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Microsoft® WebMatrix released; utility for users unclear

Microsoft is the largest software developer and recently it has started a new service call WebMatrix. It is a very useful tool for web developers. As per Microsoft reports, it will make using these tools easier by simplifying the integration of various services, coding and databases.

Now the question is why developers need these services. Apporv Durga, an analyst with Real Story Group told us that this service offers key benefits for Microsoft. It can be used as a support for SharePoint which had some problems with public facing websites. There are also other issues like Microsoft also wanted to gain some good will in the open source community and they also wanted to target an important SMB agent. There are also other comments like consultant Rob Rose asserted same thoughts like Durga. He told that this new initiative from Microsoft has a great utility from the market development perspective. He also added that what the Microsoft is doing is same as others and to meet the market demands of open source tools.

But some of them also was not so much impressed. As Tony White, principle and founder at Ars Logica, a content management consultancy, sees a different perspective. According to him Microsoft is just replicating what IBM has done in the past with open source tools, but at the same time he also thinks that they are doing it not that well. Explaining the issue he added that Microsoft also wanted same kind of success that IBM has had with similar open source efforts. But the main difference between Microsoft and IBM is the less flexible approach by Microsoft to integrating with open source CMS projects. IBM is better as it always wraps these integrations with a distinctive, proprietary, value-added layer. Therefore, what customers see is the value of IBM on the outside, along with a quality assurance that IBM has taken good care of the underlying technology.

He thinks that they will not get the same value. For Microsoft’s product he explains that they are inflexible at the integration layer  and are also forcing open source projects to get their standards. With this step, open source benefits disappear at the first level. He is also adding the less proprietary value-added layer on the outside. Because of this, customers will not get the type of offer from Microsoft open source as they do get from IBM open source.

Apoorv Durga also warns that this product is still in its early days and users can opt for other products as this is an untested and unsupported product. Microsoft shows an interesting approach through WebMatrix, but it will be interesting to see whether this product clicks with the developers and open source users.

Microsoft® Releases WebMatrix Web Publishing Tool

Microsoft is growing bigger and they are developing tools that can be used widely by developers. They recently announced a free web development tool called WebMatrix; it will help website developers of all skill level easily create, customize and publish websites on the Internet. Microsoft also launched a set of video tutorials; it will help new web developers to learn using how-to tips and other resources.

The web platform offers a complete range of products, partners and technologies, all aimed at helping developers succeed on the web. Every day, more people are looking to build, publish and manage a website, and now, with WebMatrix, Microsoft provides developers of all skill levels with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solution to get their sites online.

This tool is available in nine languages and includes a set of tools to create new websites. It has code provided through a variety of available templates or using existing free open source web applications, such as WordPress, DotNetNuke and Umbraco.

WebMatrix is designed by Microsoft for anyone wanting to create a website. It is very helpful for students and new developers. It provides a quick way to learn how to build websites. It can be used effectively by web agencies. WebMatrix also provides an efficient way to build websites using open source applications. Professional developers can use this tool for quick and easy data-driven website development. It also provides Nuget, a free open source package management system; here developers can submit published code, so others can benefit from their expertise.

WebMatrix also provides various tools needed to run a website; it also include a web server, database and web frameworks. Using WebMatrix will increase productivity with support for multiple programming syntaxes, such as ASP.NET or PHP. It also includes a web helper, which help you with a single line-of-code solution for complex coding tasks. These tasks may include interesting Twitter feed or video. To make the website search friendly, it contains a search engine optimization reporting tool to build search-friendly websites. Search-friendly websites will be more discoverable for web users.

Microsoft Releases WebMatrix

It is being often being seen that if you are owning a business concern and you want to increase the reputation of your company then it is quite necessary to build a tool for your website, which will not only help you to get the much-required support when giving adequate ads on the net but at the same time. Several clients and also other external parties who are linked with the company can simply take a view of the website and get the details of your company status. It is for this very reason that getting an appropriate website is very important for a person.

However, a major problem, which is being faced, by most of the people who want a website for their own is that in most of the cases, a person has to spend a huge amount of money in getting a website of his own. The reason is that most of the web developers who can be amateurs or even professionals do take a huge amount of money when it comes to developing web pages. The reason being that the whole process of web page development is a huge one, which starts with the analysis of the project and then lists the requirements. The web developer has to enhance his search for some of the best and the most complaint software, which would be needed to design the desired web site. Again, a website is not developed in one shot but several application platforms and database management software are needed in order to develop a website in modules. Thus, finding compatible software that can work in a synchronized format, with each other is quite a trouble for most of the web developers.

Thanks to the new Microsoft web matrix, which has given a huge advantage for amateur web developers to create their very own website without even giving the slightest of efforts? The Web Matrix allows a huge arsenal of web development tools to be worked with that includes ASP.NET, PHP etc.

It has several other features like enhanced database management tools using the SQL server software and along with that, the new feature of the Microsoft RAZOR is one major addition to this web development tool. RAZOR is a new gift of Microsoft, which is actually a viewing tool for this software, and the improved database complaint service that the web matrix allows simply gives it an edge over any other web development tool available in the market. The Razor has made it easier to build ASP.Net pages if you are not already quite comfortable with the web development tool.

The greatest advantage of the web matrix is that it often allows any programmer to write error free coding that is being enabled by this web development tool.

The best part of the story is that one can simply order this from the internet without a hitch.

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