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Top Wi-Fi Boosters of 2014 to Get More from Your Wi-Fi Connectivity

Dropped Wi-Fi connectivity? Want to boost the Wi-Fi service so that you can stay hooked to your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or iPod from any place of a building? Usually the Wi-Fi access points or wireless routers are placed at a corner of a room so that nobody would trip up or to prevent unwanted damages to the device. This is one of the reasons signal tends to drop as we go to other parts of a house, far from those small boxes. To prevent this problem from hindering your Wi-Fi connectivity, leading wireless device manufacturers have brought their line-up of Wi-Fi booster devices.

How to select the right Wi-Fi boosters or range extenders?

You do not necessarily stick to the same brand of Wi-Fi router you are using. Features which you need to zero in on while selecting a Wi-Fi booster or range extender must be simple install, frequency matching to the Wi-Fi box, and signal strength indicator. If the frequency of your Wi-Fi box ranges from 2.4 or 5Ghz band, get a Wi-Fi booster which can boost 2.4Ghz signal, extenders which can boost those short-range 5Ghz signal or a dual-band range extenders which supports both short-range and long-range frequencies.

Top Wi-Fi boosters or range extenders of 2014

1. Hawking HW2R1

Hawking HW2R1 offers the most Ethernet ports to be found on any Wi-Fi booster device. Hawking HW2R1 Hi-Gain Wireless-N Dual Radio Smart Repeater, you do not have to restricted to one corner of the house as the device is known to boost the range up to three times of the current range.

2. ZyXEL WAP3205 V2

ZyXEL WAP3205 V2 also doubles as an access point device, WLAN bridge and WLAN client. ZyXEL WAP3205 v2 can repeat the signal if it is currently capable of 300 Mbps data. It has two antennas on the top of the Wi-Fi booster.

3. Belkin Dual-Band F9K1106

Belkin Dual-Band F9K1106 has four Ethernet ports, has a reset button that serves as a setup button. Whenever you press the button, you can reset the router. It offers a two-year warranty with this range extender.

Two other notable mentions in Wi-Fi range extenders include

4. Netgear WN2000RPT

5. Amped AP300.

Livescribe launches Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

Technology is all about making our lives simple. From smartphones to cameras, all products are being designed to digitize our world. Following the trend, Livescribe has also rolled out its all-new Sky Wi-Fi smartpen that attempts to bridge the gap between the paper and the cloud technology. The Wi-Fi-enabled pen digitizes your documents and allows you to capture everything you hear or write. Simply record all your hand-written documents or your voice and wirelessly transfer the captured data to a tablet, a smartphone, or cloud-based notes service Evernote.

The smartpen works with proprietary physical notebooks and preserves your hand-written notes and audio files on 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB of onboard storage. Once the content has been successfully stored on the cloud, you can easily search, organize, and share your files. The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen also has the ability to directly pair with tablets like iPad through smartpen’s wireless functionality. Through this, Livescribe smartpen automatically transfers your notes taken on a paper to the tablet’s touchscreen. This has been done because around 54% of Livescribe users use tablets.

The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen, which resembles a normal pen, has a replaceable nib, which sits next to the camera that captures whatever you are writing. It also sports a power button, a monochromatic, single-line OLED display, a microphone, and a speaker. All notes are synced with Livescribe’s servers, before getting stored on Evernote. This means that you can access all the notes from a HTML5 web player. It also offers handwriting recognition and print-on-demand functionality.

The 2GB Sky pen, which is scheduled to hit stores on November 1st, will cost $170. However, the 4GB and 8GB variants are priced at $200 and $250, respectively. The 2GB version stores around 200 hours of audio, 4GB around 400 hours, and 8GB stores around 800 hours of audio. This digital alternative will surely offer you the quickest way of taking notes, whether you are in a classroom or a meeting.

Samsung® unveils Wi-Fi®-enabled smart camera

Samsung Electronics has launched a new Wi-Fi enabled SMART camera, called MV900F.

Sporting a 16.3MP BSI CMOS sensor and 25-125mm equivalent f/2.5-6.3 lens, Samsung MV900F MultiView camera incorporates a 3.3-inch LCD screen that can be flipped up to an angle of 180-degrees. In addition to this, the camera also offers 1920×1080 pixel Full HD video recording at 30fps and has wireless smartphone connectivity. The 5x optical zoom further makes it all the more easy to shoot distant subjects.

Whether it is a self-portrait or a big group of friends, Samsung’s unique Gesture Shot allows controlling the camera remotely via the movements of hands.

With an F2.5 bright lens to capture sharp, detailed photographs even in the low light environment, Samsung MV900F delivers superior and versatile performance.

What’s more? The camera has the ability to instantly connect with Photobucket, Picasa, Facebook, YouTube and other photo sharing websites without having the need to connect to a PC with cables. The SMART LINK button further makes it easier to share and store pictures quickly and securely.

Considering buying Samsung MV900F, wait till next month, when it will be officially launched. The camera is listed to be available at $350.

“The MV900F’s stylish design and incredibly bright and fast lens, makes it an ideal camera for a night out in the town – as it will capture fantastic videos and photos, even in dimly-lit places. Now more than ever, we want to share these experiences instantly with friends and family, so the MV900 will take images that the consumers will be proud to share using the camera’s SMART Wi-Fi features,” said Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Mobile Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America.

Ematic introduces Android™-based eGlide Pro X tablet

Known for making budget-friendly phones, Ematic lately launched a 9.7-inch eGlide Pro X tablet.
Powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the newest eGlide Pro X tablet incorporates an enhanced, intuitive interface and offers superior web browsing experience. This portable device encompasses built-in Wi-Fi, ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 400MHz GPU, 1.2GHz processor, and 8GB of storage, allowing you to stay connected without any geographical limitations.
Ematic eGlide Pro X tablet presumably includes Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n adapter, a microUSB port, microHDMI output, and a pair of cameras. It comes pre-loaded with a multitude of Android apps like Kobo eReader for access to an array of e-books as well as digital documents. Also, Ematic eGlide Pro X tablet provides 5GB of cloud-based storage
Roy Rayn, President of Ematic was quoted as saying: “We listened to Ematic consumers’ needs and we’re excited to build on the explosive success from our previously released Android 4.0 tablets. This tablet was created to meet the demands of consumers requesting diverse personal and professional elements in one-touch screen device.”
Priced at $220, Ematic eGlide Pro X tablet is available for purchase at D & H Distributing, and Walmart.

The revamped Apple® AirPort Express 2012

The refurbished Apple AirPort Express 2012 is an ideal router for instant Wi-Fi network connectivity.

Available for $119, the most fascinating aspect about Apple AirPort Express is that it can easily set up a Wi-Fi connection directly through iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, or Mac.

Talking about its specifications, Apple AirPort Express has the ability to support dual-band 802.11m Wi-Fi, which means it can transmit 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, simultaneously. In addition to this, its support for AirPlay allows you to send music from your iTunes playlist on your PC, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to any speakers or stereo in your home.

What’s more? If you want to take printouts, wirelessly (from anywhere in your home), a USB port (especially made for printer) on the back of AirPort Express lets you do so. In terms of online security, AirPort Express provides a safer online experience. It comes equipped with a firewall that acts as a barrier between your Wi-Fi network and the Internet. The latest AirPort Express comprehensively protects your data from emerging malicious threats.

Microsoft® Update will let you control XBOX® with your iPhone®

Microsoft has released a significant update for its popular app, dubbed as My Xbox LIVE 1.5. This prime update brought along support to control your XBOX 360, right from your iPhone.
Main highlights of My Xbox LIVE app

The app will allow you to see all the latest console-related activities, browse and play any kind of media files, and even do fast forward or rewind accordingly.
How you can control XBOX 360 with iPhone

To use the app, it is utterly important to connect XBOX 360 and iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network. To know the Wi-Fi status, you can go into the settings of your iPhone and network settings on XBOX 360, respectively. After ensuring that both the devices are using the same network, again go to XBOX settings, open ‘Console Settings’, and then navigate to ‘XBOX Companion’. Just click on ‘Available’ and you are all set to control your XBOX 360 with your iPhone.
What else?

In addition, this latest update by Microsoft will also let the My Xbox LIVE app users to launch games as well as apps from the app directly on their iPhone.
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