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Basic Aspects of File Sharing in Windows7

File sharing is all about distributing data that is stored digitally. This data can be music, video, documents, photos and electronic books. There are file-hosting services to share files. These services use email, blogs or other Internet collaboration means that will allow them to insert links for downloading. Windows7 has come up with a straightforward solution for file sharing. By using this technique you can share files with anyone at home or office; procedure will be different though.

File sharing on home network

Firstly, you must create a homegroup or be a part of it. In homegroup, computers, which are members of it, share documents, videos, music and other files. Printers are even shared among homegroup. Windows7 PC is as major requisite for homegroup participation. While linking up with homegroup or creating one, it asks for libraries or folders that you want to share. You must specify folders that are to be shared and files that you want to keep private. Fastening of appropriate settings is the thing of Windows’ concern. Exception of yourself, no one has any authority to change settings customized by you. By using password of your choice, you can protect your homegroup from any strangers. This password is changeable at any time.

As we talk about compatibility of Windows7 editions, all editions of it such as Ultimate, Enterprise or Professional, support homegroup. You can join or create homegroup in all editions except Starter and Home Basic editions; in them you can only join homegroup cannot create one. On joining homegroup, computers working on domain can access files that are shared by others but cannot share any.

File sharing with anyone of your choice

Homegroup is the best way to share files automatically among that particular group. But what if you want to share files with others that are not from homegroup? Windows7 offers solution for it by serving ‘Share with’ menu. This menu allows you to select preferred files or folders and share them with others. Options of this menu vary with the type of network in use and type of file that is being selected. Generally there are following options.

  • First option is ‘Nobody’. By selecting this option you can make a particular file private. Nobody can access it except you.
  • Second is ‘Homegroup (Read)’ that enables you to share file with homegroup; but read-only permission is must for this sharing. This read-only permission allows recipient only to read file; he cannot make any changes in that file. Recipient is not allowed to delete that file even.
  • Third is ‘Homegroup (Read/Write)’ which is same as ‘Homegroup (Read)’; but in this case, read/write permission will be sufficient for sharing. With this read/write permission, recipient can do anything with that file. File can be read, modified or deleted even.
  • Lastly, there is ‘Specific people’ with which you can select people precisely in File Sharing Wizard. Sharing is done with these specified people only.

Shared documents

You can easily check files or folders that you have shared. In Windows7, these details are given in Windows Explorer. You can go to Windows Explorer by clicking on ‘Start’ button and then user name specified by you. On selecting any folder, you will see all the information at the bottom of screen. It will tell you if that file is shared and if it is shared, it will also provide information about recipient.

Public Folders

As a ‘Share with’ option makes sharing effortless, there is one more option named ‘Public folders’. Like drop boxes, this Public folder makes all files or folders available to other people when you copy them to this folder. These Public folders are present in each of your libraries for instance Public Videos, Public Documents, Public music etc. Sharing on Public folders must be turned on before sharing since it is off by default. It is a useful technique for sharing some documents with several people as it holds record of shared files. Unfortunately, these folders do not allow you to protect some files in them. Either you have to hide all files or none of them. But if that much flaws are considered, option of Public folders is not that bad for sharing.

There are various ways to share a file between different users and to use them effectively you must be aware of basic knowledge required for it.

What is System Restore?

System Restore and Its Features

One day, you are minding your own business, doing some work online or just listening to some music, when you are suddenly faced with cricket-noise-inducing silence and a blank screen. Maybe you’re watching a video that you waited patiently to download and a few minutes into the opening credits the movie pauses, along with your whole screen. Those are just some of the problems that will require you to use the System Restore in your Windows operating system.

What System Restore Can Do For You

System Restore will assist you in restoring the computer system to an earlier point when it was working at its optimum efficiency. This is the system’s version of an undo that will not affect your personal files like emails, documents or photos.

Certain installations of some programs and drivers might cause some unexpected errors or changes in your computer which will cause Windows to behave in an unpredictable way. Uninstalling the program often corrects the driver problem but a System Restore will undoubtedly help make the process of restoring the computer faster. It will return the status of your computer to an earlier date when it was working properly.

System Restore has a feature called system protection so you can regularly create and you can even save restore points on your computer which you can choose from. These certain restore points have information about registry settings and other system information that Windows will use. You can create restore points manually apart from the computer’s own saved restore points. You can find information about creating restore points on the option Create.

You can use the system image backups that were stored within the computer’s hard drive for your System Restore which are similar to the restore points that were actually made by system protection procedures. System image backups may contain both your system files and personal data, but your files will not be affected by System Restore. If you need to know more about system images you can find out on ‘What is a system image?’

If you plan on backing up files, System Restore is not what you need. It will not aid in recovering personal files that have been deleted or damaged. You are responsible for backing up your personal files and important data using a backup program. If you need more information regarding the necessary backing up important personal files, look at the Back up your files option.

Simple Ways to Enable System Restore

You can access System restore if you click the Start button. Using the search box, type in System Restore, after which you will see the results where you can click System Restore. You might be prompted for an administrator password and in this case you should type it to provide confirmation. You can see more information about system protection on ‘What is system protection?’

This information will help you in knowing what to do in case you come across problems during installation or downloading of foreign files. By being informed, you can make the process of maintaining your computer at its optimum level of performance.

Cloud Computing from BT and Cisco

Cisco and BT are all set to launch the global “cloud” based IPT solution, which will bring down the upfront investments required by the businesses, and provide a scalable hosted IP Telephony service. Now, BT is working closely alongside Cisco Services to take care of underlying virtualized infrastructure, and make things happen; so, you can definitely expect to see some exciting developments within a matter of few months.

With this new service, businesses will be able to unite mobile and data services along with voice telephony in limited budget, and considerably lower upfront costs. The first and the foremost step in adopting this approach would be consuming voicemail, IP telephony, unified messaging technologies, and conferencing services on a pay per user, utility-based pricing model.

Currently, these services have been made available in the UK markets, and the users in US and Asia Pacific will be able to avail these services in the third quarter of this year with BT’s latest gen 21CN global platform, and upcoming brand new secure data centers.

Coupling the new services with BT’s Onevoice services, now the company is ready to unite the other services, and make life easier for the corporate users. The latest package of voice telephony cum networking services will not only be flexible and affordable, but also have lower risk levels associated with them as well.

What’s more, this new service will be based on an innovative operation cost model that will facilitate the customers to manage their funds better, and avail benefits like free on-network calls, and extremely cheap rates for cellular calls between particular sites. This will hence bring down the overall expenses too. Therefore, those who preferred renting IP phones for on-site communication would now be able to take advantage of this new service. And, no wonder Cisco & BT are looking at a tremendously high figure in terms of potential customers.

Furthermore, the firms who’ve been struggling to manage their various wings can now make use of the hosted services offered by BT/Cisco, which will handle maintenance, upgrade, investment costs, and everything with managing IP telephony. So, businesses will be able to take care of things in an in-house set-up without really having to management so many different things separately.

BT’s most comprehensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS network will be utilized in the hosted service, which will allow businesses to securely share stuff within the workforce, not to mention some of their stunning collaboration tools.

The goodness of Cisco Unified Communications system will be seen on BT Hosted IPT, which will unify mobile apps, data, video, telephone/voice apps on mobile networks. The service will also feature a web portal to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks, and do everything from reconfiguring users’ phones, managing number/name down to displaying and setting up phones for fresh staff members.

Microsoft Glasses- Free 3D Display

Microsoft applied sciences group has developed a new lens to be used in television screens which facilitates viewing three dimensional videos without wearing glasses. The 3D fever has gripped the world after the release of the super hit James Cameron’s movie Avtaar last year. This technology is getting popular day by day.

So what exactly is 3D? 3D technology is a type of technology used for viewing a program into a three dimensional realistic field. It should also have the techniques of 3D presentation such as multi view capture, stereoscopic capture and a 3D display. A basic preface is required in order to understand the working of a 3D display is how your eyes are working.

For example, look at the mouse of your computer or anything else nearby. There are two separate lenses in nutshell for your left eye and right eye taking two different angled images which are sent to your brain. Then the brain acts as a image processor and a three dimensional picture is formed in your mind. The same principle is applicable with a 3D display.

Going by its present state, this glittering technology has its down side as well. To be become a reality and make it to the homes of the masses, 3D technology has a long way to go. It has to sort out some important issues before it can think of becoming the mainstream technology.

As of now this is a new technology and for an average family is quite expensive. The lack of availability of 3D content and the hindrance caused by wearing 3D glasses may make TV watching less impressive than going out and watching in the theatres.

This development can revolutionize the experience of 3D viewing as well as research by various technological firms in order to promote san pesky glasses for 3D display. The lens is made thin from the bottom as compared to its top. It is about 11 millimeters from top and about 6 millimeters from bottom. The light enters the viewers eye by switching its bottom edge on and off along with light-emitting diodes. This phenomenon creates a stereoscopic 3D effect when coupled with light.

With the help of this phenomenon the viewer is able to see the images in 3D effect. The lens helps in controlling the direction of light. The 3D display has a camera which can track the viewers which enable to steer light towards them.

This type of display can deliver 3D video to two viewers at a time (one video for each individual eye) regardless of where they are placed. It has the capability of viewing ordinary 2D video for 4 people at a time (one video for each individual).

A TV and Video Search battle from Bing and Google

Google and Bing are two of the most renowned search engines in the world that have been a choice to many users recently. Both the search engine provide excellent services to all the Internet users in order to get to the information that they want. This consisted of websites, images, videos, and a lot more then that only.

The start

The competition was certainly started when with the news coming from Google about the introduction of Google TV somewhere in the last quarter of this year. The video service has been working fine and people from Google are pretty satisfied with the services that they are rendering in the sector.

This statement has aroused in a new sensation in the Microsoft world as well. Microsoft officials have stated to enhance the capabilities of Bing and to redirect it to the entertainment section as well. This would certainly enhance the search engine in order to get the appropriate information about the entertainment world that includes movies, television, music as well as online games available around the world.

Official Statement

The official statement from Microsoft has come from the West Hollywood in presence of some of the American Idol characters. The announcement made was a promise to bring serious updates from around the world of entertainment. Bing would certainly consult even major figures from around the entertainment world to help them through this process.

The reports state that the developers are working on integration where you can easily search all the details for your favorite serials from around the world. Program listing as well as the programs themselves can easily be watched from within the browser through streaming.

Possible outcomes

The first possible outcome of this integration would certainly be a competition between Microsoft’s services related to entertainment and Google TV. This would definitely give users with an excellent experience giving them the type of content that they actually want. Though both the service providers are excellent in whatever they have been producing but still the sense of competition would certainly enhance the product quality by many folds.

Entertainment lovers from all around the world would have certain platforms to help them through grasping information from the world of entertainment. A huge class of people would be attracted towards the announcement’s implementation for it would certainly let them have relaxation from all the work that they do.

One could even expect the integration of Xbox Services in future as both the services are closely related. This prediction could even be made with respect to the statement being released by officials that included the online gaming in the entertainment section as well.

The whole lot of features promised by Google TV and the upcoming fight back from Bing promise to be quality features therefore  promising to bring a whole new sensation attracting great deals of people from around the world in order to get them updates from the entertainment world. In addition, you would certainly not regret that you missed your favorite TV show once you get both these services launched.

How To Increase Website Hits

Creating a website is not the only important part of the website, but the number of visitors who actually come to the site is one of the most important factors. The reason is that only when the website has many visitors and has many hits will the site be able to prosper. There are many webmasters who concentrate a lot on the creation of the site, but do not spend time to think on the methods of increasing the visitors to the site.

There are a few methods that can be used by you to increase the number of website hits.

Video posting

One of the least known but best method of increasing the number of hits is to make a video about your site and then post the video in various forums. There are various methods of creating a video. In fact if you are not really interested in standing in front of a camera to talk about your site, then you can start making a power point presentation. Each time when people look at these videos that are posted in various other sites, you will have some visitors reaching your site and your site will have a lot of hits.

Video Posting on YouTube

The video that you post can be on YouTube or other sites. The advantage of posting videos on YouTube is that there are thousands of people who look at the videos in this site and the huge volume of people visiting this site and viewing videos can cause an increase in the hits to your site.

Commenting on videos

Other than posting videos on various sites, you can also increase the number of hits in your site by viewing the videos of other people and then commenting on these videos. The advantage of this method is that when you comment positively on the videos of other people, they will be interested in you and also in your site. This will make them to have a look at the video that you have posted and they might also visit your site, thus increasing the visitors to your site.

Optimizing your website

Other than posting videos, there are many other methods of increasing the website hits. The primary method is to make your site to become search engine optimized. There are many methods of making this happen and the most important methods are to select the right domain name at the time of creating your site. Keyword research is also important and article posting that has keywords relating to your site will also help to increase the traffic that reaches your site.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting that has a link that leads back to your site is another method of increasing the number of hits on your site. You can also post on forums with links back to your site. Link building that leads back to your site will help you to increase the traffic to your site.
These are the most common and important methods that will help to increase the number of hits on your site.

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