VIZIO Internet apps will shortly see a YouTube widget.

At the commencement of CES 2012, it got clear that technology is really moving at a rapid pace. The entire show revealed an exciting line of products all ranging from mobile phones, computing devices, digital cameras, and some luxurious televisions. VIZIO, an American television manufacturer, showcased several impressive TV models. But, the thing which made them stand out from other brands was their Internet apps. VIZIO Internet apps are pre-configured in an Internet TV with a purpose to deliver high and rich media content directly from the web. Thus far, VIZIO does authorize to take advantage of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo news, Skype, and many more. In fact, you can request some movies or videos from the integrated widgets. Just recently, the company has tweeted that YouTube app is likely to join their Internet apps family.

Although it is too early to predict about the models supporting this feature, yet it will be great to stream and watch YouTube videos on a high-definition screen. Unquestionably, the functionality is dynamic in nature and one can easily play with the built-in apps using a wireless remote control. So, your television is no more an idiot box. Get ready to surf the web and access the popular Internet apps along with your favorite TV programs.