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Google™ Chrome 10

Google Chrome is an ultra fast web browser which has changed the way Internet is used. The reason behind it is that it is very fast. Google Chrome takes a space of around 80 MB. The other features which make Google Chrome a very fast, versatile and stylish browser is because of its design. It just changes the way you browse Internet. With its multi-window feature, it is possible to pin the last nine opened web pages just when you open a new tab.

There are 100s of themes which can be selected according to your preferences. Now you are your own trend setter for the interface of the web browser. New Google Chrome 10 is 60 percent faster than its earlier version. If you have used the earlier one you would know how you are able to browse your favorite webpage. It is just amazing to see your web pages before you within seconds.

There is a tip on power conservation when it is used in full screen mode. It conserves around 80 % energy. As a result you are going to get better performance. With its new introductory feature slide show mode you are able to view slide shows online without any glitches. It is all smooth and offers web browsing in a convenient way. This way you can view all the 15 slides one after another. One more thing that adds value to this web browser is that all the setting tabs are opened in a way like if they were web pages. It gives a different look as compared to the conventional way it looks in other web browsers. So if you want to enhance your web browsing experience just switch over to Google Chrome 10.

With the application store on the default tab you can open it whenever you want to view that. For example there are applications related to GPS and maps and games. You just have to click on it and access several useful applications.

AVG Brings Link Scanner Malware Detector to the Mac

AVG, a company which offers antivirus facility to PC users, is introducing a free link checker for Mac.

AVG Technologies prepares to reveal AVG Link Scanner’s Mac version, a free to download tool which scans website links for possible threats. According to AVG, this Link Scanner application verifies web pages in quick-time, and sends warning message to users if software detects any website which could cause possible problems.

“Every time, you click on any of the links at any given time, you’re processing data on Internet, we scan all of them, searching for malware and phishing efforts,” said J.R. Smith, the CEO of AVG.

The software of AVG doesn’t rely heavily on blacklisted sites which flagged for possible unsafe content. The AVG application makes use of the real-time checking to give alert to users for possibly problematical sites. The company depends a great deal on large user pool with around tens of millions users, according to AVG, to make sure, users are doing surfing for securing Web pages.

Up till now, Mac users lived easy and viruses and malware free life because the malware creators’ main focus was to attack more commonly used platforms. But now, the figures are changed and the Mac included in more commonly used systems, because of development of both Apple’s mobile iOS and OS X. But the genuine threat comes through the development of social networking sites which amplify the risk of web surfers who could become victim to phishing as well as other hateful attacks.

“We aren’t screaming that Macs are susceptible,” said Smith. He also added that like any other platform, the Mac Operating System has its own weaknesses. Smith also continues by adding that, threats caused by attacks through social networking terrorize users despite the consequences of platform. “We’re defending people from themselves in some cases.”

After looking at the increasing importance of abbreviated URLs, Smith said, Savvy Web users generally, capable of looking at any URL and detect possible phishing attempt if any; condensed URLs create it harder to perform. “You can’t spot [the complete URL],” Smith added. “You can’t be the policeman of your own.”

AVG Link Scanner’s free download is specially made for Mac Operating System X 10.5 as well as 10.6. It mainly runs on Apple’s newly released Web browser version 5, Mozilla Firefox‘s 3.x and later version and Safari’s 3.x and later version.

How to Increase the Speed of Internet Explorer

Sometimes we experience that our web browser responds very slowly. There are a lot of reasons which can cause this problem. We can analyze to see why the Windows Internet Explorer is running slowly. We can check each aspect one by one in order to resolve this problem. We will look at and discuss five methods in order to solve this issue.

  • Windows Internet Explorer might be slow due to the old version installed on your computer. If you are using the old version of Windows Internet explorer on your computer, then it is possible that you windows Internet explorer will respond slowly. In order to upgrade your windows Internet explorer you can visit the official web site of Microsoft. Updated versions of Windows Internet explorer are available there. You can just download and install the new version in your computer. We highly recommend you to always use the up-to-date software.
  • Secondly you can reset you windows Internet explorer. When you reset the windows Internet explorer it returns to its state when it was installed first time on your computer. This method is useful for troubleshooting the problem occurred after installation. When you reset the settings of your windows Internet explorer, all the cookies, form data and previous password do not work properly. However it does not delete your favorites and some other personalized web pages. This is an advantage as you are able to reset to the original settings, but all the important and relevant aspects that you have saved will not be deleted.
  • If the problem persists there then you can try the third method. You should check if there is any problem with your Internet connection. As Internet connection depends upon your service provider. You can contact your service provider in order to resolve this problem. This can also be caused by some viruses or spywares if they are present in your computer. It is also possible that your browser response becomes slow if there is high traffic on the web page which that you want to visit. Using the latest versions can even overcome the problem of increased traffic.
  • You can install some add-ons in your windows Internet explorer 8 in order to enhance your online experience. These add-ons can also interfere or create a conflict with the other software installed on your computer. You should try to start the windows Internet explorer without add-ons in order to find if these are creating the problem. After disabling the add-ons if you find that your problem has been solved you can use Manage Add-ons in order to use the particular add-ons. Manage add-on tools allow us to find out which add –on was causing the problem.
  • You can also run Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool in your computer to fix the problem of slow response from your windows Internet explorer. As you scan your computer on a regular basis, the speed of your browser will increase due to the removal of all the unnecessary malware from your computer.

In spite of all these methods of troubleshooting, if your browser is still slow, then you have to try and get your computer repaired by a professional.

HTML5- A New Venture into Apps Design

Hypertext Markup language standard which has been used for constructing web pages has shaped its latest version known as HTML 5. Since its previous versions are not successful for a decade, some of the conscious developers have created new features like 2D Graphics, built-in video etc. in HTML 5. HTML 5 is somewhat imprecise, however it is much convenient than HTML.

HTML 5 which is a little bit complex can be easily managed only by a few talented programmers. This has created a success for the marketing departments. They have started to develop tasteful packages that can make “HTML 5” comprehensible.


Apple’s launch of Safari 5 has given a crystal clear action that HTML 5 has been snatched from the developers by the marketing folks. Apple has created a HTML 5 demo site which was created with most up-to-date web standards supported by Safari. Hence it has obstructed other browsers from it. You’ll be welcomed to download Safari which is free for PC and Mac. It will take just a few minutes. Apple doesn’t say that HTML 5 can’t be viewed by other browsers. But it is marketing Safari.

Christopher Blizzard, Mozilla’s evangelist has criticized that Apple’s messaging is not conveying their love since they are blocking the other browsers from their demo site and it is a intellectually dishonest matter. Bruce Lawson touting HTML 5 at Opera have also criticized the dishonesty of Apple.

On seeing the message “You’ll need to download Safari to view the demo” you may think that other browsers are not supporting it. But it is not true. It’s the trick played by Apple simply to market Safari. If you want to view the demos without the aid of Safari, a developer version of Apple’s HTML5 demo site will be useful for you.  Apple’s demo is creating a image that the marketers have snatched the label of HTML5. But not all of its demonstrations are really of HTML 5.


Some of the following Web changes are not a part of HTML 5. Geolocation uses only HTML and not HTML 5 which helps the user to enter his physical location to a website. Only Microsoft IE9 has made Scalable Vector Graphics standard more relevant and only Apple has made the Cascading Style Sheets Standard more relevant.

Not all Web technologies have the fortune of universal buy-in.  Though IndexedDB allows the Web applications to accumulate data locally on a computer, Apple is using a different technology for it. Even though for 3D graphics on the Web, some prefer WebGL, Microsoft has not consent with it. While Web M from Google is preferred by Opera, Google and Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple prefer H.264. Adobe Systems Flash has been functioning as a mock-up for a lot of happenings with Web standards.

HTML 5 fans are now enthusiastic to make it popular.  Apple is now trying to make an impact on the world by means of HTML 5.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003