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How to Use Windows Movie Maker

If you are a common user of the Windows 7 system, then you must have surely noticed that the new Windows 7 does not include the Windows Movie Maker anymore. So, what happened with the application at hand? Was the movie maker application deleted in the system of the Microsoft Windows? What could you use in replace for the Movie Maker that you commonly used earlier? Well, even without the movie maker, you can still access your videos, photos, etc. by simply installing the so called video editing program or perhaps the latest version of the previous Windows Movie Maker, called as Windows Live Movie Maker.

The first thing you could do is to make sure that the application is installed in your computer. You could check if the application is installed by clicking the start button and then type Windows Live Movie Maker in the search area. If the Movie Maker is installed in your computer, it will appear on the screen and in case it is not installed, the search result will not display any result. However, if it’s not installed, you better install the application for free into your websites.

So, how different is the new movie editing application with the previous one? It may have similar features but also have some unique features that go with the application newness. Moreover, the basic feature or the movie maker remains with the usage of photos and videos to creating a movie. You can use any picture you have in your digital camera, camera phone or even your webcam. Moreover you could also strip parts of your favorite videos in the movie that you are making.

Effects and slide transitions are also available and can be customized. The text and music could also be added depending on your liking. Be as creative as you want with your movie and create a masterpiece of your own. These transition effects will be very useful in making your movie interesting and not boring since some movements will be made. Also, the slides can be customized and so make every slide different from one another. Although it still offers the same theme as every other slide. Combine uniqueness and uniformity with the slides and stun those who will watch your movie.

The said Windows Live Movie Maker could be used to make slides for presentation on your proposal or project. This would be very helpful in the presentation of data that you would do. Moreover, since it is more of a visual aid in your presentation, there is a big chance that people will pay more attention to you.

You could also make videos and movies for personal use like birthday celebration presentations, etc. Whichever usage you may have for the application, the main point here is that movie maker will still be functional only with a different kind of name – the Windows Live Movie Maker.

The Incredible and Vibrant Notion Ink Adam tablet

2010 has already witnessed so many CES gadgets including the e-book readers, an excess of tablets, 3D television and so on. Among these several exciting products, the Notion Ink Adam tablet is able to be noticeable from the rest of the tablet category by displaying few of the best available equipments. It has been highly rated by the mass users and the company is planning to put up a demonstration of the product at CES this week. This trial process will attribute a handmade holder made of wood. Even though it appears to be relatively glossy and moreover the company declares that the concluding casing will be far more slim and attractive.

Originally, The Notion Ink Adam tablet is one of the first gadgets to employ Pixel Qi’s 3qi LCD display. This offers a superior contrast ePaper mode which makes use of only 0.5 watts and a complete color mode with the equivalent 2.5 watts as in a regular LCD screen.


The Adam tablet includes a 10 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel Qi touch screen LCD along with an NVIDIA Tegra chipset that allows to work as a complete color screen. This product offers a high contrast ratio together with less power display at the time of using the product under direct sunlight or other intensely lit areas.

System Performance

The Notion Ink Adam tablet features continuous performance for up to 16 hours in full color mode using a 3 cell battery. Although the product is expected to give up to 160 hours of backup power with the backlight being put off but it is always suggested to keep it off in order to save some extra watts. The software department is working towards enhancing the power backup service where the CPU will shuts down when the screen remains inactive for long hours. The research process is on and very soon they will be coming with this innovation.

System Compatibility

The Adam tablet is compatible with the 2.1 and 3G versions of wireless, WiFi and also Bluetooth. This product even includes a powerful 3.2 megapixel webcam which can be turned from front to back and vice versa. The camera will face either the front or the back of the tablet allowing the user to take pictures from all the available angels. This particular gadget also features an accelerometer, A-GPS tracking system, 3 USB ports and a HDMI output. It is expected to be around half an inch thick in size and will weigh around 1.4 pound.

The product is using Google Android as its operating system which appears to be all over the place this year. In addition to that, the operating system was originally prepared for the smart phones rather than tablets. It made the UI balance fairly match with the requirements to the products display settings.

Notion Ink Adam tablet is all set to join hands with the leading telecoms companies to pack the product with 3G usage before launching it to the market. The price ranges have not yet been finalized but will be done very soon.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003