Virtual Phone number is a telephone number which is not actually through a physical connection but gets routed to some other telephone number. For example if you live in city A and have taken a virtual number in city B, the people of city B can call you locally on your City B number and the call will get routed to your actual telephone in city A. Isn’t it amazing and great approach. People of city B will be charged for a local call and even you do not need to give your new number to everyone when you change place. Just update your virtual phone directory and rest will be done by the service provider.

All this has become possible by the Voice over IP technology known as VoIP and the service of virtual phone numbers has been started in Canada and the US. Now anybody just needs to dial your local phone number with the local area code and call will be routed to your phone in some other city. This idea and technology has been implemented by a VoIP service provider company VoxOx. The Service runs on a web based software with which users can make and receive phone calls from their actual telephone sets over the Internet. VoxOx is one the leading VoIP service providing companies like Google and Skype but on Tuesday with the launch of Virtual Phone numbers it has moved a lot ahead of the other two competitors.

VoxOx has certainly paved the way for inexpensive telephone calls and will surely capture huge database. Along with the facility of virtual phone numbers VoxOx has also started its own chat and instant messaging services. This service has brought the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace together and you can login to the chat account using any of the following Ids and can send instant messaged or chat with your friends. The VoxOx software for telephony and chatting is a cloud based software and it can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world – all you would need is computer with an Internet connection. Any change or update made by the users gets saved in the VoxOx server and is available on any computer on which you login across the globe. The service also provides features like Video calls and fax. So wherever you are you will always be in touch with your office via your local telephone number and you can always send and receive important fax to and fro. VoxOx has brought everything under one roof and now you do not need several service providers as VoxOx is giving you everything.

Since the caller calls on a local number and is charged by the local tariff so who is going to bear the cost of the phone call if the receiver is in some other state or city. The users of virtual phone numbers have to pay a cost of around two dollars per number per minute to receive incoming voice calls through VoxOx and around one cent per minute for making outbound calls and fax. This Two dollar per minute charge might look expensive but the days are not far when it will go down because soon other companies will surely jump into this market and start the business competition.