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The iphone4 Now Mocked to be Apple’s Vista

Apple’s iphone-4 is again in the news and that too for wrong reasons, with Kevin Turner, Microsoft Chief Operating officer, mocking it during a keynote speech at Microsoft’s world partner conference, in Washington DC. Sarcastically and quite cheekily he compared the flawed phone to their own problem and criticism infested product- Vista.

His comparison of Apples iphone4 to Microsoft’s own problem child Vista Operating system is quite appropriate in the light of the criticism faced by both of them from industry insiders and customers alike. Vista was the successor to the popular Windows XP; it was launched early in 2007, but was met with a lukewarm response. That was so mainly because the users found it extremely complicated to work with, unlike the friendly Windows XP. Even the company’s senior executives were not much fond of it. In the course of class-action lawsuits the emails were made public, and the world knew about it. Vistawas thereafter informally tagged as Microsoft’s worst Operating System.

Similar is the case of Apple’s iphone, the phone has got some serious signal reception issues. It has been by now established, and a proven fact that holding the phone in a certain manner, causes the phone to loose its signal reception. Not only that ,the death grip ,as the gesture has come to be known, causes a dropped call in weak signal areas. This problem became known within hours of its release in retail market. Apple emerged red faced, admitting that holding iphone-4, in way that its internal antenna comes in the contact with skin can lead to dropped call. Later on, it came up with a hi-fi software problem theory, stating that the signal formula is flawed, and will be updated soon. The formula error is claimed to have been showing wrong no. of signal bars, say 4 in place of 2.

The prestigious Consumers Reports Magazine, which has earlier tagged all of Apple’s phones as ‘recommended’ advised buyers not to go for the latest apple iphone4.

The reason behind this stern and uncharacteristic stance would be the fact that Apple has been acting in a most unprofessional way regarding their glitch. In place of pacifying the customers by some sort of indemnification or free repairing, it has coldly advised them to hold the phone in a right manner, or to buy one of the many available cases. Such behavior outrages Mike Gekas, the magazines senior electronic editor who in no uncertain words advices Apple to fix the problem itself, not to pass the buck to the consumers.

Turner wisely chose the moment to mock Apple’s debate and said “One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you’re going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you’re holding it to make a phone call,” Turner said, hinting to the latest Microsoft mobile operating system set to debut on smartphones this fall.He also took the opportunity to praise Windows phone 7, which is soon to reach the U.S IN THIS November on a number of popular smart phone models.

How to Make a New Hard Drive Visible

Have you bought a new hard drive recently and thinking to boot the drive into windows? The most common problem which a user experience is that the drive is not visible in the ‘My computer’. This usually increases the confusion and the user end up going to the shop. The process does not require any advanced knowledge and can be done easily in minutes with a few simple steps.

What to Do?

The process is explained below:

With a right click of the mouse on “My Computer” or a right click on the “Star-Ball” of Vista, an option of ‘Manage’ will be visible. Left click the ‘Manage’ button. The button will lead you to an option of “storage” and later to “Disk Management”.

At the bottom, there will be a tab labeled “Computer Management”. This is where all the hard drives available will be visible. The status of the drive, whether it is active or not will also be mentioned. The hardware that you have recently installed will be marked as “Unallocated”. You might also see ‘offline’ written on the left side. In case you see “offline” written,  it is recommended that you right-click on the box and choose ‘initialize’. After this, the status of the hardware should now show on-line.

The next step is to right-click on the drive with the status unallocated” and click on the option of “New Simple Volume.”

A window will open. Select “Next”. On this window, you will be allowed to adjust the size according to your preference. Usually users opt for the maximum amount. However, if you are interested in smaller drives, then you can edit this value as you desire.

The step is for choosing a drive name and letter. You can select any drive letter and enter any label name that is not in use or not assigned. Click “Next”.

Accept all the default options that pop up on the screen. Check the option of “Perform a quick format.” and keep the box for compressionunchecked. This will prevent your computer from slowing down. The option of compression should always be your last priority. It is because you will not be able to undo the process without reformatting. The best option is to use NTFS. This ensures high security and excellent performance.

In this step, you will name the drive in the “volume label” area if you have not already done so. Click “Next” once you are done.

A summary will be seen on the window. Click Finish. Now go back to “Drive Management” and check the status of your new drive. You will see that it is now available and “healthy”.

Go to “My Computer”. Check if your unused drive is ready to be used.

It is a simple process and keeps you away from many hassles.

How to Install ActiveX Controls for Vista

A framework which is used to define the reusable software components is known as ActiveX and is used in a programming language. The functionality, which one gets, is composed out of one or more of these software applications. Microsoft is the company who had introduced this ActiveX Control in the year 1996. It was a part of the development project of the Component Object Model (COM) and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technologies. Various Microsoft applications use this ActiveX Control such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Windows Media Player. These listed applications use the ActiveX Control to encapsulate their own functionality and to build their own features.

ActiveX control is there for non-internet applications so that it can execute ActiveX content. Some of the sites do require active controllers to be installed so that work becomes easier. Vista as a n administrator makes changes in the programs. After proper installation, one will get fullest update of proper audio and visual programs. Before running on active, one should have internet explorer installed in them so that the settings are proper. The guide, which is enlisted here, is meant for internet explorer. One should thoroughly check the guide before installing it. Follow the steps accordingly.

One should firstly open the browser program. Secondly one should go to tools menu and for internet explorer, go to internet options. Without wasting much time, click on the “Security Tab” in the window which opens thereafter. One should check that the internet content zone is selected before going to the custom level. Check on the control labels which have “Run ActiveX” and then select “Enable”. One should check in for the “Safe ActiveX controls marked safe” and then click for the “Enable” option. Lastly one should restart the browser for the installations and the active-X controls to take effect.

Software developers are of the opinion that one should check out the administrator programs thoroughly before installing the controls as at times with IE7 and windows vista many people have come out with problems. Just check on the security settings on the internet explorer so that one does not face much problem installing the controls. One should sign their control settings and must check that it is not in the local computer zone else there will problem installing the controls. Check in for the zone the computer wants to download and lastly check out for the value of the “Download ActiveX value is.”

People do at times hate vista for the administrative helper it requires for all the installation process it goes through. It also needs administration privileges for the installation process. It is a lot more work and there is no reliability where vista is concerned. ActiveX helps in balancing these problems with vista and the work becomes much easier. Active-x gives freedom and sustainability to the users of windows vista. So need not worry about other things and install ActiveX.

How to Upgrade Vista to Windows 7

It’s quite long that Windows 7 has been released and unlike Windows Vista there are hundreds of positive reviews for this new Windows. If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 from your Windows Vista computer then we will help you in deciding which Windows 7 to buy, what all needs to be done before upgrading and how to upgrade.
The first thing to be done is to get the Windows 7 upgrade disk for your computer. But upgrade will depend upon the edition of Windows Vista which is currently installed on your machine. First check which Windows is installed by opening the Start menu and right clicking on Computer option. When you get the context menu click on Manage and in the manage window you can see the correct edition of Windows Vista which you have. Now if you have Windows Vista Home basic then you can upgrade it to Windows 7 Home premium and Windows 7 Ultimate. Similarly Windows Vista Home Premium can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate, Windows Vista Business can be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate and Windows Vista Ultimate can be only be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Also please remember that you cannot upgrade your existing 32 bit operating system to a new 64 bit version of Windows 7. Another very important step to be taken before actually purchasing Windows 7 is to run the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor. This tool can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website and will show you the actual picture of your computers state after you upgrade it. This will let you know if your computer fulfils the hardware requirements or not, and which Hardware and Software might create trouble after the upgrade.

Once you have done all the tests and have got the disk for upgrading to Window 7 you are all set to go. It is advised that you run Windows Update and one full scan by good anti virus and Anti Spyware. Boot to your Windows Vista desktop and insert the Windows 7 upgrade disk into it the auto-play screen will appear and you need to select Setup.exe. The first screen will again ask if you want to check compatibility, but since we have already done this so click on install now. Some of the important updates of Windows Vista are required for upgrading it to Windows 7. If you have not run the Updates prior to this installation then select the first option which is Go Online to get latest updates for installation. On the next screen accept the license agreement. After this it will ask for type of installation that you want. Select Upgrade on this screen. After this Windows will check for compatibility itself and will report if something incompatible is found other wise it will start the upgrade process and user intervention would further be required.

Minimum Requirements for Window 7 are: 1GHz or faster processor, 1 GB of RAM for 32 Bit Windows 7 and 2GB for 64 Bit version, 16 GB hard disk space for 32 Bit and 20 GB space for 64 Bit version, DirectX 9 compatible graphics card which should have WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.

How to Make a Dual Boot for Windows 7 and Vista Side by Side

It can be accessed inline with other operating system like Linux at the same time. Boot Manager mainly consists of boot configuration data that has to be reloaded or modified for boot options. Boot manager and BCD gives a complete package for modifying the boot data according to the user requirements. The Newly presented boot manager   was invented by replacing the BIOS from the IBM desktop Pc’s.  The latest  version  of Windows  were present in those Pc’s.  The Boot Manager also provides its users with a source to deal with boot loader entries.

The boot loader is much different from the earlier versions which used NTLDR for loading Files with the help of .ini of the system. The command that are present in this can be edited with the help of bcdedit . Still in more than 90% of the jobs GUI apps are used which do the job in much professional way. They also allow the user to change configuration settings and start other operating systems such as Linux with the help of Boot loader.

It also uses Easy BCD Application. Easy BCD application is free of cost ,a product of Neo Smart Technologies. It is used for helping Boot manager to enter and manage entries. It makes it easier for the users to create, remove and edit entries in the boot Menu. The Window that appears firstly has buttons on the left and entries on the right side of it. There are many different types of settings  inside the menu. Some are changing the boot options, timing the boot options ,changing the boot source etc. It also helps in troubleshooting and editing of some base level settings.

To boot the system with operating systems like Linux choices are available. Linux can be booted with Grub. The new version of Grub needs to be installed in the required partition. Its installation allows us to edit and  continue to work on it from inside the Windows.

Easy BCD helps in booting of WIN PE attributes. IT is the version of Windows which help in administering system. Easy BCD helps in booting Folder paths and pictures in it.  All that needs to be done is pasting the exact location of file to be booted .It can also be used for adding the entries  for other version of Windows like Windows 98,95, XP etc.

Easy BCD is very Flexible about its own settings. It can also be used for  taking the back up of settings of boot loader. It can reinstall the boot loader in case of occurrence of some fatal errors.

Thus Easy BCD is a must required application for the proper working of Boot manager functions. Though it is tiny application but helps in making boot manager very useful. Boot manager is one of the important feature in nowadays operating systems. It’s the next door thing for newly developing operating systems.

How to Get RisingForce To Work on Vista

I do not know about you but I had an amazing experience playing rising force online. CNet review of the game seemed not to agree with me that the game is awesome and it explained that the storyline of the missions and quests was not all that compelling. I especially had an amazing time playing the two player game where one battles against another person. I simply could not get enough of the game. However, I faced one major problem with the game and it’s that it could not be installed on my PC. Thus I constantly had to be at my neighbors to play the game till I was able to learn how to make it work on windows vista. If you are facing similar problems you should not worry and just follow the following steps and you will have rising force working on your windows vista.

Uninstall Rising Force Online

This is done by selecting the uninstall program in the control panel. You will then find a list of programs and select RF online then click on it. The purpose of doing this is to be able to get another more compatible version of the game.  The files for the game have been designed to work on windows vista.

Open RF online Download Page

Once on this page you should look for RF online Ep2 set up exe. You should then click on it. Clicking on it starts up the downloading of the installation file. The file should not give you any problems of compatibility. Then double click on this file. Double clicking will immediately start he installation process. You should not worry about not being able to install the game as the installation procedure is automatic. The only thing that you should do is to follow the instructions that appear on your screen to the letter so as to avoid any problems.

Open the Game

When you open the game there are a series of events that will occur. The first one is that there will be the loading of ‘game client’. It will be checking for any recent updates of the game. This action is so as to always keep you updated on any developments of the game. However, in this situation it is highly unlikely that it will find any updates of the games since you have just downloaded it recently. You will be having the most recent version on your PC. Once the update has been completed you can then start enjoying the game. The game should not give you any problems from now.

The trick to getting to install the game without any complications is to follow the instructions to the letter. You should also follow them in the order that I have given them to you. You can then start enjoying the game on your windows vista PC. The trips to a neighbor to play the game will then reduce. It will then be my joy if you are able to rate the various aspects of the game and see if you agree with me and CNet about the game.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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