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How to take precautions in wireless networks

Many companies are going for wireless networks to not only save costs by avoiding wired equipment, but also to provide more convenience to their employees. These days the employees are also being given wireless mobile PCs which are portable enough to be carried wherever they go, making them productive anytime and anywhere.

About WiFi

To start working wirelessly, there are certain things you need to know that would also be very helpful to you. First of all, you need to understand the basics of a wireless connection. WiFi or a wireless technology is a way to connect your computer to the network without the need of network cables, but by using radio frequency. This Technology requires you to be within the wireless network range for being able to connect your computer. Going further, you should be able to distinguish between the three types of wireless networks.

WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network: These are wireless networks the range of which can be anywhere from one single room to an entire campus, and use radio waves.

WPAN or Wireless Personal Area Network: Having a range of not more than 40 feet, these are short range networks that use Bluetooth technology, and are usually used for interconnecting compatible devices near a central location like a desk.

WWAN or Wireless Wide Area Networks: With the help of WWANS that are created through mobile phone signals, you can stay connected even when you are away from other forms of network access.

Getting started

In order to go wireless, the most basic thing you need to have is a wireless PC card, which either needs to be inserted in the PC card slot and requires an antenna, or is usually built-in. Apart from this, a wireless mouse and keyboard is also essential, in case you are not working in office, which provide more freedom and flexibility.

Also, whenever you are travelling, it is always good to research the available hotspots in the particular area.

For connecting to a wireless network, you can right click on the network link on the bottom right corner of the screen on the taskbar, which resembles a server. From the list of options, click on the one that says ‘Connect to a network’, that will show you a list of available networks in the vicinity. An alternative procedure could be by clicking on the ‘start’ button and clicking on ‘Connect to’.

A wireless network is flexible, saves a lot of your time and also enables collaboration through file sharing among your peers. However, despite the many advantages that it offers, a wireless network is often prone to hackers and forgers who can steal important stuff from your computer. It is especially true in cases of public hotspots which leave their network security turned off for making them easily accessible to users.

It is your responsibility to keep it safe by password protecting it at every level. Create passwords for not only the network but also for your PC, so that only you can access the home screen.

WiFi Connection during Flight

Given the fact that today’s era has been into computer centered economy and day-to-day life, people have considerably enjoying the technology as it is today.

Computers, a good example of growing technology, have provided so much since its first invention. Heretofore, it is still evolving year by year to adjust into our needs.

And with those network connections to add up the computer’s main purpose, we can now enjoy it more than anything.

From there, internet connection has evolved too. From a simple home – base broadband internet to a wireless network today.

With this wireless internet connection or most popularly known as Wi-Fi, getting into internet connection wherever you go has been a tremendous trend.

Commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports and hotels are now forming into “hot spots” – a term for Wi-Fi able place; where people could go and bring over their work or activities online when they need to, especially for those people whose works are on online and couldn’t get out without their laptop on hand.

But what if you are on board in a long flight hours? Too risky for someone who can’t leave work behind?
Then worry no more because a new solution has already been into use with some other flight companies. It is about connecting into Wi-Fi network while on-flight.

How is this possible?

Areas in some places in United States have been using Wi-Fi network connection to aid their passengers on board, especially with all of those long hours flight.
This is possible with the help of Aircell.

What is Aircell?

Aircell is a private company that holds and is responsible for airborne communications and development of broadband network connections to aircrafts. With the only company that has given an authorization to function for air communication, it is the main source of on-flight Wi-Fi connection.
It has a specialized towers designed by pointing upward to aid the network connection.
Through their innovative invention, an internet connection hundred feet above land is now possible.

Costly connection

Although this is a great intention for flight companies, getting connected through this connection will cost you money depending on the hours you have consumed. Indeed, this is no free service.

But some people are still willing to pay for the service provided that they can fully enjoy it, expecting a great internet connection. These are those people who can’t leave work. Others were just plainly into it for entertainment purpose to save them from long hours on flight.

But to some, who wants to save money, will just find their selves with books and magazines to entertain them or just go sit and enjoy the flight.

Though it has a great purpose for users, still only the people can fully decide whether to enjoy it or not to enjoy it.

Costly or not, if you are the type of person who prefers reading books or just want to enjoy the little hours without facing work, then this innovation would never work for you.

But if you are the type of person that makes every seconds count, then this suits you best.

After two years, the new Xbox 360 with WiFi is finally ready!

Microsoft is the creator of Windows and much software that are popular around the world. Those software and programs are liked for their simplicity, ease of use and advanced features. Microsoft has also created a gaming console called the Xbox 360. It has grown in popularity even among the people who were using Sony Play Station or Nintendo gaming consoles. Recently, Microsoft has released a new model of the Xbox 360, which has many features that the previous model lacks.

What it takes to make a winning product

Recently, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Xbox Product Manager, Albert Penello said that they were working on the new Xbox 360 project for more than two years. He said that if you are going to make a product to be in the market for more than 10 years, then you must have to refresh the design and features of that product. We decided to release this when we are satisfied with this project.

What makes the new Xbox 360 ‘new’?

The new Xbox 360 has a cool slim design and comes with a 250GB hard drive. Microsoft has added built in Wi-Fi in the unit, an additional cost of $100 when purchased separately with the previous models of the Xbox 360. The new Xbox is quiet and does not make noise like the previous model. An amazing feature in this model is that you can play it with the Kinect technology that lets you play games without a controller. In this technology, there are cameras and sensors that record your movements and produce results accordingly. So, you can enjoy much more while playing games and you also get to interact more physically while playing. This new model is smaller, more attractive, lighter and easy to use.

About the design

The new figure of this Xbox 360 was centered on retaining the iconic appearance but significantly improving to look to a sleek modernized version. Penello explained that Microsoft observed the trends of new designs in the automotive industry, television and entertainment. He concluded that the smooth, refined appearance was indicative of a modern design. Without eliminating the classical X-shape and the vents on the side, Microsoft was able to produce a smoothened out version of their previous model.

New feature, same cost!

One of the great surprises in the new Xbox 360 is that it not only has built-in Wi-Fi but that Microsoft has added this feature without adding any extra price. The price of the console was about $300 and previously, you had to buy a Wi-Fi card by spending an extra amount of $100. This is amazing how Microsoft could manage to do so without adding an extra price.

So, let us see who comes at the top in this race for making newer and better gaming consoles with unique, creative ideas and features that will make gaming even more enjoyable.

How to Optimize Your Printer

If you need print outs of certain documents stored in your PC, what is the basic machine you need to have? Aside from the papers you have to insert, you would definitely need to have a printer. A printer is very beneficial for putting inputs to outputs. Well, outputs are the things you usually need for the documentation and clerical works. But in the midst of hustle and bustle in work, what if your printer suddenly stopped function. It won’t print and you need the papers. What can you do? What should you do?

Basic Maintenance

The first step would be to check the hardware. You should check if the printer is properly plugged in. Also check the power, if it is turned on and the cables if they are connected to where they are supposed to be connected. Since there are times when a printer is shared, turn on all necessary devices such as the computers and routers. Moreover, you might also want to check if your printer is properly installed.

Another thing that you should double check is if the printer is properly installed. You can install a printer using a home network. Using a network printer may either be done by attaching the printer to one computer then sharing the printer from that computer or set up the printer in a case that it can function alone on a network.

Shared printer is possible simply by connecting a printer to a single computer then sharing it through a home networking feature suitable for your PC like the HomeGroup of Windows 7. The good thing about this shared printer is that you get to also share the documents which make it easier for the printer to access all the necessary files to be printed.

Choosing a Printer

Stand alone printers or network printers are often found in company offices. These kinds of printers are usually always available for your printing pleasure. Two kinds of network printers are available where you can choose from- wired and wireless. Wired is connected through an Ethernet hub to a router moreover wireless is connected via WIFI or Bluetooth. You can choose which one to use and which one to connect with.

Errors that might occur in network printers are quite more difficult to handle especially with a shared printer which has more responsibilities since there are many computers depending on it. If problems appear, troubleshooting is a good option to consider. This will help discover problems with regards to the printer’s installment, connection and spooler. But if the problem is not with these three, then update your drivers. Why?

Printers actually needs software driver so that the printers can function at their bests. If your printer driver software is corrupted, incompatible or outdated, this could be a big hindrance for your printer to do its work. Another problem would be if the driver is already affected with viruses. What you should do is to uninstall and install another one. This time choose an updated one. You can the Windows Update to find an updated driver for you and install it. You can also have the software from the printer manufacturer and install the software through a disc. Lastly is to download the driver and install it yourself.

Know the problems of your printer and use the printer at its best!

How to Sync an iPhone with Your Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar

iPhone is one of those wonderful creations of Apple which has given a great boost in the share value of Apple. Despite of lot many multimedia enabled touch phones, apple had been exceptionally creative to bring iphones.iphones had a lot to offer and since the year 2007, the iphones are continuously making spaces in every nation. Loaded with all the latest advantages, it has also to offer a connectivity of wifi, Bluetooth, gps, hsdpa.Breifly it had everything that a user looks forward in a phone. Beside the premium cost quotient every feature was attractive and unique. Moreover the outlook or google calendar’s can be synchronized with the iphone to be up to date with schedules and tasks. If you own an apple iphone and looking forward to make the feature work follow the below steps.

To get outlook calendar sync with the iphone

1.Open Itune to check the version
2.Connect the cable between your iphone and computer
3.Configure the settings to synchronize

[Detailed Section]

Open Itune to check the version

The first step requires the checking of the application itune.It must be the most updated version and to confirm that click on help and check for updates.

Connect the cable between your iphone and computer

The cable which came along with the iphone must be connected between the iphone and the PC.Following which click on iphone and itab.

Configure the settings to synchronize

To make the devices synchronize, click on the sync outlook calendar option and apply .the iphone would get in sync with the outlook calendar and help you in getting your schedules up to date.

To get google calendar in sync with the iphone

1.Sign in to google account and open google calendar
2.Set the settings in google calendar
3.Open ical to configure
4.Configure the settings of ical to let it synchronize with the iphone

[Detailed Section]

Sign in to google account and open google calendar

The primary step is to log on to the google account and go ahead with google calendar. Click on the option which says share the calendar.

Set the settings in google calendar

There are few settings that needs to be set on the google calendar to ensure it configures with the iphone.Under the calendar details click on the private address and go to the green icon named as ICAL which then gets an address that is absolutely confidential and must not be shared with anyone. get the note of the URL.

Open ical to configure

The nest step is to configure the itune program of the on the itune and go to calendar, under the subscribe section paste the URL noted.

Configure the settings of ical to let it synchronize with the iphone

The next window would ask for few information’s like the name and desription.check on all the items you would like to use and set the auto refresh so that both iphone and google calendar could pace up together. And apply the change by clicking OK.The iphone is set to get along google calendar.

The comprehensive discussion of synchronizing outlook calendar and google calendar with the iphone.

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