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Researchers: Google™, Yahoo!® Search Results Favor Their Own Services

Two Harvard professors claim that their researches on search and search results on Google and Yahoo! search engines return biased results favoring the two search engines. It has been seen that a search on Google returns Gmail, YouTube, etc., which is exactly the kind of algorithms they follow. So much for their claims of using other websites, they return three times more results pertaining to their own sites than would other search engines. The two Harvard professors further stated that in the case of Yahoo!, the search engines interests were more served than that of the users. You could well say that Google seems to be backing away from keeping its word on their search engine results not being biased. Their top results are found to be biased to their own websites.

So does Google favor its own websites? Is it true to say this? The EU is conducting a thorough study on this aspect and to answer these questions. Meanwhile, it is not entirely wrong to say that Google and other such search engines do prefer to project their websites on search engine results. According to an anti-trust campaign by a UK-based company accusing Google of bringing search results of their own websites as top results, this is true  when in-spite of algorithms being used to fetch search results. Google’s hard-coding and other biased methods of beating the algorithms in the search, brings in their own websites to feature on top. In directing users to their own websites, a major portion of offerings is taken up be it the health sector, or finance or maps or otherwise.

The European Union’s anti-trust committee looked into the alleged activity of Google demoting rival search results. Google’s arguments that it is difficult to behave as a monopoly over the web and that the Internet does not allow for powerful players to get listed first. While many such allegations have been made over the period, Google steadfastly maintains that its use of algorithms demotes sites with less useful content.

What does this mean to searcher and the marketer? Bing makes the search results look more like Google’s results for paid searches. This does not mean that results are never based on merits. Google, Yahoo!, Ask or Bing’s method would not work if searchers do not click on these results. Or if the searchers start doubting the honesty in the searches then these would be done for. However, this does not only affect large businesses. It affects small businesses too. A search for heart diseases on Bing and Yahoo! bring in results of a clinic and treatment in a certain part of the world with descriptions of the diseases. There is no mention of a Mayo clinic in the search. A survey conducted by Ben Edelman from Harvard, an assistant professor at Harvard, noted that 15% of the times, the Google search engine places its results over those of the others. He also notes that this has reduced considerably over the past years to a small percentage.

WordPress hit with second big attack in two days

The website,, offers several tools for creating websites and blogs. Many of us have enjoyed using this wonderful creation of the Open Source Project. This Open Source Content Management System, very popularly known by most of us, as a blog publishing application, is powered up by MySQL and PHP. The powerful template and plug-in architecture of WordPress is used by over 10 to 15 percent of the websites.

Initially released in 2003, WordPress has grown over the years, with several versions and code names of the releases. In the past, much vulnerability has been noticed and many security issues have been taken care of. Over the last week, however, WordPress saw a severe Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks are accomplished using botnets of thousands of compromised computers that are directed to a target website with the motivation of overwhelming the site and taking it offline. The said attack has been fixed, but WordPress users have been advised that it could again recur at a later stage. This problem was earlier also noticed in 2009 and the required fix was introduced in version 2.8.5. WordPress even reported that the extremely large DDoS attack even affected connectivity in some cases.

As of now, after the March 4th and 5th attacks, the site appears stable and up and running.

How to troubleshoot problems of Windows Phone 7

Windows phone 7 is the latest of release in the line of smartphone. In comparison to its predecessor-Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7 is a hallmark of a new operating system that is specifically dedicated to smartphones. As a new OS Windows Phone 7 has some problems that may take time for users to to use to. In order to troubleshoot some of these problems, please follow the instructions stated below:

  • Windows phone doesn’t connect to your computer
  • You are trying to sync large files to your windows phone disconnects it


If your windows phone doesn’t connect to your computer use following steps to trouble shoots it.

If the windows live care is installed on your computer, it may be blocking your phone and you will need to configure this to let your phone connect, the main reason of this problem is that the driver installation may not have completed successfully.

Do the following to complete it.

Step 1:

First keep your windows phone connected to your computer

Step: 2

Now go to the desktop start menu the go to start search and enter Device Manager or you can type devmgmt.msc to launching the device manager window.

Step 3:

Now in the Device Manager window look under the Network adapter’s node for Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter.

Step 4:

After that expand the Mobile Devices node and search for Microsoft USB Sync

Step 5:

Now disconnect and reconnect your windows phone, it will reinstall the driver for your phone.


You are trying to sync large files to your windows phone disconnects it.

If you are syncing music and picture files or other large files and the connection suddenly closes then you might have a serial driver issue on your phone.

If you have USB to PC capability in your phone and you are not using a VPN or specific firewalls, then try switching your phone into RNDIS mode.

Step 1:

On your phone and click start then click settings then go to connections and then USB to PC

Step 2:

Now enable RNDIS USB select the Enable advanced network functionality then check box and after that just click OK.

Step 3:

Now restart your phone by pushing and holding the power button, press the reset button or pulling the battery and then turning your phone on again.

Step 4:

Now try syncing again, but note (RNDIS mode requires a little additional time when connecting your phone, be patient and wait for your phone to connect.

You can troubleshoot above two big problems of your windows phone by using above mentioned troubleshooting steps.

How to Block Websites through Norton AntiVirus

Norton Anti-Virus as the name tells is an Anti-Virus program which constantly monitors your computers traffic and the programs that run in the memory to find and clean any Virus like activities. This software has a sole purpose of keeping your computer Virus free, but now its time of Multitasking then how can Norton stay back. Apart from safeguarding our computer from Viruses the Norton Anti-Virus software also gives you some good features like Parental Control. Concept of Parental control was introduced in Windows Vista by Microsoft, when they brought all the security related options in one Window and allowed the computer Administrator to manage what type of content gets into the computer via the Internet. Since Parental Control was launched in Windows Vista and was not available in other previous operating systems so many third party Parental Controls came into existence which offered a similar level of security and features in Windows XP. Not all the Third Party Parental Controls were worth because Windows XP and Vista work entirely on different architecture however Parental control of Norton Anti-Virus is a good choice because it already monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer and adding Parental Control to it will just add another filter to that traffic. Till now Norton Anti-Virus was just asking the traffic if they were viruses or not and now it will ask one more question to the websites, whether they are allowed or not on this computer.

In this post I will let you know how to block certain websites on a computer using Norton Anti-Virus.

Step1: Open Norton Anti-Virus user interface. This can be done by double clicking on the Norton icon which stays resident in the system tray.

Step2: Once you get the Norton Anti-Virus screen click on the Parental Control option in the left hand side.

Step3: the parental control option will now list you all the users which are available on your computer. If you want to set the security for all the users then select All Users

Step4: Click on Sites and then click on the Add button. Please note that the sites which you will add over here will be the one’s which will open and all the others will be blocked. So add only those sites which you want your kids to view and leave rest everything blocked.

Step5: Type the website addresses in fully qualified domain naming convention. For example and not just “”. exit out of the Norton window once done and now if you wish you can try opening the some websites to check the security level.

Download Taggtool 3.2.4

Tags are very important information which indicates to various information and keywords. It is mainly assigned to indicate some particular information either on websites or any digital data on your computer. In terms of Internet and websites, Tagging belongs to creating a place from where a user can look for frequently used and important keywords as a text or image. Further, users can simply click on the tool to visit the particular link. There are various online web development tools which can help you to add tags for your website or blog. Tagging can also be done on your personal computer to tag important office documents and files which help you to find mostly used file by just clicking the tag or searching for the particular tag in the search box.

One of such application available is Taggtool 3.2.4 which gives you all these functionalities. The tool has been developed and manufactured by Taggtool and the latest version was released on 24 October 27, 2010. Tagtool 3.2.4 will cost you $29.99 but it also available free for trial for 30 days.

Click here to download Taggtool 3.2.4.

Usability of Taggtool 3.2.4

Taggtool software provides you the functionality to manage and organize your file appropriately. Using this tool, you can make a catalogue of your personal file, media file like music, videos, images, etc. It is a boon for the users who has so many important files to work and is fed up searching the files using the standard Windows Explorer.

Advantages of Taggtool 3.2.4

Faster Search:

This utility makes the search option very faster. Once you tag all your important files, it becomes very easy to locate such file and lunch the desired applications.

Import Export metadata:

Taggtool 3.2.4 also provides an option to import and export metadata from any other computer over a network. Metadata is the additional digital information for example title, author, genre, album, artist will be the for any music file. So if you are importing any digital information over a network, you can also import the metadata for particular file or folder using this application.

There is also one great feature to preview the files like pictures, PDF documents, and any music file and provide you appropriate information to retrieve files.

You can also manage multiple and create multiple data base like a different database for Music files and tags and a different database for picture files and tags. This provides ease of file management.

Download and install Taggtool 3.2.4

Taggtool 3.2.4 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. You will need to have the installation disk to installed the licensed version or you can go to the below mentioned link to download the free trial version of the application.

Taggtool 3.2.4 has emerged as a wonderful tool for tagging the personal files on your computer and you can get the maximum output f this software by just applying some simple logics.

Experts:Gradual fall in the content creation for social networks

Content creation is the term associated with web serving. It is the content available on websites, uploaded on the server. The worldwide adoption of the social networking websites is continuously increasing. If we compare the data of past few years, we find that there is a gradual fall in content creation for social networking sites. This shows the lack of new ideas and awareness among people. Apart from this, the other forms of social network interactions have no significant growth in past years. These are the facts based on recent studies on the data collected from a number report.

Forrester Research is a market research company which uses its independent technology and Jacqueline Anderson is the Insights Analyst in the company. According to Jacqueline Anderson, the Content Creation is being on gradual fall on Social Networks. The data collected from the various networking sites called the technographics data proves that the progress rate of content creation on the social networking sites is progressing at a very slow rate. The Social Technographics data can play a vital role in understanding the gist behind it. Certain social media network approach to resolve the issue of slowing down of content creation on social networks. Now I am going to give an clear example to illustrate it. Around 40 percent of the metropolitan Chinese consumers can be classified as the Collectors. The data collected for Europe is only 10 percent. According to further research data the Chinese consumers with tools easily generate the contents for the networking websites. There is about 11 percent increase in the peoples who joined the social networking sites, in Europe alone. While the data collected for metro China is around 18 percent. Australia make an increment of 11 percent for its social networking website users. If we compare all the global data for the growth of social networking websites, we found that North America is still lagging with the slowest growth. North America has a grown less than even eight percent. While on the other hand, between year 2009 and 2010, no growth is observed in the markets for creating the social contents for social networking websites. According to Anderson such a growth in the content of networking websites indicates the lack of fresh ideas among the peoples. A lack in the growth of social creation translates into a lack of content and perspectives. For example, around thirty five percent of online US consumers regularly watch the videos generated by the users, available on video sites like YouTube. But only around 10 percent of online US consumers upload their videos to public sites. The efforts of people are required to create the social networking website content.

So, we can say that social networking sites are on a gradual fall, people are loosing their interests and there is a need to increase the progress rate for content creation on social networking websites.

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