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Microsoft Donates ‘Internet Fraud Alert’ Program to Financial Services

Cyber Crime has rised much above the accepted level today. Banks and other websites that process financial and other secured transactions of mammoth proportions on a day-to-day basis, find it extremely challenging to protect and preserve highly confidential data of their customers. Thanks to the advancements  of the Web Technology, cyber criminals pose a great threat to the confidential data by means of Phishing, Electronic Eaves dropping, Fiber tapping, Keystroke logging etc.,

To put an end to these nefarious activities on the Internet, Microsoft has pioneered a program called ‘Internet Fraud Alert’ recently. This first of its kind program is a joint effort by Microsoft with various other organizations like National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), The American Bankers Association, eBay Inc, Anti-Phishing Working Group, Citizens Bank, Federal Trade Commission, National Consumers League and PayPal. Microsoft’s Internet Fraud Alert Program will assist the online service agencies and Banks to safeguard their vital credentials that are often liable to threat. This application will gather and pass on the much-needed report about the exposed records to the respective online Banks and organizations and lend a hand to the security researchers.

This program offers trusty and highly effective defense mechanisms that help the security agencies and investigators to report compromised credit card numbers and stolen user accounts like User name and password discovered on the internet to the particular bank or to the online companies.  Microsoft has customized the concept of centralized reporting system specifically for the Internet Fraud Alert Program to curb the cyber frauds. Based on the ‘Quick alerts’ given by this program, online companies, Institutions and Banks can take evasive action against the online fraudsters and thereby guard their customers secure data.

With a systematic and secured approach, the Internet Fraud Alert program will help the online retailers, government bodies, academic institutions to effectively manage and deal with the highly secured credential accounts.  Instantaneous warnings about phishing and other malicious attacks will be routed to the corresponding organizations.

Backed by significant alliances, Microsoft has donated this exclusive application to NCFTA , which play a major role in fighting the Cybercrimes and shielding the most important customer records online. Internet Fraud Alert program is a blend of marvelous technology and easy-to-follow techniques. When Cyber frauds and fraudsters are becoming much more complicated with their wide network, it is crucial to a take the first and the most important step against these forces in order to augment consumer’s confidence while using the online services.

This novel framework from Microsoft will come into effect immediately to aid the monetary, academic institutions, Government bodies to tackle the cybercrime rapidly.



Today is the era of machines and mechanics. Science and Technology have taken the world in their hands. In this era of computers and web-technology, one has to be able to keep in pace else we run the risk of lagging behind in the race for success and development. Today’s practical needs are all slowly leaning towards technology so much that it has become an integral part of our daily lives. Right from operating a home or a kitchen appliance to transacting your bank account, paying your utility bills or e-communicating with your friends, technology plays an important role in every important activity of ours.


It is possible to conquer the whole world today with the help of the internet. Under this wide technological umbrella the entire globe can come into our hands. All the recent inventions and technological advancements can be found in the internet. Service Groups like Yahoo and Google can be of great help as they run exclusive sites that offer a wealth of information about the latest happenings in the field of science and technology. It is not just these two sites but the internet can take you across to hordes of other information hubs and data centers that throw a flood of light on the various technological applications and their uses in our daily life.

Having looked at the importance of technology in today’s world the next important question to be answered is how to be abreast with the latest in technology. Let us look at the some important tips that can help us accomplish this rather daunting task.

Be net-savvy

The first strategy to be updated with the latest in technology is to get into the habit of being net-savvy. As we have stated earlier the benefits of browsing the internet can be many and varied. Once you have inculcated the interest in the internet there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from learning about the latest trends in technological development.  This is of great help in widening our mental horizon and makes our mind accommodative to the various changes that are happening in the field of science and technology.

Browse through newspapers and publications

It is not enough being net-savvy as there is a lot to learn from the various newspapers and science publications that are being circulated throughout the world. Various articles are published in newspapers and other technology oriented publications that offer a wealth of information about the latest happenings in the technological arena. Reading the papers and other tech-savvy magazines also helps us in gaining a deep insight about the various technological gadgets and accessories that are making their round in the international market. These magazines publish reviews about various technological gadgets like computers, mobile phones, desktops and laptops and several other gadgets that help us to know in detail about the latest tech devices that are floating in the market.

Get interested in blogging

Once we pick up interest in blogging, we can visit several tech blogs on the internet. This is also an excellent source of information on the latest trends in technology. Many of the blogs are run by some big-wigs in the tech field that makes the blog more interesting and informative.

Today’s world is witnessing various changes in the business arena that is caused by technological upheavals. Hence it is of undue importance that we keep ourselves updated with the latest in technology so that our place in the global market is secure.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003