With Microsoft’s latest release of Window 7 Operating system, consumers are eager to see what the software company has in stall for them in the near future; specifically with the update of the newest OS.

A delay

It is clear that the release of the SP1 has been delayed. With only speculations as to when the release will be available to its consumers, many are expecting Microsoft to unveil the first service pack (SP) for windows 7 and Server 2008 RS before the end of the year. But the official site does not quite agree. According to a document on Microsoft’s TechNet site, Microsoft is planning the release on the earlier part of 2011. Then, if word from TechNet is to be followed, consumers will just have to wait a little longer than formerly assumed before they have their hands on the release.


The delayed release may have something to do with a number of bugs not yet administered or might even be reasons away from the product. Perhaps Microsoft want to make sure that the SP1 is more substantial. It is more than just mere rollup and new fixes up to date.

What do we expect?

Considering that it is the first update of the OS, many analysts and consumers are eager to know what new features are to be expected in the release.

According to a report of a leak of the beta product, changes are to be expected on the interface and installation speed. The installation procedure is much faster than those of service packs from Vista. This should most definitely be a welcoming change. It would be important to note that as with Vista, the main build number has been increased by one. So users will have Build 7601.

According to TechNet, the update caters for the recent hotfix program in Windows 7 and compiles there hotfixes into one release. Therefore, the SP 1 fixes any flaws in the OS in relation to security and addresses bugs and flaws in the OS itself.

In accordance with Bob Muglia, President of the Server and tools Businesses at Microsoft, SP1 can help support Sever 2008 RS SP1.

Microsoft has also added the framework for cloud computing and using Win7 as a cloud client and adding server visualization features.


1. When will Windows 7 SP1 be available to the market?

SP1 will for sure be available within the first half of calendar 2011. Any earlier release will be up to Microsoft’s determination and decision.

2. Should consumers who are thinking of deploying Win7 wait for SP1?

No. Win7 is of a higher quality and has many benefits with it to businesses and consumers alike. SP1 will incorporate windows users through windows updates, so there is no reason to wait or delay the use of Win7.

3. Who should download and install the Service pack public beta, when it is available.

The public beta is best suited for IT Pros and developers who need to test the service pack in their organizations.

The download will contain both the 32 and the 64 bit versions. Otherwise, the last release of the SP1 will be available for consumers when it is ready.

At the end of the day, the release in all about staying current and is far better than staying with other options: staying with the original release of Win7.