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7 ways to organize your email

Email is one of the best ways to connect with your friends and loved ones around the world. But on a hectic and busy day, the mail box gets cluttered and makes difficult to point out which one is important and which is not. So, it is very important to organize your email, an unorganized make it difficult to find important mails and you get confused about where to start. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, then you can easily organize emails and make important mails on top of the mailbox.

May be you are not using Outlook but your computer has Outlook or Windows Live mail or Windows Live Hotmail. Then there is no need to worry, these application offers same features as Outlook. But the problem is the mail management; they do not offer such mail management as outlook. We recommend you to use Microsoft Outlook connector to add your hotmail account to outlook. You can also organize or connect mail from your other mail account such as Yahoo or Google. Then you will be able to read, receive or send mails using outlook.

Now follow the instructions given below to organize your email.

Step 1: Grouping messages

You can create a folder for similar messages or messages related to each other. You have several options like topic, projects or contacts to group them in a folder. You can also create a folder in which you include all the messages or that include task you have to complete. You can easily create folders in Outlook, just go to folder tab then in the new group, click on new folder; it will create a new folder. Name the folder as you want.

Step 2: Search Folder

You can easily create Search Folders and they are a quick and convenient way to look at predefined collections of e-mail messages. The main feature of this search folder is that they don’t actually store any messages themselves, but instead are virtual folders. Outlook also has option for default search folder; they show you all unread mails. You can also create search folder as you want for specific mails.

Step 3: Message sorting

You can also sort messages quickly in Outlook; outlook has this great feature to sort messages quickly. You can easily arrange them by date or conversations. Like the messages within each conversations are stored within conversations. When you received a new message, the conversation moves to top of the mailbox. You can easily turn on conversations; just go to view tab then conversations group and click show as conversations. You can also reduce size of conversations if you want. Just go to Home, then delete group and click clean up and in clean up click clean up conversations.

Step 4: Junk filter

You can also reduce email box size with junk filter. If you received any spam or junks, then it will filter all the junk messages and it will not show up in email box.

Step 5: Categorize emails

You can assign a color category for emails e.g. use the red color for high priority emails and the green color for low priority emails.

Step 6:  Flag for follow up

Mark important emails to flag it. You can easily view them in marked folder.

Step 7:  Mailbox rules

Follow the mailbox rule and organize both incoming and outgoing emails.

NOD32 Antivirus 4.2.58 Released

ESET NOD32 Antivirus popularly known as NOD32 is one of the excellent antivirus that is running all around the world and providing quality services to people around the world. The antivirus tends to run on all major operating systems apart from the Mac OS. ESET is a Slovak company offering two editions of the antivirus namely Home Edition and Business Edition.

NOD 32 has been the antivirus that has always got excellent worth in the market in terms of reviews from people who have been using it as well as from those who have been testing it on high levels. The Antivirus programs have over 40 wins from different award distributing organizations with respect to the quality that it has been rendering. The best part about this quality antivirus software is that you need not to have overwhelming resources to run the program.

The latest release:

ESET has launched the 4.2.58 release of NOD32 Antivirus almost two weeks ago on 07/06/2010 in three languages English (ENU), Slovak (SKY) and Czech (CSY) and it is expected that other languages are going to follow shortly. The new version is available on the download page of the ESET NOD32 download page and you can have the upgrade installation over the current version of your NOD32 antivirus.

A number of revisions have been made in the antivirus software with better compatibility this time. NOD32 in the latest release has added support for the Microsoft Outlook 2010. There have been a number of fixes made in the software to make it even more productive. The latest release does not create temporary profiles on Windows 7 that was creating an issue previously. The ESI memory now does not leak on the x64 systems as it used to do in the previous releases. There had been many other issues like the default button that did not perform the function, ClusterStorage Cluster folder, Windows Live Mail crash, crash of the Interface while scanning emails; all have been resolved in the latest release.

The taskbar color and the color of the window are made the same in order to give it a n ice look on the taskbar as well as the system tray icons have been revised. You can have the real time protection as you even wanted out of your antivirus software.

E-mail protection:

The major revisions made in the NOD32 are with respect to the email as well as other related communications. The latest released has embedded with Outlook Express and any outgoing message is tagged with NOD32’s message about being clean and clear of viruses. You can now have a click to run installation while integrating with Microsoft Outlook Express 2010. There used to be a crash that used to occur when the Windows Live Mail used to crash; the error has been fixed in the latest release of ESET NOD32.

ESET has revised a number of things in the latest version of the NOD32 antivirus and now you can easily have your working go smooth compared to the previous versions. The greatest revision is e-mail perhaps. The compatibility with many different e-mail clients has been revised in order to come up as a more productive solution.

Say hello to Windows Live Mail

Talking about Windows Live Mail, it is one among the many amazing applications included in the Windows Live Essentials consortium and doesn’t cost a penny. It is an excellent environment where in you can arrange and synchronize all your contacts, mails, calendar, appointments, important dates, etc at one place and needless to say – efficiently. In other words you can say that Windows Live Mail is a very nice evolution of Windows Mail, in Windows 7 operating systems.

Starting with the installation of Windows Live Mail, first it is thoughtful enough to check if it is already installed in your machine or not. Do so by writing Windows Live Mail in the text box which appears on clicking the start button. If you find it already installed, bingo; you don’t need to install it. You can start using it right away. If you don’t have it, no problem; just go to Microsoft’s site and download it from

Windows Live mail gives you lots of privileges like managing your mails, you can read your mails even when you’re offline and also reply to them. They get stored in it and when you resume internet connectivity, the replies are sent, you don’t need to worry about them. Other than that if offers a functionality to save your mails in your computer’s hard drive safely so that even though if you lose them in your mailbox online, you have a copy of it in your computer and also you don’t need to worry about spam mails and phishing or malicious senders. They get filtered automatically via a scanner provided along with it.

The use of Windows Live Mail is not just limited for Live or Hotmail users, even Google, Yahoo!, etc users can join and use Windows Live Mail. But, if you’re a Hotmail user, you enjoy special privileges over others like getting ads-free messages and mails, sending high resolution images as thumbnails thus saving your friend from excess data in his inbox, though he can download them and view them at high resolution quality if he prefers to. It also provides excellent chat facility with your friends who are currently online and also deal with your mails simultaneously.

There are still several more advantages offered by this amazing application like shared calendars and synchronizing between them, event remainders, POP-enabled email accounts, 5GB of initial storage which also increases as you start consuming it.

Visit the Microsoft’s site and search the web, also look out for the forums for Windows Live mail users and ask them their real-life experience using this application. If they point out to any of the drawbacks, do think over them and work them out. Use Windows Mail to its optimum.

Default Web Browser in Windows7

While working with new Windows7, there are chances that Windows7 may not be able to open links. Sometimes Windows Live Mail is used to read emails, but unfortunately no links in emails get load. On trying to click on these links, error is notified with message saying that there is no existence of compatible program; though system has various web browsers including Internet Explorer. An Error message usually appears on computer if default web browser is not selected. This problem can be solved by instructing Windows7 to use a specific browser. Although Internet Explorer is present by default, Windows does not use it until it is told to do so.

Default Browser can be set by following some easy instructions. If you want to select Internet Explorer as your default browser, go to ‘Internet Options’. On selecting this option, it will open a new dialogue box. Here you will see a number of tabs offering many options. In ‘Programs’ tab, you will be prompted to make Internet Explorer as default browser. You can set it by just clicking on ‘Make default’ option. If you are not provided with Internet Explorer, it can be downloaded from Internet Explorer website.

But what if another web browser is essential to be set as default browser? It is very simple to set any browser as your default browser. For this, you must go to ‘Control Panel’ and select on ‘Default Programs’ option. You will be given a list of programs. Browser of your choice can be picked from this list; and by clicking appropriate option it can be set as a default browser. Thus by telling Windows to use a specified browser, you can read emails and load required links. In case of Firefox or Google Chrome, there you will find options regarding this procedure.

If you are starting with a fresh browser, as soon as you start it, a message asking to select it as default browser will appear on screen. By following steps given, that particular web browser can be selected as default browser. But what if you are not prompted with such message? In such situations, if you are working with Firefox, there is ‘Tools’ option in menu. On selecting it, you will see a list including ‘Options’, on which you must click. Doing so, a dialogue box will appear in which you have to click on ‘Advanced’. Consequently in ‘General’ option, click on ‘Check Now’ and then ‘Ok’. Finally, Firefox will be set as your default browser.

In case of Google Chrome, on starting it, you will notice a spanner icon. After clicking on this icon, a dropdown list with ‘Options’ will be displayed. A new dialogue box will start on clicking ‘Options’. In this box you can easily make out an option ‘Make Google Chrome my default browser’; just by selecting it Google Chrome will be set as your default browser. In this manner by choosing default browser, Windows can load links with this specified program without prompting any error message; and you can get rid of all difficulties regarding browser setting.

Microsoft’s Free Windows Live Essentials Beta Debuts

Microsoft Windows Live Essential is a free software suit for Windows users and it includes a number of applications in it. Applications like Windows Movie Maker which was there in Windows XP, was discontinues by Microsoft in Windows Vista. It would have been because Microsoft wanted to gather all such applications in its Software Suit called Windows Live Essential. The beta version of the 4th major update to the already existing Windows Live Essentials has been released and the different applications which are there in it are: Windows Live Family Safety, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Sync, and Windows Live Writer. The main aim behind discontinuing these applications as a native part of the Operating System and providing them in a suit is because update and upgrade process is simpler when part of a suit. These applications come for free and come under the freeware distribution policy.

The new Beta version connects all its applications to online services from Microsoft and other providers, including social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. It also connects with popular blogging tools like Spaces, Flickr, YouTube, and SmugMug; email sites such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail; and to Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Some other new Windows Live Essential Tools are:

  • Face recognition in Photo Gallery. Tag a photo of someone, and the software identifies the face in other pictures.
  • The ribbon interface which was started with Office 2007 has been given to the new Windows Live Mail. It also has the calendar feature which is quite similar to that of Outlook
  • Ribbon interface has got its place in the Movie Maker also, and the new version of Movie Maker contains better tools for editing titles, transitions, captions, and a soundtrack to your movies.
  • Easier photo and video sharing with multiple online social networks

In addition to all the above mentioned upgrades the new version’s Live Sync feature synchronizes your files across multiple PCs and on remote servers. Sync also has a new remote desktop feature with which you can access your PC from anywhere via the internet.

Besides these tools even the privacy settings can be controlled in a much organised manner. It incorporates a feature for setting up the level of exposure you want to give to your Windows Live account. You can set the same kind of privacy settings for the media you share on online sites.

It looks that Windows has tried to patch all the loop holes which were there in previous version of these applications and has made the better, more user friendly, and more secure. Currently Live Essentials is available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish and can be downloaded from

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003