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New Computer Virus Steals Files and Claims for Hundreds of Ransom!

Here is one more security threat to scare you this Halloween! Have you been only scared and apprehensive about your kids being kidnapped or taken hostage by any malicious neighbor – well, you need to be careful of your computer data too! A new computer virus has recently emerged to take hostage of your computer files which you will not be able to open those files anymore. This new virus, named Ransomware or CryptoLocker, will emerge on your inbox as an email from a legitimate or renowned company such as FedEx, UPS or even legitimate security organizations such as FBI or Homeland Security. As per the news, CryptoLocker or Ransomware has already intruded in several computers across the United States, including a company in Central Texas. The virus is designed with the purpose to extort money from its victims.

How CryptoLocker or Ransomware computer virus infects files?           

According to Shawn Richeson, the computer technician of Click-A-Nerd, has warned that one hasty or incautious click may lead users to lose all of their vital information on their computers. The computer virus will hide under the guise of a fake mail from UPS, FBI, FedEx or other legitimate company; as the user will click on such mail, the virus file will be installed and starts prying for documents, images, videos and other types of files. Later, the victim will notice a window displaying countdown clock stating that the user is running out of time to recover their files.

“It uses a key and it changes the file contents to something that’s unusable and unopenable on your computer,” says Richeson of Click-A-Nerd. They want a ransom of $100-$300 which victims need to pay to get the key to unlock their files which are encrypted by the virus author. If the victims fails to pay the money within the stipulated time, they will never be able to regain their files; all their corrupted files will be deleted.

How to protect your computer against CryptoLocker or Ransomware?

However, Richeson has offered a viable solution to solve this computer virus problem. “The best that we’ve come up with to prevent further damage is to once you confirm that you’re infected with it the only smart move is to just shut the computer off completely.” He further suggested taking the computer to a local repair shop to stop the clock and stop further losses.

So, are you ready to compromise the safety of your computer and the data to CryptoLocker or Ransomware computer virus? Protect your computer against such computer virus by downloading TechGenie Free Antivirus today!

Industrial secrets are in threat due to severe virus attack

What is a virus?How are viruses created? What are the purposes of producing viruses? How you can be affected by these viruses? Why these new viruses are targeting industrial secrets? These are just some of the questions that are most often talked about especially when you are attacked by a virus.

About Virus and it’s attack

Viruses are the malfunction programs which can harm your computer operating system. It is dangerous for software as well as hardware. In both ways it makes your system slow or it may stops working. That’s why all the computer users are worried about this problem.

Who produce these dangerous virus programs? It is a big question that if they are so perilous for computers then who is the beneficiary? There are some corrupt people in computer industry who use their knowledge to produce and use these for their own sake.

As you are computer users so you are direct affected by these viruses and malwares? Mostly they penetrate into computer via net or by USB devices.

Why these new viruses are targeting industrial secrets?

Recently it is revealed that a new virus is designed by someone to attack computer systems operating in different industries. These viruses attack the industrial computers to make the functions mal and any accident can occur. This virus is designed to embezzle the industrial secrets. It is observed that this virus enters the system when an USB is plugged in. It does not infect the system by autorun virus but it infects in unusual way by vulnerability in processing link files.

How it works?

Two drivers are installed by this virus after penetrating into the system named as mrxnet.sys and mrxcls.sys. These drivers are used to inject codes into the system and hides the malware it self. That’s why the malware files on the infected USB device cannot be seen.

Siemens Industry spokesman Michael Krampe said, “The Company immediately assembled a team of experts to evaluate the situation. Siemens is taking all precautions to alert its customers to the potential risks of this virus.”

One of the surprising things is that this virus is signed with Realtek’s digital signature. It’s very confusing that how the authors of the virus became able to sign their virus with Realtek’s digital signature.

McGrew, founder of McGrew Security and a researcher at Mississippi State University said, “Whoever wrote the virus software may have been targeting a specific installation, If the authors had wanted to break into as many computers as possible, rather than a specific target, they would have tried to exploit more popular SCADA management systems such as Wonderware or RSLogix.”

Many of the antivirus software producers are working on this to break the code and to add more security elements in their programs to avoid this malware. Let’s hope for the best and good luck to the anti virus produces. As we are protected before using the antivirus software, in future also they will help us to maintain our systems secure. But you must have to take precautionary measures and avoid USB.

How to Retrieve Pictures from a Corrupt Memory Card

Losing data from an external storage device such as a memory card or an SD card is quite a common problem that is faced by people all over the world. It can happen due to a number of reasons such as entry of malware into the card that corrupts files, virus attack or simply because the memory card has been overused for a long time.

The bad thing about memory card corruption is that you may lose all data on it if it happens. The good thing about it is that there are a number of software programs available online that can help you recover all the data from your corrupt memory card.

Here is a step-by-step easy guide showing you how to retrieve any lost data from your corrupt memory card:

  1. Download and install data-recovery software on your computer

There are plenty of software programs available online that allow recovery of lost data from memory cards. is a useful website to search for data-recover software. Run a search with “data recovery” as your keywords to find a list of appropriate software programs available for free download or at least permission to use for a trial period before buying it. Once you download one of these programs, install it by following the instructions as they appear on your monitor screen.

  1. Connect memory card for your computer to read it

Allow your computer to read your memory card after you insert it into the slot on your CPU. If it is not detected at all then there must be some issues with the hardware of the card. This cannot be solved with the help of the recovery software. Otherwise, your computer should e able to read it as soon as the memory card is connected.

  1. Allow the data-recovery software to detect the memory card

Once your computer has read the card, open the data-recovery program and allow it to search for any connected external storage devices. It should be able to read your memory card instantly.

  1. Recover data and save it on a different location

Give a command for the program to run a scan on the memory card and recover all the lost and corrupt files. Once they are detected you must remove them from the memory card to avoid further loss, or at least save copies of them on your hard drive.

  1. Format the memory card

Once the lost data has been recovered and stored away safely in some other location, you must run a scan on your memory card and format it to ensure there are no corrupt files, malware, virus or other harmful items on it. Formatting will result in wiping the memory card clean of any files that were previously stores.

Once it has been formatted it should be available for use by you to store things once again.

Work function of BIOS

BIOS is the primary initiator of the computer devices and software which starts all the devices to work according to their menu. Basic input/output system (BIOS) is a boot firmware or primary system device or code of computer which helps to run and test all other applications and devices. BIOS is expressed as the initiating media which helps to coordinate all other activities of computer after it is powered on. After computer is powered on, the BIOS identify and run the hardware like floppy drive, hard disk, graphics card etc. In the same way BIOS also make the software files executable after computer starts. The BIOS works in a sequence that is stored in the ROM of computer.

BIOS is attached to motherboard of the PC and the primary work function of BIOS varies according to general or professional use of users. According to its usage in different manners, the different BIOS setup is fixed in different spaces. After the start of PC, the post work of BIOS includes self test works like virus identification, disability or troubleshooting of hardware, power system, over clocking system etc. Then BIOS hands over its duty to operating system to run the PC according to its configuration. But in case of transferring OS data, BIOS also helps from the backend. BIOS looks over the hardware whether it face compatibility problems. In fact BIOS works as an interpreter between software and hardware applications.

The communication job of BIOS is not done in a single stage as the overall service of BIOS is performed in three stages. In first stage, after primary investigation, BIOS transfer responsibility to BIOS. In the second stage, in case of any problem or difficulty OS send a signal to BIOS and in third stage BIOS takes step accordingly. The whole process is done within a very short period, so that users can’t identify the steps manually.

BIOS failure:

After switching on the PC, BIOS activates and then operating system and other applications. If PC restarts continuously then it is termed as BIOS failure. Any message can come in black screen which will dictate what to do. BIOS failure can occur due to various reasons:

1. Virus attack
2. Failure of any hardware device
3. Over clocking

To get rid from these types of problems one must change or replace BIOS chip.

Dual BIOS:

Dual BIOS is a system where two physical BIOS-ROM are attached to the motherboard together, one of which is principal BIOS and other is auxiliary or supporting BIOS. Principal BIOS helps in booting of PC and supporting BIOS works as default BIOS which helps to run the computer. The main aim of duel BIOS is to enable the PC work if anytime primary BIOS fails.

For a PC BIOS is a must to run it without any interruption. Dual BIOS can help more in future computing for better service.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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