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Microsoft® launches ie6countdown website

Microsoft has launched the website,, to encourage users of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to upgrade to the latest version of the web browser. With the announcement by Microsoft of planning to do away with IE6 and the launch of a countdown for the old version of the browser, Internet Explorer 9 will have better positioning.

internet Explorer 6 is a very popular browser in China, South Korea, India and Taiwan. This browser has very marginal usage in US. Even the introduction of the new and powerful IE8 and IE9, have not been able to restrict the growth of competitive Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The IE6 has been and continues to be a stronghold in business environments, and upgradation of web based applications, built around the IE6 as also, Intranets designed around the IE6, can be quite difficult and cumbersome. Even though the IE6 has had various security issues, forcing people to move to the IE7, the population of IE6 usage is still quite large.

With Microsoft announcing practical closure of Windows XP by 2014, the IE6, which was originally launched with Windows XP, will become obsolete. It is but natural that the IE6 warnings start well in advance. Over a year ago there was already a large hype announcing the closure of IE6. Today, after over a year, the IE6 browser still has a large presence. The ten year old browser needs to go. As of today, with over 12 percent users globally, it does not make sense terminating support.

With this campaign of IE6 death watch, when the user base reduces to 1/2 or 1 percent, ending total support is feasible. Various websites, including Microsoft’s own website, have put up various tools, guidelines, codes, and support information, to help web developers systematically close their IE6 developments, and migrate to newer browsers. This advanced information and benefits of moving to a better browser resources, will definitely help industry move to the next platform in a structured manner. Various organizations have taken steps to eliminate the IE6 and move to IE8 and IE9.

How to stop all ads in Hotmail™

Hotmail can be considered to be the first public e-mail services provider and has served the people amazingly since then. It has many times upgraded the interface to give a better working environment to its users and make it more and more user friendly. Till date Hotmail has been the most widely used and most trusted e-mail service. Recently they did a collaboration with Microsoft Live and now one single Hotmail user ID and password can be used to login to all the services of Microsoft Live and much more. It has become a real need for the users who use various services of Microsoft Live. Since the user base of Hotmail has increased many times and so is the interest of companies to use its web pages as advertising space. Sometimes it become annoying to see so many ads on the Hotmail web pages, and they often result in slow working of the pages on slow connections. In this post I will give you some steps to stop such ads to be displayed and load the web page faster.

Before we go into the steps let us understand how advertisements work. Advertisements are small piece of code written on the website so that it can fetch the advertisement from its server when the actual page loads. So we can conclude that advertisements are from some other server and not on the actual websites server.

Thus if we know the address of these advertisement servers then we can surely block the same and not let ads to slow down the loading of any website. Now please go through the steps given below:

Step 1: Click on ‘Start’ button and then on ‘Run’. If ‘Run’ is not a listed option then please press the Windows key along with ‘R’ on the keyboard.

Step 2: When you get the ‘Run’ box please type ‘C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\’ without quotes and press ‘Enter’. This is the path to open the Etc folder and alternatively you can even browse to the same one folder at a time using Windows Explorer.

Step 3: In Etc folder you will see several files and one of them would be ‘Hosts’. This file has no extension to it and so there would be no icon associated with it. We need to open this file in Notepad, so right click on this file and select ‘Open With’. Further select Notepad to open the ‘Hosts’ file in Notepad.

Step 4: Go to the end of the file and add the following lines:

Step 5: Save the file and close the other windows.

Step 6: Now open and now you will see that there will be no ads on it.

For understanding the concept let me state that Hosts file is the file which acts as the first DNS for any browser and if any sites name is present in this file then the IP address given along with it is taken as its IP address. So in this workaround we gave our own Local Address for these locations which will never yield any advertisements. You can do the same to block any website on your computer.

Google™ adds e-books to Android™ Market

Recently Google has taken a step forward in providing the maximum amount of satisfaction to its customers by offering a dedicated e-bookstore over the Android Market. In previous days, in order to download e-books a person had to open a website over the Internet and download a book on the PC. This was for the reason that most of the cell phones, which were available then did not support any HTML viewer or any Flash Player as well. They did not support PDF format or any other web formats, which could be displayed over the phone screen. Though the phones then had an Internet connection, yet it was quite slow and with that kind pace, no e-book could have been downloaded on the cell phone.

There was yet another problem with downloading the e-books over the cell phone. In the recent past, the cell phones, which were available in the market, did not support several kinds of file formats, which could have been easily viewed over the PC. It was for this reason that most of the people who wanted to download an e-book from the Internet went for downloading them to their PC.

With the advent of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, the world of Internet changed dramatically and this only amplified the potentials of Internet. Now with 3G-enabled phones, one can easily open some website, which offers the service of providing e-books, and download them easily the phones. Most of the phones today have the Android operating system, which enables faster downloading of the applications that can enhance the speed. The phones also support most of the file formats, which were previously not supported. Hence, now a person can access any online bookstore and get his desired e-book.

However, one problem with that was e-books were not available for free and those sites which offered free e-books could not be relied upon. Most websites charged exorbitant rates and it was for this reason that Google introduced its own e-bookstore over the Android Market, which can be easily accessed by any person. He can simply access the Android Market and go to the e-bookstore of Google for getting the publication, which he/she wants to download on his phone.

The process is simple and can be handled easily. This feature from Google provides faster access to e-books.

Microsoft® Confirms SQL CE 4: The Next Gen Embedded Database

In large corporate houses, managing a huge list of clients, the suppliers, the producers, the customers and also the other external parties like the shareholders and the creditors become a tiresome job  due to the availability of a huge amount of information. Besides, in such large corporate houses which need to maintain a good website over the net often find it quite problematic to develop a fine website which would help a person to get to the website immediately and then get the best view of the available information over the net and derive the best possible information about the policies of the company and the details of the database.

In such kinds of situations, what a company has to do is that it has to outsource its database design project from some other companies who are especially adept in a database design. However, there are several problems, which are often faced by several companies who want to design their database. Often the small database designers, who take the project, fail to meet the specification and in some other cases, they often over charge for which it is almost impossible to cut the cost and raise the effective profit over all.

However, this is not going to happen anymore because now any person can design a database with the help of the SQL CE 4. The SQL CE 4 is the latest version of a database design tool made available for use to the public and the platform on which a person has to work upon is quite user friendly.

The greatest advantage of using the SQL CE 4 is that it has several embedded database management tools in it, which make it easier for the database developers to work on. Besides, the SQL CE 4 has several applications installed inside it one of which is the IIS Express 7.5. This is a dedicated server and it enables the programmers to deploy their code online, without any error.

The SQL CE 4 is a mixture of the TSQL and the SQL SERVER data types. This database-designing tool is also fully compatible with LINQ and etc.

It is for this reason that the demand for this software is increasing day by day in the market and more and more eager users are applying for buying the SQL CE 4 online. Purchasing it from over the net, is very easy. One just has to visit the website and get registered. After that, one can freely download the software; however do not expect to download it for free. Hence, for downloading it, you certainly have to pay the required amount and that too with the help of your credit card.

CFi ShellToys 7.2 app for Windows®

CFi ShellToys 7.2 a product of Cool Focus International is a shell extension and a must have application for Windows. This innovative application adds up to 50 new links to the Windows right click menu, which would allow the user to easily access a wide range of never before seen tools and functions for innovative functionality and enhanced Windows experience.

Shell extensions are applications which add improved functionality and ease of user experience to an existing menu option in Windows. They have existed since Windows 95. CFi ShellToys 7.2 is an extension which adds to ever right click menu in Windows Explorer. It has up to 50 options and extensions which change according to your needs and the folder type you are working on. It also has 21 additional shell extensions for further enhanced experience.

Cool Focus International’s website states that with ShellToys, tedious File-Management chores are handled in seconds; it helps in copying paths to the clipboard, check and change file extensions, alter file dates and attributes , open command prompts, batch rename files, find and replace text in multiple files, synchronizes folder contents, and jump instantly to folders. It further states this exclusive collection of context menu extensions is what made ShellToys famous, but it does much more besides. It also consists of other indispensable features such as Clock, Clipboard, Custom Menus, and Desktop Icon Position Saver.

Some of its important utilities are ‘Add to send to’ tab which help to add more destinations to the ‘Send To’ command also it allows you to remove if required. Command Prompt Tab helps you edit and use DOS commands in the open folder, an audio convertor with options to convert to and from MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG audio formats, and many more.

CFi ShellToys 7.2 boasts of compatibility with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows 98. It comes free for a trial period of 45 days.

How to Get Rid of Antivirus That Keeps Popping Up

Antivirus programs are really helpful when it comes to system protection. It protects you from unwanted virus, malware and other attacks. There are some antivirus programs where a window pops up with either a question or a statement every time when you open a new website or open a new program. This can be very annoying sometimes when you are forced to close this pop-up window every time.

You can try to remove these pop ups completely or you can remove it completely by following the steps given below.


First step is to open your Internet browser and wait for the pop-up window. Now just look for a small check box that says “don’t remind me again”. Now you will have to check the box to remove the pop-up window. If check box does not appear, then proceed with the following steps. If the check box is present then you have successfully removed the pop-up window and you do not need to go further.


Now you have to open the antivirus program installed on your system.


Now in the antivirus window, select the option tab and you will get a small pop=up window after a few seconds. If you want you can edit several other features about the program. In that window, look for a pop-up window feature and turn it off. You can see the small check box and perform the operation.


Now to remove the antivirus from your computer, go to start tab on the computer then select control panel. In the control panel, select add/remove programs to uninstall the antivirus from the computer.


In the new window, just scroll down to find the antivirus program and select uninstall or remove to remove this program from the computer. After the uninstallation process completes, restart the computer.

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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