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How to Define Cell Names in Excel

Microsoft Corporation is a software giant. Microsoft has given us so many software and programs. It established in April 1975 and in past 35 years Microsoft has given us Windows Operating Systems, Office Suites, Phones, Gaming consoles and several of other applications and programs.

One of the most popular programs of Microsoft is its Excel program which is in most uses programs in all over the world. As any industry standard for spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel comes with different kinds of advantages to the new user or user of another spreadsheet program. Since the beginning Microsoft has updated its Excel program to modern technology and the needs of spreadsheet users. If you are a Microsoft Excel user then you don’t need to worry regarding the file compatibility with sending and receiving spreadsheets to your colleagues  and also to get from your colleagues, because Microsoft Excel is very famous you hardly need to worry regarding converting a spreadsheet into a different format. In Microsoft Excel you can insert, view, manipulate or import your spreadsheets with in a variety of famous software applications.

Microsoft Excel include extensive help documentation by that you can also find many resources to get help online, you can get help in libraries, bookstores, walk through videos and support forums.

It has a powerful customization, MS Excel offers excellent customization by macros and visual basic add ons, for you if you have specific needs and experience in programming. Microsoft Excel is the most easy to use spreadsheet program in the world with its instinctive design, helpful wizard and easy point and click features. Now days if you go any place like any office, organization, company or even in homes you can see that all people are working on Microsoft Excel for their different needs because Microsoft Excel is a program that gives you a variety of applications. The first version of Microsoft Excel was released in 1982 and then Microsoft launched many other versions of Microsoft Excel and the latest version of MS Excel is Microsoft Excel 2010 which has launched on last year.

In Microsoft Excel instead of cell reference you can make cell names. By naming cells you can set up formulas easily in MS Excel and in Excel you can also set a name for a cell range.

Following are few steps to define cell names in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1:

Firstly open the Microsoft Excel on your computer and then open the file that you want to change, and now select the cell or you can select the range of cells that you want to name.

Step 2:

You can now click the name box at the left side of the formula bar you can see something like A1 or B6 in it and then type the name for the cells, now you can just push Enter to process your changes.

By using those above mentioned two steps you can define cell names in Microsoft Excel.

Download FAR 2.0 Build 1698 Beta / 2.0 Build 1666

Managing folders and archives on your system is a very important task. It makes the file management very easier and effective. All the operating systems provides the in-built tools to manage files and folders and a user must be very clear to use that application such as Windows Explorer in Windows operating systems. However, these in built application have some limitations and cannot perform some special or customized tasks. For the same reason there are some of the third-party tools available in the market which gives some extra configurations and functionalities to manage files and folder on your computer.

FAR is one of the applications which give you all these extra functionalities to manage windows files and folder more effectively. The manufacturer,, has recently launched a new version of the same software with the name FAR 2.0 Build 1698 Beta / 2.0 Build 1666.

Download FAR 2.0 Build 1698 Beta / 2.0 Build 1666, through the links provided below:

Step1: It is available free to use at various websites.

You can download the free version from web links like:

Step2: Install the application after it is downloaded on your computer and start using the application.


It makes the navigation easier and effective in any Windows operating system. It provides a text mode console which provides convenient and ease to manage all kind of files and archive in any Windows operating system.

Using this, any user can view files and various directories and any file can be edited, copied and renamed accordingly.

The interface is designed in multi-language and is very easy to configure. Main function of the application is to extend the support for external DLLs and Plugins with the use of special interface and API.

The standard technologies where this application is very useful are: FTP client, archive support, network browser and temporary panel. It has also made the task of File system navigation as simpler task which can be performed by any normal computer users. It uses colors and highlighted colors to show all type of File system on the computer.


FTP server compatibility: This application allows you to work with FTP server where anyone can upload and download any files in FTP server.

Multi tasking

The interface is so rich and advanced that you can change and manage multiple files at the same time. FAR provides the platform where more than one file can be searched and replaced simultaneously.

Printer connectivity: FAR also works with peripherals and allows users to work with printers connected to local computer or a network printer.

OS Compatibility: As it is a text based console, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system. This makes user to be on their current OS instead of upgrading operating system to any higher version.


The software is recently launched in the market and it is still to be tested but one flaw can be discussed right away. This is command line or a text based console which makes it very hard to understand and use for the user who is not comfortable using text based interface.

How to Speed Up Windows7

This new operating system from Microsoft have made world crazy with its performance and utilities. It is very fast as compared to previous versions of the Windows operating systems. If you still feel like boot time of the OS is not upto level that was promised by Microsoft. There are various ways to speed up the OS. This article lists 12 different ways to speed up your PC with Windows7.

  • There may be applications installed in your computer which were installed earlier but now you don’t use them much frequently. These programs might get load at the time of boot reserving RAM and processor cycles. You can make use of ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ or software like Revo installer to find out which programs on your system are unnecessary.
  • Type ‘msconfig’ in search box and open startup tab. You will find list of applications and programs that start with your OS boot. You will be able to distinguish between system programs and applications. You can turn off applications which are not required to start at the time of boot.
  • There is not much difference between minimum requirements of Vista and Windows7 but if you are trying to switch from XP to Windows7 then you must add more RAM to speed up the system.
  • If you use searching a lot time then the procedure explained here is not applicable to you. Otherwise, you can disable search indexing in order to increase the speed of system. If you type index in search bar, you will get option Options Control Panel Window. You can modify settings there as per requirements.
  • Hard disk stores data in not-contiguous fashion. It is stored as wherever space is available on disk. When we start specific applications, OS have to collect all the fragments scattered in various memory locations. Defragmentation carries out task of bringing these various fragments of particular applications together, so that time required to search fragments and load them is saved.
  • To change power settings to produce maximum might not save your electricity will surely speed up your system.
  • Disk clean up is one more way to speed up Windows7. You can find the option for the same in accessories. This will show the list of all the garbage in your computer like temporary internet files, temporary files, etc. Select the files you want to delete and press OK.
  • Regularly run Antivirus application installed to detect possible virus and spyware.
  • You can use performance troubleshooter, located in control panel, to find the exact reason for your system slowdown.
  • If you type ‘gadget’ in search bar, you will find the list desktop gadgets that are running. You will find that some gadgets are running in background though are not visible on desktop. You can stop running of those gadgets from list displayed in front of you.
  • If you can avoid using vibrant desktop background then you can surely boost speed of the system. You can change it from personalize menu.
  • Windows7 provides a set of cool visual effects. However, these are also responsible for slowing down system. You can turn off these visual effects from control panel only you will feel like you are using first version of Windows then.

“Ubuntu” – Windows OS gets a new Competitor

Most of us know that Dell PCs and laptops with Windows Operating Systems (OS) , especially Windows 7 are a huge success. However, of late Dell has been Bigging up the new Operating System called” Ubuntu” via its company website as well as in the media. What is so special about Ubuntu? Will it take over Windows OS, which is running on millions of PCs and laptops across the globe?  Let us have a sneak peak in to this new OS called “Ubuntu” which is extensively publicized by Dell.

“Ubuntu” is coined based on a South African moral principle meaning “Humanity towards others”. It is a free, Open Source Operating System footed on Linux. An UK based company named “Canonical” Ltd., possessed by   Mark Shuttle worth, a South African entrepreneur, provides sponsorship for Ubuntu. As it is an Open Source and a free OS, Ubuntu gains momentum by making use of highly skilled LINUX and UNIX programmers who put in their efforts to design successful and highly efficient components for it.

Ubuntu is known for its extremely simple usability .This stable Operating System enables the common users in installing applications and programs effortlessly and swiftly. It comes out with upgraded versions every six months offering robust and striking features. Rather than selling Ubuntu for revenue, the company gains profit by offering Technical support services like Security issue fixes, patches for critical issues and including slight modifications or updates to the applications.

When the world is familiar with user-friendliness of Microsoft’s Windows OS, Canonical’s Ubuntu assures the common users of its easy-to-use platform to work with any type application or software packages in a secure and swift way.  It lets users log on to the Internet in no time and helps them to access a hoard of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc., it has an inbuilt office package that helps individuals and business users to work with documents, worksheets, presentations, clip art and painting with utmost ease. Moreover, users can also save their work in the Microsoft Office file formats.

From the start of the year 2007, Dell laptops and PCs have been ported with Ubuntu OS by pre-testing the platform for its stability and security.  Dell has packaged a multi media player that works great with Ubuntu OS, and enables users to watch videos and listen to songs in a thoroughly enjoyable manner.

Dell’s official site draws up a list of points about the features of Ubuntu OS. One of the points that made people raise their eyebrows at was “Ubuntu is safer than Windows”.   It also states tactfully that majority of the hackers do not target LINUX.  With its rapid promotional activities, it looks like Dell is trying to push Ubuntu through the users in choosing Ubuntu rather than Windows. What’s more, Dell has opted for Google’s Android OS in its mobile phones and tablets.

In all Microsoft is confronted by its stiff competitors in the industry and the need of the hour is that Windows OS versions have to thrive in by providing much more secured platform for its trusted consumer base.

Microsoft’s reshuffle to get E&D back on track

Robbie Bach and J Allard are one of those people who have worked very hard for the “Entertainment and Devices” (E&D) division of Microsoft. They both were also very much involved in the marketing and development process of the console of Xbox which has very much importance for the Microsoft because they have made lots of research and worked very hard for the development of such an amazing module. However, both have retired now from the Entertainment and Devices field of Microsoft. The retirement news of both of them is under lot of discussions all over the world. Robbie Bach was the main leader of the Microsoft group of home and entertainment. This group has done a lot for the development and research of many important projects for Microsoft like games for the Windows operating system, Xbox, Consumer oriented software and hardware products and many others. In the year of 2005, Microsoft designated Robbie Bach as a president of its completely new division of E&D (Entertainment and Devices). This new division is dealing with many important projects like Games for windows operating systems, Windows Media Center, Zune, Xbox 360 and Xbox. In Addition to these, it is also responsible for the research, development and sometimes marketing of Business of Media Platforms that consists of PlayReady, MediaRoom, Windows Mobile, Kin, and Windows Phone, Communication business of mobiles, many other services and devices and some particular Applications Business and devices which wraps the Surface, Microsoft Hardware, Windows Embedded and Office for Mac.

Whereas, J Allard worked a lot for the research, marketing and development process of Xbox module. He suggested the remarkable improvements in this amazing module of Microsoft Xbox. After completing his work on Xbox, he started to work on Zune and Kin which has just released by the Microsoft in recent days. Along with all these projects, he had also worked in amazing Courier project that has just finished in last year. He was the one who enhanced the importance and growth of internet and World Wide Web (WWW) in 1990s to the Microsoft who was bit confused about all these things. His guidelines made an amazing change for the Microsoft in the development, research and growth in Software industry.

Both these amazing personalities said that their instantaneous retirements are little accidental. Robbie Bach argued that now he wants to entirely focus on his handicap instead of working with Microsoft. But J Allard has made it clear that he will surely work with the Microsoft in the near future by helping the Steve Ballmer who is the advising CEO of Microsoft on various unnamed projects. He said that he has given 95 percent of his life time to the Microsoft and only 5 percent to his personal life and now he wants to change this ratio. He is thinking to give more his time to his personal life than the Microsoft. The fact is that the instantaneous retirements of both these personalities has a great jerk for Microsoft and will surely affect its market value in the future.

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