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Highlights of Xbox 360 Slim & Microsoft Xbox Kinect

Xbox 360 slim has already been selling in some selected stores in the US, while some sources say that Xbox Kinect will be bundled in a package for a reasonable price. UK and the rest of Europe will be able to taste a bite of the new releases from mid July. The new console from Microsoft has been priced at 199 dollars.

Xbox Kinect is a new wave of controllers from Microsoft. Actually there are no controllers, with Kinect, previously ‘Project Natal’, the players become the controllers themselves according to an Xbox marketing pitch. It was expected to be slim in design to go along with the to-be-released Xbox 360 slim, latest press release pictures suggests Microsoft thought otherwise. However it is not clear how the 20 billion dollar games market would embrace the revolutionary technology behind kinect. Some suggests only the hardcore gamers would try their hands on the gadget first, while others think this will be similar to the introduction of the Wiimote by Nintendo.

Xbox 360 Slim

Most people were awaiting for the release of Xbox 360 slim in the run up for the holidays. Common perception of that Microsoft probably would not miss the accelerated sales that could flow in during the holidays has been proved right. The new Xbox 360 slim is not jam packed with a large amount of new features, while the highlight of the bundle is the revolutionary kinect controllers.

Microsoft Xbox Kinect

A new wave of controllers have arrived that are just capable of not only keeping the gamers entertained but also active, something similar to the Wiimote from Nintendo. In fact Nintendo Wii console and the Wiimote was the beginning of such interactive controller based games and entertainment. Quite naturally Microsoft felt obliged to provide Xbox lovers with something similar, perhaps something better than the Wiimote.

Performance expectations

Just like the hype around Nintendo Wii, the Xbox kinect has been getting plenty of attention within the gaming industry. As the problem with Wiimote was the lack of enough high quality games to support the capabilities of the gadget. But the Xbox kinect being backward compatible, no such specially developed games are a necessity. Average price for an Xbox kinect ranging around 150 dollars, average gamer would surely evaluate the value for money before committing to a purchase. Nevertheless the Xbox kinect and the Xbox 360 slim are already taking the gaming market by storm.

Gamers are more vulnerable towards addictive gadgets enclosed with new technology and revolutionary thinking. Formerly “Project Natal”, currently renamed as “Xbox kinect”, is such a gadget that is expected to amplify the sales of the Xbox 360 slim as well. Since the market has some experience with similar groundbreaking gaming consoles and controllers, the anticipated success of the Microsoft’s latest would heavily rely on the sales and marketing pitch for the particular products.

Wii Launches New Classic Controller

Nintendo has a tradition to launch peripherals along with the release of its own software. Plastic wheel was launched with the release of Mario Kart Wii and balanced board was launched with the release of Wii Fit. Nintendo also introduced Wii MotionPlus along with the release of Wii Sports Resort.

But this time Wii has gone to Capcom for the release of the new Classic Controller Pro. Nintendo has come up with a new Classic Controller which looks like the early controllers of gaming consoles. The new Classic Controller comes bundled with the copy of recently released Monster Hunt Tri. Featuring few tweaks to the original classic controller, the Monster Hunt Tri supports various functions which include the original classic controller and the WiiMote and Nunchuk combo. Apart from supporting such functions, Monster Hunt Tri will also make use of Wii Speak through the help of which players can communicate via voice chat while playing the game online.

Traditionally, Nintendo launches new peripherals alongside its own software. Mario Kart Wii came bundled with a plastic wheel, Wii Fit launched with the balance board, and Wii Sports Resort introduced players to the Wii MotionPlus. But for the new Classic Controller Pro, Nintendo has turned to Capcom.

Being the one of the top selling release, The Monster Hunter series has gathered an amazing response in Japan. Also with nearly 600,000 units sold in the first week, the Wii release has already become the top third party selling PSP release.

Nintendo being the main publisher of the best selling gaming titles on Wii and the gaming titles that are able to gather a good amount of attention on the Internet, we hope that the new controller along with the Monster Hunt Tri will be able to gather the same response.

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