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WIKIPEDIA® warns on browser malware

Wikipedia Foundation, the organization operating the popular online encyclopedia, has issued a warning to its users, telling them that if they are seeing adverts while browsing WIKIPEDIA site, it is likely that their computers have become a victim of malware infection.

“We never run ads on Wikipedia,” said Philippe Beaudette, director of community advocacy for the Wikimedia Foundation, in a blog post. “If you’re seeing advertisements for a for-profit industry… or anything but our fundraiser, then your web browser has likely been infected with malware.”

Then how WIKIPEDIA is running?

WIKIPEDIA’s operating costs are covered by donations. Every year an online fundraiser is organized, and that’s usually the only time when a banner is displayed on the site’s pages.

Zuckerburg joins the list of SOPA and PIPA opponents

From organizations to individuals, everyone is raising voice against the anti-piracy laws SOPA to PIPA. Recently, Mark Zuckerburg has posted on his Facebook wall that “The Internet is the most powerful tool we have for creating a more open and connected world. We cannot let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the Internet’s development. Facebook opposes SOPA and PIPA, and we will continue to oppose any laws that will hurt the Internet.”

After Wikipedia shutting down the website for a day and blotting of its logo with black strip by Google, Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook has also come forward and joined the league for the same cause.

Mark says that these laws are not the proper solution to the problems since all they do is harm the privacy and freedom of Internet users. Mark’s views that he posted on his wall were appreciated and liked by 2,80,000 like-minded supporters.

Mark said that the culprits are those rogue websites that usually infest U.S. intellectual property, creating problems for the economy. He also added that Facebook is very particular about the online piracy activities.

According to Mark, “These are not the right solution to this problem, because of the collateral damage these overreaching bills would cause to the Internet.”

About SOPA and PIPA
SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) are the bills in the US House of representatives and Senate that use court’s orders to restrict/stop online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. The bill would also help seek court orders against the websites that enable copyright infringement.

PIPA on the other hand is meant to completely restrict the access that deal in infringement and illegal activities.

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Wikipedia® to shut down for a day on January 18

The rise in plagiarism and piracy of web content results in loses for the source company. The recent victim of piracy is web-encyclopedia – Wikipedia. Seeing the rising cases of piracy, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and the community has decided to shut down the English version of the website for 24 hours on Wednesday. This major step has been taken in view to protest the highly controversial U.S. anti-piracy legislation act.

Wales is one of the opponents of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). The main motive of the bill is to crack down on the websites that offer copyrighted content without the owner’s permission. He shared this news using his official Twitter account as the platform where he Tweeted: “Student warning! Do your homework early. Wikipedia protesting bad law on Wednesday.”

Wikipedia shut-down will begin from Tuesday mid-night Eastern Standard Time (0500 GMT) until Wednesday mid-night. During the shutdown, the page will display the instructions about how to reach the local members of Congress.

Wales added, “I am just starting to do press interviews about the upcoming blackout of Wikipedia… This is going to be wow. I hope Wikipedia will melt phone systems in Washington on Wednesday. Tell everyone you know.” The shut-down of such an amazingly helpful web platform will affect millions of information hunting users. Wikipedia English platform gets millions of hits every day. The blackout for one day will also affect the revenue of the corporation.

By taking this step, Wikipedia will join the list of organizations like Reddit and Mozilla that took such a step in the past for the same cause.

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HTC® Wildfire S review

It takes lot to make a first impression. And HTC has made it with HTC Wildfire S. It has all the features that make it stand apart and look like a mini computer. The fast processor in it makes it so. Basically the HTC Wildfire S is a phone which is mainly meant for web browsing because of its fast browser and the operating system in it. It is basically an Android-based cell phone with all the high end features in it. Web browsing is easy because of its multi window browsing options. One can just browse the web smoothly and switch over to the next window very easily.

With the help of zoom in and zoom out options, it is very easy for you to minimize and maximize the windows you want to see. YouTube and all other websites are very easy to use because of its fast processor. You not need to wait for a long to view your favorite videos. The moment you touch the ‘Play’ button, it starts streaming. You can do all the research work on the go because of Google apps and Wikipedia.

HTC Wildfire S has all the social networking websites preinstalled in it. You need to just touch the icon to access Facebook, Twitter and Orkut in style. HTC Wildfire S has a very powerful camera (5MP), with that you can capture your special moments and tags your special ones in that. With these applications, you can capture and shoot your own video and share it online with your family and friends.

You can call it a complete communicator because it has a unique caller ID which makes you able to know not only about who is calling you but about his Facebook profile and other details as well. HTC Wildfire has numerous apps which make this Android cell phone a must buy because there are themes and skins preinstalled with the help of which you can change the whole persona of your phone. All your e-mails are delivered in a single inbox whether it is from Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo! or MSN. HTC wildfire S is an Android-based cell phone and that is why it has innovative features. You can do almost all the things you do on your PC. With its 600 MHz processor it is possible for you to surf the Internet at a high speed. It has all the connectivity options like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. HTC Wildfire S has a 3.2” large screen on which you can enjoy video and browsing.

WikiBhasha Wikipedia Translation Tool Released by Microsoft

Microsoft has recently launched a new tool named WikiBhasha which will be used to develop content for Wikipedia in various languages. The name of this tool is inspired by the word  Sanskrit work ‘Bhasha’ which means language in English and it goes perfectly with the use of this tool.

This tool will enable content developers to create content from the beginning into any other language excluding English. There is a very large Wikipedia user and contributor group belonging no non-English speaking region and this tool has come as a boon for these groups.

WikiBhasha tool is also going to help in translation. You can get article in any language and translate it into your desired language. Such facilities makes tools a very useful tools for the Wiki contributors who faced translation and other language content development related problem in past times.

Microsoft is determined to work with Wikipedia Foundation to provide support in content development for Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, and Portugese language.

WikiBhasa tool is browser based and it will only work with Wikipedia websites like Wikipedia main domain, wikileaks, wikiquotes, etc and support for the functionality is provided by Microsoft’s Machine Translation system.

This tool is very simple to use and operate to create content in multi-language. Users can simply add this tool into their web browser and get the maximum use of this tool.

Microsoft has launched the beta version so far but it is sure that the full version will be launched very soon. The development and research process is still on and WikiBhasha will incorporate as many languages as possible.

Are Students Web Savvy or Search Engine Savvy?

The present generation of students has had a tremendous amount of new age facilities. This has assisted them in matters not only specific to course related material, but also in better understanding of the overall environment. The Internet facility, with technology dishing out new age Wireless networks and routers every fortnight, is one such assistance which has proved to be extremely helpful.

This may give an impression that the new generation of students would be web savvy; however this is not the case. According to a study published in the International Journal of Communication, University students have a substantial trust in Internet search engines. The same generation who has enabled the social networking sites, the iPods and cell phones make a killing in the market, is apparently not that web-competent. Students seem to have blind faith and trust in Google as their singular source for web search.

Further findings suggested a remarkable fact. Students trust the Google search engine so much that they would click only on those links which appear on the top of the resulting search page. This would be irrespective of the credentials of the website, which proves students believe more in the search engine than a particular web page as the ultimate source of information. Completing assigned tasks seems to be their only priority and if they don’t use Google, then students lean on other brand name search engines and websites to look for sufficient information. Apart from Google, the other top research engines included Yahoo, Wikipedia, MapQuest, AOL, Microsoft and Facebook.

The above conclusions were drawn after students in the study were given information seeking assignments. When they finished each assignment, they were videotaped. It was found that the University students’ adeptness at using the Internet for research purposes had nothing to do with the fact that they have grown up with the Internet. In theUniversity of Illinois, Chicago, 102 students were sampled. More than a quarter of them told the researches that they had clicked on a website because it was at the top of the search list. In some cases, the students said that the search engine was more trustworthy than the particular website from which the information was gathered.

In one instance, a Social Science student was asked about the website from where she had got the needed information. She replied that she didn’t know and it was the first thing that came up! Only about 10 per cent of participants made any remarks about the credentials about the site’s author while completing tasks. But even among these respondents, none made any attempt to verify the qualification or identification of the authors. However, students involved in data research cannot be held solely responsible for lack of web incompetency. Search engines like Google don’t often rank websites on the basis of their credibility. In cases like these, it is a social responsibility on their part and they must recognize the level of trust they have garnered from users all over the world.

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