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How to work on Windows live essentials

Windows Live Essentials is a suit of many applications which earlier were released as separate standalone applications but now are the part of Windows Live Essentials. For example the MSN messenger, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail etc were earlier separate software and were separately available along with the operating system but now they are a part of the Windows Live Essential suite and can be installed and used by just one installation and one password. If you create a Windows Live account you get direct access to your Mail inbox ( Windows Live Mail), your instant messenger (Windows Live Messenger), Online office and much more.

In this post i will let you know how to work on Windows Live Essentials and how to create an account on the same.

Creating a Windows Live Essentials account:

Step 1: Open your Internet browser and go to .com

Step 2: Click on Sign Up and then fill in the details to create an account of your choice.

Once you create your account you will be directed to user account’s page and there you can fill in extra information about you. Information like your interests, education, work information, social information and you can even notify your friend s on different networks live Orkut, Gmail, Facebook about this account and can send them friend requests.

Step 3: on this page you will get access to all your online resources like Mails, Calendar, Skydrive, Photo albums and much more. You can even configure your phone and your computer with the Windows Live account so that you can sync the data on them easily with Windows Live.

Use installed Windows Live applications:

Step 1: To use Windows Live Messenger you need to install the Windows Live messenger on your computer. It can be easily installed from Windows Live website and it gives you liberty to add friends into your messengers list even if they are not on Windows Live.

Step 2: Windows Live Mail. Windows Live mail is advanced version of Windows Outlook Express and now it comes bundled with the operating systems. They way you used to configure your email accounts on Outlook Express the same way you need to configure your Windows Live account once on it and then you will get mails directly in the inbox of your Windows Live Mail on your computer.

Step 3: Windows Live Movie Maker. This is the same old application which was known by the name of Windows Movie Maker. Since it is a part of Windows Live Essentials so the name has also changed a little but the interface and working of it remains the same with some advanced options of sharing the media online easily using your Windows Live account.

Step 4: Windows Live Photo Gallery. This is the same old photo gallery which was present in operating systems launched after Windows XP. In this photo gallery now you can directly share the photos online using your Windows Live account.

How to Remove “Stuck” Messages in Windows Live

If you are using Windows Mail on a computer with a Windows Vista, operating system, there is a possibility that some messages might end up being stuck within your Outbox. You may notice that you are unable to send or delete these messages. When you close your Windows Mail program, you will be informed that there are indeed unsent messages in your Outbox.

Some messages may even be stuck within the other folders, like the folders labeled Deleted Items or the Inbox that you can’t remove no matter what you do.  In this article, you will find the steps to fix your problems without the hassles of complicated instructions. These solutions are easy to follow because they can easily be recognized by beginners and general users.

Application of the Windows Mail Update

There are two download packages available in the Vista Windows Mail. One is designed for the 32-bit version of Vista and the other is for the 64-bit version. You must download the suitable package for your computer and you remember to install the updates. If you are unaware of which version of Vista you are using, take a look at the “Determine which version of Vista you are suing” section.

Download and Installation

Before you download and install the update, you will want to save the contents of the messages that are stuck so that the same information will be available for use later on. To download and install the update, here are the steps.

Step 1
After you click the link, you will be able to access the Microsoft Download Center so you can finally start the download process. You need to follow the instructions on the website so you can start the download. While downloading, remember where you saved the update because you will need to find it later on before installation.

You can find the downloads at the Microsoft Download Center. You can find the 32-bit versions at while the 64-bit version is at

Step 2
Exit Windows Mail and then locate the downloaded file of the update.

Step 3
Double click the file and follow the instructions when you are prompted to complete the installation. If there is a message which says that the update does not actually apply or work to the system, make sure that you have downloaded the correct version for your computer. If you have the right version, then this means that the update is already installed. If not. You will have to go to the advanced troubleshooting.

Step 4
Start the Windows Mail and check if the stuck messages are still there. If they are indeed still in the Outbox, try to send or delete them.

Step 5
If it is still not working, try to restart your computer and see if the messages are removed. If this still doesn’t work, then you have to go and try the Advanced troubleshooting.

Which version of Vista are you using?

In order to find out which version of Vista you are using you should use these steps.

Step 1
Click Start

Step 2
In the search box, type System.

Step 3
Click the System Information among the list of programs.

Step 4
In the column marked Item, check the System Type and see which Version of Vista is running. x86-based PC means you are using the 32-bit version while x64-based means you are running the 64-bit version. If there is a message that is saying that the update does not apply to the system, make sure that you have downloaded the correct version for your computer. If you have the right version, then this means that the update is already installed. If not. You will have to go to the advanced troubleshooting.

This information will be very advantageous in case you do not want to go to a technician ahead of time. If you can fix it yourself, it is all the more better for you and your savings.

Say hello to Windows Live Mail

Talking about Windows Live Mail, it is one among the many amazing applications included in the Windows Live Essentials consortium and doesn’t cost a penny. It is an excellent environment where in you can arrange and synchronize all your contacts, mails, calendar, appointments, important dates, etc at one place and needless to say – efficiently. In other words you can say that Windows Live Mail is a very nice evolution of Windows Mail, in Windows 7 operating systems.

Starting with the installation of Windows Live Mail, first it is thoughtful enough to check if it is already installed in your machine or not. Do so by writing Windows Live Mail in the text box which appears on clicking the start button. If you find it already installed, bingo; you don’t need to install it. You can start using it right away. If you don’t have it, no problem; just go to Microsoft’s site and download it from

Windows Live mail gives you lots of privileges like managing your mails, you can read your mails even when you’re offline and also reply to them. They get stored in it and when you resume internet connectivity, the replies are sent, you don’t need to worry about them. Other than that if offers a functionality to save your mails in your computer’s hard drive safely so that even though if you lose them in your mailbox online, you have a copy of it in your computer and also you don’t need to worry about spam mails and phishing or malicious senders. They get filtered automatically via a scanner provided along with it.

The use of Windows Live Mail is not just limited for Live or Hotmail users, even Google, Yahoo!, etc users can join and use Windows Live Mail. But, if you’re a Hotmail user, you enjoy special privileges over others like getting ads-free messages and mails, sending high resolution images as thumbnails thus saving your friend from excess data in his inbox, though he can download them and view them at high resolution quality if he prefers to. It also provides excellent chat facility with your friends who are currently online and also deal with your mails simultaneously.

There are still several more advantages offered by this amazing application like shared calendars and synchronizing between them, event remainders, POP-enabled email accounts, 5GB of initial storage which also increases as you start consuming it.

Visit the Microsoft’s site and search the web, also look out for the forums for Windows Live mail users and ask them their real-life experience using this application. If they point out to any of the drawbacks, do think over them and work them out. Use Windows Mail to its optimum.

How to Get Started with E-mails on Windows 7

Emails can be accessed using any supported Email Client or directly by web based email service. Regardless of the mode with which you use your email there are few things which will always be in common.

You always will have a unique Email address

Email address is just like your home address which is unique across the globe. Email id consists of two parts separated by the ‘@’ sign. Text written after the ‘@’ sign is the name of your email service provider. Example: Gmail, Hotmail etc. Text before the ‘@’ sign is your unique user ID on your service providers server.


Password is the key to access your email account. Without this your login request will not be accepted / validated.

Root Folders

  • Inbox – Folder for incoming mails
  • Outbox – Folder for sending mails
  • Drafts – Folder for saving unsent mails
  • Sent Items – Folder for keeping a copy of sent mails
  • Trash – Folder which contains deleted mails

Getting started

To write an e-mail, click on the Create New Mail option. The title might change depending upon your service provider. In the new mail window you will find some boxes like:

To Box:

This is the box for typing the address of the recipient – the email ID of the person to whom you are sending the mail

CC Box:

This is the box for typing the email ID of the person to whom you want to send a copy of your email

BCC Box:

This box is not visible in most of the “New Mail” windows but its purpose is to send a copy of your Mail to somebody without letting other recipients to know about this. BCC stand for Blind Carbon Copy and all the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ recipients will not come to know if there was any BCC added in any mail.

Mail Box:

This box is to write the content of the mail. It’s a multiline text box and users can write the actual body of their mail here


This option is used for attaching a file to the Email. You can send pictures, music, video etc as an attachment along with your email message. All Email Service providers have their defined set of rules for handling the email attachments as this is one of the mode for spreading infections. Some Email service providers don’t allow you to send executable files as attachments. All the providers have a size limit too so before sending a large email attachment you should know if your email service provider will allow you to do so.

To access your emails on Email clients like Outlook, outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail etc you need some more information other than your username and password. Information like:

  • Incoming mail server address (POP)
  • Outgoing Mail Server Address (SMTP)
  • POP port number
  • SMTP port number along with the security mode

The Email clients these days are capable enough to fetch these details directly from your email service provider’s server, but this works only for the major players like, Gmail, or Yahoo etc. For configuring other providers you need to have this information handy by yourself.

Working on Email through an Email Client gives you more and better options and capability to read your downloaded mails without even connecting to the Internet.

20 Great Features of Windows 7

Enormous developments in IT field have made IT administrator permanent students as they came across new advancement each day which they have to engulf. It is not easy to keep a track of each new expansion in technology in this competitive world. Windows 7 comes with loads of features and thus it is difficult to keep track of each feature. The article enlists 20 easy tips and tricks that are unique features of this new operating system developed by Microsoft.

  • You should have observed that there are shortcuts for few applications pinned to taskbar. These shortcuts can be accessed from keyboard just by pressing Windows key and a number representing shortcut.
  • There is feature which enables you to move icons on taskbar. Though it sounds familiar with earlier versions of Windows, it is unique in Windows 7.
  • Improvement in the small applications many times gets ignored by us. In Windows 7, Microsoft has added new paint brushes and ‘save as’ option in paint and WordPad but still you can not open more than one file in both applications.
  • If your friend or family member is facing some problem understanding some feature in Windows 7 or you want to explain a detail procedure regarding some documents then you can record your steps in Windows 7. It provides a tool called as Problem Steps Recorder which can take video of step by step procedure of what person is doing. When you stop the recording, file of format MHTML get saved and converted into compressed format so that it can be emailed.
  • Many times you have to match up your time with the clients working in other time zone. Instead of checking the world clock for time in different cities, you can arrange another clock on your taskbar. It can be added by accessing addition clocks tab in ‘Change date and time setting’ window.
  • In Winodws7, to access any application program you usually go into the start menu, right click on the program and select ‘Run as administrator’ in submenu that appears. Instead you can type the application name in the search box that appears in start menu and press ctrl+shift+enter to open it.
  • Security and maintenance is now possible with the help of Action center which is replacement of the security center present in the earlier versions of Windows.
  • The main reason for the failure of Windows Vista is that it used to prompt even for very small changes that user itself is trying to make to the system. By accessing User Account Control slider you can change this prompt level in Windows 7. You can higher it to make it resemble with Vista or can go lower to completely turn it off.
  • It is now very easy to either turn on or turn off built in features like IE, DVD maker etc. you have  to type features in the search box to access ‘Turn Windows Features On or Off’ to either confirm or conceal the features.
  • In a public place or in a meeting if you want to keep your search in IE private then it sin now possible through Inprivate mode of IE. It can be accessed through various ways but what is more important that it does not remember any of the keywords typed by you.
  • There are few sites which try to identify your location and actually do it when you access them. You can use Inprivate filter feature to filter information while accessing site as you wants.
  • HomeGroups feature can be used to share data between the members connected via home network.
  • If you are facing problems in which your applications hang or completely crash, then you can type reliability to find out what have caused problem in history over a definite time span.
  • Rather then accessing various options and suboptions, you can type perfmon/report in the search box to access System Diagnostics.
  • By using parent control in home as well in institutes you can set time limit or gaming restrictions on users.
  • Features like Windows mail or MovieMaker can be downloaded from website which is missing in Windows 7.
  • A new version of PowerShell is included which includes semi-GUI version names PowerShell ISE. It has three panes each dedicated for different tasks.
  • AppLocker is the tool that defines control measures on access of applications. The software provides flexibility which lets you modify the settings as per your requirements.
  • If you want to get notifies about the event error that has occurred before, you can do it from Event Viewer. You have to select the event and fasten a task like send e-mail or run a program to it.
  • Want to know where your system stands? Well, it’s possible in Winodws7 through Windows Experience Index. Type wei in search box to get the overall system and individual performance scores.

How to Enable Installation and Reinstallation of Windows 7

Nowadays everyone wishes that they should get best in everything. When it comes to operating system, there is no choice to Windows 7. After the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft was worried about its success but it has now become the most used and most popular operating system. Installation of this latest version of windows is much easier than the previous versions. You just have to load installation files into your system and follow the procedure.


Installation of Windows 7 comes with two choices. First is upgrade in which windows replaces current version of windows on your system with Windows7. It just upgrades the windows folder and keeps other programs and application intact. You can even install Windows in custom mode. It replaces current version of operating system on your system and also all the files, applications unlike upgrade menu. Thus, it is also referred as clean installation as it completely cleans your system to install fresh copy of Windows. You might face difficulties in installation and reinstallation of operating system. This article enlists the solution for the troubles.

To choose between two versions, 32-Bit and 64-bit, of Windows 7; is the important task while purchasing fresh copy. You can download required version from internet or can buy it from nearest shop. As you know, there are various ways of installation and for each type of installation, there is different technique for each type of installation like if you may wish to install 64-Bit version on a system having 32-Bit version of Windows or you may want to format the disk while installation and so on. Now as you are ready with installation, before you begin you must first check for product key. It can be found inside the disk holder or in a confirmation mail.


If the computer is connected to the network, you have to write down name of computer after installation is finished. Later you have to take decisions regarding which version to install or how to simply upgrade etc. As discussed earlier, custom option erases everything from the partition in which you are installing Windows7. To keep back copy of files is the only way to retrieve whole data. Application programs can be reloaded using set-up files and product keys. Windows 7 does not include ‘Windows Mail’ and ‘Outlook Express’. Thus you have to depend on other e-mail reader after installation.

You must also note that programs designed to run on 32-bit version, do not run on 64-Bit. Another way of custom installation erases files not only from partition in which OS is being installed but from other partitions also. Again, Backup is the only solution for retrieval of data. When you have computer with no other OS in it, installation can be done in standard way which is to insert disk in system and follow instructions. To install 64-Bit, your computer must satisfy some basic hardware requirements like 4GB RAM and then you can install it. Otherwise it may create software and hardware issues.

Reinstallation comes into play when operating system shows error indicating missing of a file or any important driver. Advance Recovery menu will let you chose from two options viz. recovery image or installation disk. Recovery image can be obtained from computer manufacturer. If Windows doesn’t respond at all then you have to use installation file and use custom installation for recovery.

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