WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 was not working and it was time to completely rethink the whole structure of the game and give it a new dimension. The result is WWE ’12, developed by Yuke’s. By returning to slower and more precise style of game play, the new game from THQ is definitely going to become a hit with hardcore wrestling fans.

WWE ’12 is a very well designed game. It will be really hard to figure out if you are watching a match on a television or playing a video game. The story mode is the same as the WWE’s own television show.

Yuke’s has included a treat for WWE fans. It now comes with the best content creator. Fans can now design their own arena, stages, announce table, rings, etc. You can also customize your own superstars and divas. You can show your creativeness using the creations tool by choreographing your own entrance and putting music when you enter the arena. This way you can create your unique style of entrance like the WWE stars you see on TV.

This game will give a new meaning to addiction. It has hit the North American market on November 22, 2011 and the UK market on 25th November. All PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 users can grab this at their nearest stores and get into some action because this is the only thing ‘You Can Try at Home’. PlayStation and Xbox 360 users can get it for the price of $59.99 and Wii users can get it for $49.99.


Microsoft’s Wedge Lens Technology

All these days people used to wear special glasses to watch 3D Dimensional content-be it the movies or cartoon or what not. Here’s some good news. The Microsoft Applied Sciences team has done it again. Recently,the group has successfully developed a new lens which can be used to watch 3D content without special glasses.

Description of the new technology:

The alternative used by the team is a a lens that is very thin at the bottom (6mm approx.) when compared to the upper portion (11mm approx.). This lens is used to steer light to the spectator’s eyes through a Light Emitting Diode(LED) which is placed along it’s bottom edge. The 3D display uses a camera to track the content viewers so that it knows where exactly to steer the light . This idea is not a new one. Earlier,the CPU power required was very large and not affordable but now this technology requires only less CPU power and it is easy to pull it off on a large scale.

Working of this technology:

Traditional lenses that are found in the projectors are placed between a point of light and it’s focal point which has been making viewer tracking 3D systems unaffordable and bulky. The design of Microsoft’s Wedge lens has by-passed this problem as the light travels only within the lens and not in the air medium. As a result of this, the surface of the wedge becomes the focal point and this sharply minimizes the distance between the projector and the screen. The LED perfectly controls the position and the angle of the light as it enters the bottom edge of the lens and also the direction in which the light comes out. In the meanwhile, the viewer tracking cameras collect all the light travelling the other way through the lens. The system’s viewing angle is about 20 degrees but Microsoft hopes for producing even better results-tweaking the lens to a 40 degree angle which is still being reviewed.

Advantages of this technology:

Various other companies have demonstrated off 3D displays which don’t require glasses but those equipments often make use of lenticular lenses which are directly integrated into the display and project different images in two fixed directions. As a result the viewer need to be in a particular designated zone to experience the 3D effect. However, Microsoft’s prototype of the display can successfully deliver the 3D effect to two viewers at the same instant by presenting different images to their left and right eyes such that one video is seen in each eye regardless of the position of the viewer. This system can also show ordinary 2 dimensional (2D) videos for upto four people simultaneously such that each person sees one video.

Since the lens is very thin, it can easily be incorporated into a standard Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) by replacing the traditionally used backlight, that shines through through the liquid crystals and projects the images to the viewers.

Ongoing research:

The picture quality is limited by the screen’s refresh rate and so Microsoft is urging display manufacturers to make faster LCDs. The company is also looking into how the lens can be used as a backlight of laptops that will be capable of projecting images to either one person or to multiple people.

Microsoft has done it once again by producing a very advanced and useful technology for the movie and the gaming industries. R&D in this technology may bring 3D games that can be played on a PC or a video game.

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