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How to download WVC1 codec for Windows Media Player

WVC1 is also known as Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile, it implements a more recent and fully compliant advanced profile of the Vc1 codec standard. It supports interlaced content and is transport independent. With the previous version of the Windows Media Video 9 series codec users can deliver progressive content at data rates as low as one third that of the MPEG 2 codec and still get equivalent or comparable quality to MPEG 2, the windows 9 advanced profile codec also offers this same improvement in encoding efficiency with interlaced contents, a decoder for Wvc1 is included in Windows Media Player 11, which is bundled with Windows Vista and is available as a download for Windows XP, this implementation is supported in Microsoft Silverlight.

If you want to play a media file in audio or video format and that’s showing an error and you cant play sound or video then you have to download wvc1 codec.

Following are steps to download Wvc1 codec for Windows Media Player.

Step 1:

Please note that Wmv9/Wvc1 encoded Dmo included in the WM format SDK 11 package replaces this beta codec on Windows XP platform.

Step 2:

Just go to Microsoft’s official website and then go to downloads.

Step 3:

Download wvc1 codec pack, this pack includes:

Wvc1dmoe.dll (wmv9 advanced profile encoder dmo beta)

Wvc1dmoed.dll (wmv9 advanced profile decoder dmo)

WMCmd.vbs ( updated wme9 command line encoder script)

Step 4:

You need following requirements to install this codec pack:

Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 SP1

Windows Media Format SDK 9.5 or Windows Media Player 10.

Download fun extras for your PC and phone

You can add some  features to your phone and PC and make them look better than before. You can download freeware and sharewares to customize your PC and phone. In this article we will discuss how to add fun extras for your phone and PC.

Jazz up the look of your programs and icons

You can set any wallpaper for your desktop and the choices of wallpaper,screen savers, and skins (images to customize your Windows Media Player,desktop, or messaging program, for example) are endless. You can; it will help you with thousands of customizing options. You can customize Windows Media player by downloading funky skins, plug-ins and visualizations. You can also download screen savers from you want, you can also download really funky icons which represent folders, files, or programs.

Change the look of your folders

You can change each icon with some pictures which are system defined.Here we tell you how:

In Windows 7 and Vista:

Go to any folder and right click on the folder, and then go to properties.Now you will have to do one of the following: either change the icon for a shortcut then click shortcut tab or change the icon for a folder then click the customize tab.

In Windows XP:

Go to the folder and right click on the folder, and then go to properties. Now just select the customize tab and go to folder icon, click change icon. Now choose any new icon that you want to use. You can also select from your downloaded icon from the system.

You can convey your emotions with emoticons

If you are frequent to instant messaging then to impress any one, try to useemoticons. Emoticons are nothing but a graphic that expresses the way thatyou really feel. You can create these emoticons with your keyboards with thehelp of Windows Live messenger.

Add new emoticons to illustrate your Windows Live Messengerconversations.

In Windows 7, Vista and XP create personalized emoticons from your ownimages to add to your instant messaging. In Windows 7, Vista and XP,following steps have to be done to download emoticons. First open theWindows Live Messenger and click the tools menu. Now choose emoticonsand click create. Now select find images and navigate to the folder whereyou saved your download images. Now you can select any keyboard shortcutfor this particular emoticon.

Get artsy with new clip art

You can add any clip art to your presentation to make it more attractive.You can do it from Microsoft Office Online, Classroom Clipart, and ClipartConnection for a variety of images.
Find an almost endless selection of fonts

Play with your system’s fonts and you can download some cool and trendyfonts from Jazzy fonts, including dingbats, can also be foundon Font Freak and You can install on your system afterwards.

Call me to hear my funky ringtone

You can also download some cool ring tones on your phone from varioussites like Jamster,, Lavalife Mobile, or Phonezoo.

6 useful Windows tricks

It is always better to have complete knowledge of your computer hardware and operating system. The knowledge gives you the power to use the computer to it maximum performance. There are so many feature which any normal user cannot get to know until it is revealed by manufacturer of the user learns himself.

Here are 6 useful tricks for Windows operating systems:

1 Get the full screen view

At times, you may feel that your computer or laptop screen is small to view the pictures and videos because most of the space it filled with taskbar and headers.

The following steps will allow you to view full screen display on Windows Explorer and Windows Media player.

Step1: Open pictures from your computer or any video file on Windows Media player.

Step2: If you have Windows XP or Windows 7 OS, then simply press the F11 key from the keyboard. This will allow you to view picture or video without any headers and taskbars. You can also use ESC If you want to go back to normal view.

2 Customize your Navigation

The left pane on Windows Explorer or the Navigation pane is used to search for folders and files which represent links to common folders and components. It is also possible to move or copy any items from this list according to your preferences.

Step1: In Windows 7, select the option ‘Organize’ and then go to ‘Folder and search options’.

Step2: You will find a dialogue box ‘Folder Options’ in this screen. Now click on the option ‘General’.

Step3: If you want all folders to be visible in Navigation panes then select the ‘Show all folders’ option and click OK.

Step4: Select the option ‘Automatically expand to current folder’ and click on OK which will automatically expand the Navigation pane.

3 Pin a program to Taskbar

Taskbar is a place which provides you the information for currently running application. You can also add your favorite application in Taskbar and can launch such application quickly.

Step1: Right-click on program’s tab while the program is running or you can also drag the button to desktop and then select the option Pin this program to taskbar.

Step2: While the program is idle and not currently running, then you should click on Start button and search for the program shortcut or icon. Right click on the program shortcut and icon and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’.

4: Customize Quick Launch bar

Customizing Quick Launch is also a very simple task. You can add multiple items at this place and also remove unwanted items.

You can simply drag and drop any programs to this place from the Start menu program list or any icon or program shortcut from desktop items.

All you need to do it drag any desired item towards the Quick Lunch area and release the mouse and the program will be added oin the list. If you want to remove any items from Quick Launch then simply Right click on any item under Quick Launch and then select Delete option.

5 Arrange multiple windows

You can also have multiple windows on your screen side by side. This is mainly required when to analyze data from 2 different files.

In Windows 7, simply pull any applications Title bar towards left or right until you can see the other windows from behind. Now release the mouse and perform the same step for another window.

6 Organize files

There are various options to organize your files and folders in Windows operating system using the file arrangements into libraries is the best way in Windows 7.

Step1: Click on Windows Explorer option in the taskbar and click on any Library in the Navigation Pane.

Step2: Under Library look for the “Arrange by” option and click on it. If you are managing a music folder then you can manage it by various categories like Artist or Album and all the files will be orders in your desired format.

How to Fix Windows 7 Video Error

Ever since the release of the windows 7 operating system, I have been one of the most faithful users, enjoying its advanced and interesting features till I could not watch a video any more. Having what is celebrated as the most advanced edition of the windows line of operating systems; I had hard time trying to figure out what had gone wrong with the windows 7 operating system I was using. But as I was to discover a while later after correcting the video error, it was a minor and simple operation and the videos were up and running again.

Windows Media Player’s Shortcomings

Microsoft windows 7 has an inbuilt video player, the Windows Media Player, and even though it is advanced and can perform efficiently with certain video formats, it is incapable of playing some types of video file formats. Formats such as MKV cannot be played unless there is additional support from other codecs. However, I soon discovered that I could do away with the annoying video errors if I had an all inclusive codec package. It allows you to play any video format without having to worry about the video errors. To achieve the above, I will give the illustrations on how to.

To begin with;

There are certain codecs that your will have to get for the errors to be eliminated completely and they include the CCCP Codec pack, the K-lite codec park and obviously the Media Player codec pack. These three are crucial in the procedure for doing away with the annoying errors. It can be very disappointing when you want to watch a movie or your any favorite video via the media player and it returns you a video error message. So this is what you need to to get rid of the messages;


Simply switch on your PC and give it a few seconds to load the windows 7 operating system on the desktop. Once you are here, just click on the web browser to open it, regardless of the one you have, whether it is Mozilla, opera mini or even internet explore 8 etc. Once you have opened your browser, the aim is to search for the required codec packs online and they are a dime dozen, others are even open source software. Use your browser to download codes packs such as CCCP, K-lite or Media Player codec pack whichever you will find first.

The download should take relatively short time as the codecs are not big in size. Once your download is complete, simply open the codec you downloaded by double clicking on it and it will initiate the installation process. Continue and install it into your computer and be sure you will not get the video errors any more. What this codecs do is provide a myriad of codecs from which you can play any video file you have without hassle.

Once the installation process is complete, all you have to do is restart the machine and the changes you made will become active and your video files will play without giving you the errors.

How Play a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player in Windows 7

With the help of the Windows Media Player you can play a variety of files which are stored in different Compatible Disks (CD) or DVDs. The files must be in the acceptable media formats which can be played on the media player. The DVDS and CDs can be played on the media player. You may even play burnt CDs however the quality of the videos might not be that good.

Supposedly you have a drive and decoder for the DVD in your personal computer then windows give you a facility to play them with great ease. You may need to have a decoder for it which if not present on your computer then it can be downloaded on the internet.

Things to know

Some points that come in handy while playing CDs and DVDs in Windows Media Player are given below:

  • You may also download the plug-ins to enhance the performance of the video playback.
  • There are a lot of instances where in you can face little problem with the playback However if you use the specific plug-ins then your problems can be reduced.
  • Well when you have your CD or DVD ready to be played then simply put it in the drive.
  • It should start automatically, however if it does not play on itself then you may need to open the Windows Media Player and navigate to the file you want to open and play.
  • For a DVD you may need to even make the folder selection.

The Windows Media Player switches from the Library mode to the ‘Now Playing’ mode once the CD starts running. You must also make a point that as of yet the Blue Ray Disks are not supported by the Windows Media Player. So if you have to play the content placed in a Blue Ray Disk then you may need to use a program which is not made by Microsoft, though it may seem a major hitch to you but you can expect this feature to be also present in the future versions of the Windows.

Burn Your Own CD with your Favorite Collection

There are a lot of other facilities which the Windows Media Player offers you when you think about working with the CD or DVDs on the computer. Well how about the facility to select and make a play list for your favorite tracks and then have them in a disk. May be you want to gift it to your beloved a collection of songs and your favorite videos. You can do it simply with the help of Windows Media Player in which you can rip off the CD with great ease. All you need to do is select the ‘Rip Music’ option. To do this you need to select the ‘Rip Settings’ menu. The ripping process is quite simple and fast too.

With the help of the Windows Help and Troubleshooting modules you can find answers to your queries in case you face some issues while playing CD or DVD. The Windows Media Player troubleshooter helps you do the same with great ease.

How to Get Started with Windows Media Player

It is indeed an amazing experience to watch your videos on the Windows Media Player. One of the biggest reasons for the immense popularity of the Media Player is that it comes along with your copy of the Windows software. You need not install any extra utility on your desktop or laptop to enjoy amazing video playback. There are a lot of third party players available out there but challengingly no one can provide you the quality which the Media Player can give you. It is simple to use and there is high performance guaranteed as with time the newer versions of Windows, Media Player features have also been updated immensely.

To Start Windows Media Player

  1. Select the ‘Start’ button and then navigate to All Programs> Windows Media Player. In case you have selected the media player as your default audio video player or you do not have any other player on your system, then even by clicking on the File you can open the Windows Media Player directly.
  2. It also provides you two views or modes in which you can take pleasure in watching your videos. When you access the ‘Now Playing’ mode then the playback starts and you can use the controls to forward, rewind and pause the playback.
  3. In the ‘Library’ mode you can view the listing of the contents and also access variety of Media Player Controls.

There are special dedicated buttons on the ‘Now Playing’ interface from where you can have a view of the DVD or the media files that are being presently played. With this you can play either all the files or only a selected single file. With the help of the Next and Forward buttons you can either move to the next song in the playlist or fast forward the song. There are a variety of things which you can do with the Windows Media Player.

The Library mode gives you a variety of ways in which you can organize your music. You can set genres, artists and many other types. Playing music and videos becomes fun with the amazing player from windows.

Benefits of Windows Media Player

  • Today Windows Media player has emerged as an amazingly intuitive software platform where you can playback your media and video files in an efficient manner. It has some exciting features that help you to organize your data and also prepare a collection of it in a desired manner.
  • You have the ease to create your own playlist and burn it into a Compatible Disk or any other digital media. With the help of the new age devices like USB flash drive storing data becomes even easier and you can also playback files stored at the external devices in the new Windows Media Player without any complications.
  • The incredible media player also helps you synchronize the digital files with the portable players. With the built-in internet interface you can even buy your favorite music online with great ease. The online stores can be reached with immense simplicity.
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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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