Even the scientists seem to be fond of the superb functionalities of the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras to such a point that they made it the basis of one of their innovations. The researchers from Vienna University of Technology have transformed a Canon EOS 5D DSLR camera into a highly powerful computer tomography image spectrometer. It is being considered as a much cheaper alternative of the commercial hyperspectral cameras, which cost somewhere around US$ 25,000 at the lowest.

A hyperspectral imaging device is employed to analyze different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, including the ones that are non-visible to human eyes. The relevance of such imaging technology extends advanced application in a number of fields such as mineralogy, physics, surveillance, and agriculture. The team of researchers made use of two custom-cut PVC pipes, diffraction grating gel, slit aperture, square aperture, duct tape, gel holder, and macro lens. After lengthy mathematical calculations and thorough analysis, the prototype camera was able to work with a resolution of 4.89-nm. Although the exposure time of the device is quite high, the scientists are busy making further modifications to bring it down to perfection. The overall cost so far is just US$ 1,000 and that is surprisingly a low figure.

Considering the cost effective design, the invention is a real breakthrough in the field of advanced imaging. It can even be immensely valuable to the scientists who work independently and cannot afford to invest in expensive counterparts. For further details, read the complete report on the official website of Vienna University of Technology.

Watch the video below to see how you can upgrade your Canon EOS 5D camera:

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