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How to Setup Apache SSL

Apache is basically an HTTP or a Web server which became one of the first web servers to obtain 100M website millstone. Apache is developed and maintained by open community under name known as Apache Software Foundation. The application is designed and compatible for multiple platforms like Unix, Linux, Novell Netware, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, etc.

Apache server is bundled up with various tools to make server management flexible and secure. SSL is a one protocol which is required to make any server more secure and robust.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL), has been widely used to secure web        transaction and browsing safer. You can’t even imagine that how many online transactions are monitored daily though SSL.

It is the most widely used protocol which offers privacy and security over client-server model. In the following section, I am going to discuss some basic steps to setup or configure SSL on Apache.

Before setting up SSL on Apache, you need make sure that have the latest version of Apache 2.0 source code. It is easily available on Apache web site.


The first ever step for installing SSL over Apache server is to install and configure Apache 2.0 web server and then create a user and a group with the name of ‘apache’. It is also very important to choose the appropriate Apache module for complete functionality of SSL. For SSL compatibility you need to enable mod_ssl and mod_setevnif modules to provide compatibility with Internet explorer.


Once the SSL configuration is done and required modules are enabled, you need to install Apache in the required directory.


After the server installation, you need to provide basic configuration as sample content. This step has to be performing before running Apace for the first time.

Make a sample web data as it will be utilized via SSL/TLS:

Example: make su umask 022 make install chown -R root:sys /usr/local/apache2

After this, you need to change the Apache configuration file, which is normally found under/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf, to a new configuration.

IIS Express Web Server

Microsoft is all set to release its new version of web server which is known as IIS Express. The IIS Express is a combination of Microsoft ASP.Net web server and IIS. This combination is to be integrated into the windows. This information was all revealed in a blog by Mr. Scott Guthrie, the vice president of Microsoft corporate .net developer platform.

IIS Express will soon be launched in the market

He further added that the IIS Express will soon be launched in the market but he didn’t give the exact delivery date of the product launch. He also did not speak about the final delivery target. He also said that this IIS Express is a very lightweight product which means it requires less than 10 MB to download and is installed at very fast speed. He also added that this product will not be requiring any administrator’s account to run the application and this product will have all the features like SSL, URL,rewrite, media support and all the remaining IIS 7.X modules which are required by the server. It will further install full IIS server. This new product of Microsoft is also suitable for windows XP as well as the other windows. This IIS Express will prove to be testing on many operating systems. It was contradicted that if IIS Express is just like any other product launched by the Microsoft, so it should be free.
Mr. Scott Guthrie made a statement that this product can be used with visual studio 2010 as well as 2008. It is also revealed that the company is planning to launch visual studio 2010 and visual web developer 2010 express during the end of this year.

The express version of IIS Express

Ted Neward, the independent consultant and software development expert commented on twitter that “tomcats. Net” was the express version of IIS Express. Tomcat is very popular java web server which is made by apache foundation. Doug rathbone, a web application consultant wrote in his blog that Microsoft is very much excited about its new project and this is the only reason why it is giving proper explanations and answers to its developers and bridging the gap between them so that they can have instant setup for the installation of IIS Express. He further said that the developers are very well aware of the drawbacks and limitations of visual studio web server and has an alternative to it as they have worked with such visual servers in the past.
If you want to know more about the IIM Express web server, its advantages, disadvantages, limitations, drawbacks and alternatives, you can go through our related articles. For further information and the recent updates about the IIS Express web server, keep reading our related articles.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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