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Windows® Live Messenger for Facebook® Chat

Microsoft has integrated Windows Live Messenger with Facebook chat. Recently, Microsoft declared on a blog post that nearly eighteen million people have been connected with Facebook chat through Windows Live Messenger. These people have now accumulated more than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat. Microsoft briefed that four hundred forty million sessions of chatting between Facebook and Windows Live Messenger users has taken place within six months.

Microsoft was the first provider of instant messaging to permit its users for chatting with friends in Facebook from the platform of a third party with the help of introducing the feature in the month of August 2010. Later after three months, Windows Live Messenger app for Facebook presently possesses more than fifteen million active users. As per the third party app service tracking firm AppData, there are nearly thirteen million daily users, making it the number three top app in the social network after FarmVille and CityVille. Microsoft does not serve Facebook users only. The company declared also that connection between LinkedIn and Windows Live Messenger became two-fold after the last updating of the platform when YouTube and MySpace connections have multiplied by approximately fifty percent.

Windows Live Messenger is readying for the Facebook enabled chat in more countries, making the utility available to over than seventy five million users across the world. Microsoft is expecting that this new opportunity will enable their Facebook to Windows Live Messenger chatting figures to grow more rapidly. It is claimed in the company’s blog of Seattle area that about eighteen million people have altogether made over than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chatting. However, there is no mention in the post whether this figure is a cumulative number. For the integration of Windows Live Messenger with Facebook, one should first download the latest version of chat software from Microsoft. Then click on the blue colored button for synchronizing with Facebook so that one may chat with friends on Facebook, irrespective of whether one is using Windows Live Messenger. Yahoo! is also integrating Facebook chatting in its recent upgrades so that they do not remain left behind.

Microsoft Releases Windows Live Messenger security update

Microsoft has now released a compulsory fix for vulnerabilities in Windows Live Essentials running on Windows XP. This Windows Live Messenger security update will help out to make windows XP more secure.

The website has informed beforehand that earlier to the launch of Windows Live Essentials 2011 (Wave 4), Microsoft is planning to release a small QFE update for Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 which displayed the version number to 14.0.8117.416.

Microsoft clarifies that this update will help you to fix small bugs. The new features include the penultimate version, the 2009, perhaps one of the most downloaded ever. Now it is a must for users of Windows XP, since 2011 to download the security update otherwise Windows Live Messenger will not be compatible with this operating system.

Many people decided to return to the 2009 version, however, even for a small technical detail (despite the significant improvements and new features) with this build of Messenger  it is also possible to  lose the  ability to observe a contact via webcam without having to make available ours. A unidirectional communication. Messenger 2011, things have changed, it is vital to have a chat to access the webcam of the interlocutor, and therefore a person must grant access to the webcam. That protocol chat will, however, extended now to 2009 . Microsoft, for security reasons, is releasing an update patch (ver 14.0.8117.416 ) that will be installed on 2009 and forcibly remove the webcam one-way communication.

One last detail about another update, not yet confirmed. This would be the possibility that Microsoft makes it mandatory to upgrade from 2009 to Messenger Messenger 2011 for users of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Hypothesis by no means rare, but for now no one knows when this will happen. The director of Windows Live test has informed tentatively in May month the changes will be help to clear the path of 2 way calling which ensure high quality audio with high definition video.

Hopefully the above mentioned update will roll on this week. Microsoft clearly mentions that with this upgrade the company is going to retire their one way web cam functionality.

Microsoft is trying hard to give out the best .Now it’s time to wait and watch what the future holds for the Microsoft windows live messenger users?

Online Microsoft Games to be more social

It is only since 2008 that social gaming has gained popularity and the percentage of users who play online social games has increased to 50% which was earlier at 40%. Just in US there are around 99 million social gamers and the number is increasing with each passing day. With new games and gaming technologies coming day by day the number of casual gamers has also increased and in US there are around 85 million people who play games at least once in a day. The figures of 99 million social gamers and 85 million casual gamers has attracted many in deploying new ideas for attracting more and more people. Microsoft with its Windows Live Messenger has tried to merge the two figures by adding an online social gaming tab in its messaging tool. When you view the Windows Live Messenger in full view you can see the Games tab and this can be used to play the earlier known Casual games with your friends who are there in your friends list. You can also connect to you facebook account with this tab and invite your facebook friends to play the games with you.

This tab in Messenger’s windows not only allows you to play games with your friends but you can also see who all are playing online games and what are their favourite games. It is quite similar to the gaming section of Yahoo messenger which enabled its users to play online flash games with their friends. I have played games with my friends online and so would have you but with the new Live Messenger you can even connect with your Facebook friends for playing the games. With this merger happening programmers have already started coding their ideas to create more and more new games and challenge the world famous Farmville for its popularity. According to a report there are around 80 million users who actively play Farmville and undoubtedly this is the game which has given Social Gaming a whole new definition.

Microsoft Join Hands with Sina Corporation

Microsoft has recently unveiled its joint venture in China by announcing partnership with Sina Corp. In the joint venture Sina Corp. will link Microsoft’s instant messaging service with the China’s biggest micro blogging service. Both, Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger and Sina Corp’s Sina Weibo were launched in 2009 and have tens of millions of users. Also  Sina Corp. has claimed that it is looking to reach 100 million users by next year. There is no clear indication of when this venture will begin.

Sina Weibo is a Twitter-like micro blogging service from China will link their accounts created by different users to the Microsoft’s instant messaging tool Windows Live Messenger. Users will also get the Sina Weibo messages displayed automatically on the instant messages contacts.

This is not the only one venture of Microsoft in China. Before this, known as the MSN China, is a joint venture of Microsoft and Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd.  Windows Live Messenger, MSN web portal along with the other Microsoft Internet services in China, including the company’s MSN web portal are operated by Shanghai MSN Network Communications Technology Co. or MSN China.

The new partnership of Microsoft with Sina will also include the migration of the Microsoft’s Blogging Service i.e. Windows Live Spaces to Sina’s blogging service. So does that mean that Microsoft is trying to exit from the blogging business?

However, it is heard that Microsoft is also providing the search results from its search engine, Bing to the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group for a new e-commerce-focused search website that is in the testing phase.

How to use instant messaging and video

You can download Windows Live Messenger or other software to stay in touch using instant messaging and video. You can also use some free software or applications available online to stay in touch but we recommend you to use Windows Live Messenger because it has some attractive features like you can integrate it with Yahoo and also with other Microsoft products for example Outlook or Windows Live. Most of the people use this application and they are quite satisfied with this application. There are lot of other features also which can be useful but these are sufficient to stay in touch with your near and dear ones. You can easily download Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft site.


To do video chat, the next item you’ll need is a webcam. You can buy any brand, any brand is fine. Before buying, just be sure that it is compatible with your computer and operating system. Now you should get a built in microphone. If you do not have, then buy a separate microphone. If you are working on a laptop den it is very easy because laptops have built in webcam. Now if you are buying a separate webcam then plug in it into USB port in your computer. Insert the driver CD of camera and follow the instructions to install it completely.  Once you have the messaging software and your webcam set up, you can start connecting with friends and family by letting them know your Windows Live Messenger ID and locating them through Contacts and Add a Contact.

Making a call with your webcam

Now we will help you to making a call from your webcam. It ia an very easy process and you can do it with ease. The webcam works in following way: your computer calls another computer using the IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with your contact’s email address.

If you are using Windows Live Messenger then you can easily talk and see each other. You can record webcam videos and send and receive those videos; suppose you are in office and can not use video to talk then you can easily view the videos, there is no sound involved.

You can also chat during video calls using the Windows Live Messenger and it is a user friendly process. If you know little bit to use the computer then you can use these services.

So these are the ways to stay in touch with your near and dear ones using instant messaging and video calls.

Another Exclusive Deal As Microsoft Launches Outlook Facebook Integration

In a move that can only be good for facebook users, Microsoft announced it had incorporated Facebook and Windows Live Messenger in Outlook.  The move is expected to bring the newsfeeds of the millions of Facebook fans all over the world to inboxes world over.

It Began With Outlook Social Connector

In a similar move in 2009, the Microsoft Group had launched Outlook Social Connector that came as a great addition to social networking. Outlook Social Connector is Microsoft’s plug-in application that integrates social networking feeds together with the contacts you have in Outlook.

What this does is let you in on vital information such what your friends are doing, where they are at or what they are up to. The integration moves began with the LinkedIn and there were even rumors that a similar move might be made for MySpace and Facebook. It even gets better, other than the integration of Outlook and Facebook.

Support for Windows Live Messenger

You still have lots to celebrate as Outlook has as well concluded its integration with support for Windows Live Messenger in a move that will see the company release a plug-in for its 2003 and 2007 Outlook end users. The result is expected to see networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace  and Windows Live Messenger incorporate and thus become available to the millions of people and business across the world that use them.

The new joint application between Facebook and Microsoft’s Outlook promises to better social networking in more ways than one. For instance, the feature will allow users to put their facebook photos into Outlook with no hitches. According to the two companies, the new joint product launch between the two is way better than what Outlook and LinkedIn released. Other than just enabling you take your facebook profile photos into Outlook and relate a name with a particular face, it goes further and as well brings you your contacts newsfeeds in your inbox.  Thus, the overall effect is that, when you check out your friend’s email or anyone’s, the application goes a step further and brings you their status update, photos and even their wall posts amongst a host of other social networking applications.

Link With Other Networking Sites

To make it heavenly, the integrated version of LinkedIn, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger and Outlook data, the result is a thorough detailing of your past and recent activities with your contacts and an additional look at their social networking activities as well. In a way, it gives lots of benefits to businesses in the way it brings a lot of information vital in decision making and competition strategies.  That is just the beginning according to Microsoft as the application still gives you up to the minute updates courtesy of the social connector platform that was as well released with the new integration announcement.

The new social connector platform will automatically bring you updates into your inbox as they are updated in real time, eliminating the need to refresh the page in Outlook. However, the application allows Outlook to only bring you data from facebook and friend requests. It has no liking posts and you ca not update your status through Outlook.

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