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Skype® investigates a tool that reveals user’s IP address

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and chat service Skype is investigating a potential security threat that can expose a person’s last known Internet Protocol (IP) address.

“We are investigating reports of a new tool that allegedly captures a Skype user’s last known IP address,” said Adrian Asher, Skype’s director of product security.

Steps taken by Skype

Skype, which is owned by software giant Microsoft Corporation, said in an e-mail statement, “This is an ongoing, industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies. We are committed to the safety and security of our customers and we are taking measures to help protect them.”

The privacy issue is raised by a tool that shows a user’s IP address via general information and log files without the need to add the targeted user as a contact. Skype uses a peer-to-peer system to route its data traffic, but security experts have recently warned that its encryption system is proprietary so it has not been open for proper scrutiny.

Rumor: Facebook® resumes talks with Skype®

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. Recently, there have been rumors that Facebook is all set to join hands with Skype. As per the news coming from the tech arena, Facebook and Skype are in talks with each other to offer voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calls on the social networking website. If the deal goes through, it would be possible for the users of Facebook to do video conferencing and chat through text. In video conferencing, it is really great to see the person on screen with whom you are chatting.

When Facebook was launched it was never believed that it would gain such popularity. But as the time passed it added several features. For example there are applications like games, greeting cards, sending gifts and a lot more.

There is also an application which has made a swift change in the way we chat with each other; it has made it all possible to call the person over your computer. Skype is a software application that has taken a new avatar. What’s more, these voice calls are free if you are calling to the person who also has a Skype ID. It has also added a unique feature to call on a landline and mobile phone as well. But for that you will have to pay some fee.

Now there is news that Facebook and Skype are planning to join hands with each other in the market. It is a famous saying that two is better than one. Here is what these two are trying to do. As a result you will be able to call your loved one with Skype on Facebook. One of the best things is that you do not have to pay for the calls you make. The only one thing you need is that you should have is a Skype ID.

News of the collaboration between Facebook and Skype is great. So far the users were able to chat on Facebook and Skype individually, but after the partnership, it will be possible for the users to make video calls to friends on Facebook. It is really a revolutionary step. It may be a rumor, but if it is true it is going to make a drastic and welcoming change in the social networking arena. Let us hope and expect that these two players are going to join hands to make the dream possible.

Google™ Voice Portability

Google has been in the news for the last few years with their innovative and enterprising growth in Internet based services. The search engine expert moved from its mastery in Internet search to smart phones and tablets and even towards the education arena by providing Google TV over EDU. Now Google has announced number portability over their web based voice and video chat program. Google Voice was launched in early 2009 to US residents as a telecommunications service.

Google Voice via Gmail provides free PC to PC voice and even video calling, worldwide between users of Google Voice and video chat browser plug-ins available on a wide range of operating systems. In fact PC to phone calls via Google Voice is as of now also a free service in North America. Features like Voice Mail, Voice Transcription to text of Voice Mail Messages, Conference Calling, SMS, Call Screening, Call History Records and many other features make Google Voice an interesting and innovative voice and video based telecommunication service. But Google is as of now not a carrier, although the features provided are almost like a carrier with an exception. You can now port your number but keep the existing carrier service operational.

One of the interesting features in Google Voice Number Portability as it stands today is when you receive an incoming call on a Google Voice phone number. Users having an existing telephone service number, can activate their incoming call facility on the Google Voice phone number. You can also activate additional phone numbers that you expect to ring simultaneously, when an incoming call lands on the Google Voice phone number. You can receive the said incoming call on any of the phones. In fact, you can also move the received call between configured telephones during the call. In fact, you can also set features like disabling a home phone during business hours and routing the calls to a specific mobile number, individual number or a business number configured to ring.

Google Voice allows numerous features like unique voice-mail greetings programmed for a specific caller, call recording and even SMS forwarding. Features like listening to voice mail online or from a phone, forwarding or downloading of voice mails, call recording and online archiving etc. are definitely unique and interesting features that Google Voice Number Portability is offering. However, with the advancement of technology, it is yet to be seen how secure these facilities are and what are the inherent fears in utilizing the same. One of the surprising features is Google Voice permits Voice over IP (VoIP), but if you are a VoIP user other than Google’s services, you are not communicable over IP through Google Voice.

VoIP Service over SK Telecom

Innovative technology has been the greatest make up of today’s era. It has grown much well that offers our lifestyle with much ease and convenience. A good example of this innovative technology is the internet source of network as for communication.

Although a few had kept the traditional ways and are still are in doubt about this widely spread technology, there were countries who have adopt fully the practical ways of using this innovative technology to be able to provide the people a better way to approach everyday life.

This is what the SK telecom did.

SK Telecom

Founded March 1984, with CEO Man Won Jung and govern by the SK (Sun Kyung) group; this South Korean mobile carrier is the largest organization that centers to all telecommunication service for the people in their own country.

It has ventured a lot of marketing things with regards to improving their traditional communication and seemly does things for the comfort of their users. With much technology around us, the company has gone far to establish another way of improving their service approach.

With regards to innovative designed communications nowadays, the company has decided to adopt the new way of communication which is also by far what other telecommunication company from other countries did. This is about widening communication call through internet source or service.

This has brought the approval of VoIP calls on all their 3G network mobile phones.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP is a flow or process of voice commands or communications through the use of internet source or IP networks. This is entirely different from a traditional use of public satellite telecommunication network. The use of its software and applications over the internet is the way of using this service.

This would greatly mean a huge revolution of communication and network service. It would bring beyond limit on the communication process, thus breaking the traditional ways of phone calls. It would also enhance technological experience and might lead to more innovations of comfort and convenience.

As this VoIP on command, communicating people from different countries will be free or no charge because of just plainly using downloadable software and applications to aid the phone calls.

Now, long distance call would do us zero balance and will never cost us much.

Recent Updates

It has been reported that the SK Telecom has already decided with its new venture approach but still on the hang for it has not specified when it will be launched as an official service.

Some reports have also included the use of one of VoIP famous software, Skype. Although there was no applications mention, analysts said that the Skype may be of target.

Skype is the most widely used applications when it comes to communication over internet service, because of this the possible use of the application are of greater.

This would bring a whole lot changes on communication process on the people of South Korea.

FaceTime Emerging as New Communications Medium

The VOIP provider Fring released an update that allowed the owner of I Phone 4 to make 2 way video calls unrestrictedly over Wi-Fi or with other I Phone by 3G. Before on Wi-Fi face time is restricted to the users of I Phone but now Fring could make it possible to make a video calls to Fring or Skype on phones.

Definition of Skype and Fring

Something about Skype: Skype is a software application. Users can make voice call through internet by Skype. Within Skype service call to other users are free. It is an IP telephony service provider and it offers low cost calling to land line which is not connected to the internet and also provided free calling between computers. It is proprietary software but it does not have the features that business users demand.

Something about Fring: Fring is founded by Avi Shechter .It is a peer to peer mobile internet telephonic network, based on VoIP. It allows messaging service instantly, chat session and other services over handsets and mobile devices. Frings services and software’s are completely free if you have soft phone like Skype on your desktop. Anyone can make free phone calls from one computer to another but if you can make phone calls to landline or in mobiles from computer you have to pay a little amount of money. Those who are not using the PC but used the mobile phone Fring also give them free calls. You save a real lot in mobile communication when you call from your mobile to another mobile and all calls channeled through paid services to PSTN. The paid services are Gizmo, VoIP stunt and Skype Out.

The battle between Skype and Fring

Now a day the whole story turned in a bad shape when Skype called their company “cowards” and blocked it. It is claimed by Fring. While Skype claimed that two of them are talking in this matter but Fring not telling the truth that without any warning Fring withdraw their support over Skype on IOS 4 for video call. There is a battle for mobile phone between the mobile messaging and the VoIP market. It would be very good if the entire CIP client like Skype, Fring, Truphone come together and support face time. So that video calling is very much available to us. The fragmentation that happens with incompatible IM protocol we should take lesson from that and for video calling we should agree to come in an open platform. For the customers benefit put all problems behind us.

The advantage of Skype and Fring

Fring with Skype video support is very famous in US .Video call is an amazing experience with them. A person can save upto95% in calls what he or she would spent  for the traditional mobile connection by using the Fring and the good thing is they don’t need any complicated equipment like ATAs or I Phones (wireless). Only need a 3G or a smart mobile phone. SMS, IM, Voice and video calling are now available in operating systems and mobile devices. Skype and Fring keeps users happy by connecting them with their family and friends anywhere in this world.

VOIP War between Fring and Skype

The Challenge for Fring
You as the end-user of Voice over Internet Protocol services will be experiencing the adverse results of the war between Fring and Skype regarding alleged service blocks and video calling. Fring-to-Skype calls on the Fring application introduced difficulties relating to the use of Skyp support. In addition, the customer interested in using other features for Fring has also been experiencing difficulties.

The Problem
Recently, Fring switched off the connection to Skype following a massive demand for its newly introduced two-way video calling support. The switching off was so as to handle the massive number of callers turning up for the service designed specifically for the iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi or 3G. This turning off inconvenienced Skype as may be perceived because Skype was temporarily turned off.

The generated heat between the two companies has caused a drawback in the video call support field, and you as the customer will have to wait for more time to enjoy video calling across several devices. This represents a big let down in the communication industry.

Unfortunately for Fring, they still wanted the the Skype services after they expanded the two-way video calling, but they Skype refused to let them go. Fring has regarded Skype as fearing open mobile communication, but the latter have denied blocking the Fring’s service. Fring has suffered loss of reputation and damaged brand as argued, as a result of Fring’s failure to honor the terms and agreements established in API.

The people suffering are you – the customers who cannot currently make Skype calls. This applies to those using iPhone 4 and Android. Therefore, it is the customer who is suffering in this deal. The fact that Skype customers are suffering leads to the questioning of who should be blamed in this respect. There has however been reluctance for Skype to step up its services as promised earlier on. Android devices’ customers have not received anything relating to the earlier announcements by Skype that they would get support.

The users of Android devices who are not on the Verizon network have not also benefited from the arrangements between the two providers because the agreement made it possible to use a Skype application for those Android devices linked onto the Verizon network. You as the customer who has not been linked in this sense will continue experiencing high cost for optional linkages that are not free from limitations.

You as customers using 3G calling support on your iPhones will incur more costs to make calls. I think that Skype has to do an extra job to provide that its customers will experience exclusive services. It will save the users looking for more options if Skype can offer support for more devices or have a video call support on official time line basis.

How Customers be Helped
The tussle between Fring and Skype is not good at all because it is leading to suffering of some of Skype customers who cannot make video calls over many types of devices. Although the companies are blaming each other on who caused the problem, I do think that it is time Skype invented techniques to help its customers who are the losers in this tussle.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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