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New Apple® MacBook laptops run Windows® 7 Only

Apple has withdrawn support for the older versions of Windows OS namely the Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has always displayed stubbornness about backward compatibility and providing support for outdated software and hardware. The Boot Camp utility allows users in the Apple Mac OS X to install and run other Operating Systems on it. But now the new MacBook Pros which were announced recently and the newest MacBook Air models will not be provided with support for Windows XP and Windows Vista OS through the Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a utility for running the Windows operating system on your personal Mac. The applications running on the Windows OS will have complete access to the all the hardware functionalities like multiple processing, accelerated 3D graphics, high speed ports and multiple connectivity options like USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, AirPort etc. The Boot Camp support drivers that allow you to utilize these options with your Windows operating system on your Mac OS X installation DVD as well as other drivers. These get automatically installed after inserting the disc into a Mac after completing the installation procedure of Windows. What Boot Camp actually does is create a partition for your Windows OS without wiping off your current Mac OS X. It also provides you with ease of switching between the two OS by pressing the option (‘Alt’) key when starting up. You can also use the start up disk control interface in Windows or the Mac OS X start up disk options to set one of the operating systems as the default one whenever you power up your Mac.

Boot camp had been introduced in 2006 and has been a part of the Mac OS X since 2007 with the advent of the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Apple released a statement saying that Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers have not been supplied for this range and are not supported. To be able to run Windows 7 on Boot Camp, the following requirements must be met, an optical drive is a must and MacBook Air users would need an external optical disc drive to install Windows 7 successfully. A blank CD or USB storage device or any other external storage device is a must. For the computers running 32-bit versions of Windows, a minimum of 16 GB of free space is a must and for the 64-bit versions of Windows you would require at least 20 GB of free space on your computer. You would also require the Boot Camp Assistant, which is pre-installed in your Mac under Applications/Utilities.

How to install Windows OS along with Ubuntu?

If you are a windows user but want to know about the open source Ubuntu by installing it along windows, then this article will help you to install ubuntu on a PC which already has windows OS. If you have the Ubuntu in a CD then you can directly start installing else download ubuntu ISO image and burn it in a CD. Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive. Wait a few seconds you will see a screen called Ubuntu. If you click on the text which says “Boot from this CD to try ubuntu without affecting the system.” you will see a page with instructions about Ubuntu Linux. From this page you will learn that all the running applications have to be closed and PC has to be rebooted in order to boot from the CD. After the reboot you will see a welcome screen with some options as mentioned below:

  • Start or install Ubuntu
  • Start Ubuntu in safe graphics mode
  • Install with driver update CD
  • Check CD for defects
  • Memory test
  • Boot from first hard disk

A countdown timer will start on the left side which will activate the first option after exactly 30seconds if you don’t do any thing. But if you press the enter key, after the LiveCD loads into the memory you will see the ubuntu Boot screen and the desktop will appear. Then you have to click the install icon on the desktop and follow the installer steps.

Step1: First step of the installer is to select the language for use which will also be the default language of the installer.

Step2: After this click the forward button. Next select the current location on the map or in the dropdown list; this will adjust the time of the final system accordingly.

Step3: After this click the forward button. Next you have to select the keyboard layout that suits you the best. You can also test the keyboard with little text input field at the bottom. Click the forward button after keyboard configuration.

Now comes the hard disk partitioning.

Step1: If you want only ubuntu you can choose the option “Guided- use the entire disk” but since windows is required you have to choose the option “Guided-resize the partition and use the freed space.” There is this special feature in Ubuntu that if the file systems are same of Ubuntu and Windows (NTFS) then partitioning is not required, you can install it in any of your drives as you do for any other software or application.

Step2: Next is the option of importing items from other users or operating system. It will allow you to choose your windows account and import different items like bookmark, Firefox etc. If a user doesn’t have windows, then a simple text “There were no users or operating systems to import from.” is displayed.

Step3: Click the forward button to go to the next step which is to fill up your real name, name with which you want to log in and the name of the computer.

Step4: After this click the install button. Once you clicked the install button wait for the progress bar to complete 100 percent, so that a pop-up window will open with two options: “Continue using live CD” and “Restart now”. Select the second option and start working with your Ubuntu environment since the installation of ubuntu has success fully completed.

Platform Application Compatibility of Windows OS

The Advisory Services of Microsoft are an option of support based on expenses, advisory per hour which provides the support with proactive beyond your fix pause of the needs of service of product. It is a distant option of support, based on telephone which includes job with the same technician for assistance with editions as migration of product, encoded review, or new development of program.

This service is in a characteristic way used for shorter commitments and conceived to the developers and IT professionals who do not demand the consultation of traditional onsite or the services of management of the supported count which are available of other options of support of Microsoft. This article also provides some means of personal efforts in this scenario. Every Advisory commitment of Services will begin planning with some questions conceived in possibility and determine your precise needs.

For this scenario, questions scoping include

With that application (s) do you need the assistance of compatibility? Is application 16, 32 or 64 pieces? Does the application use a file .exe or files .exe numerous? Is it an application customer-waiter? Do you devote yourself Microsoft for interactive assistance with a support is up to or do you search Microsoft expressly to provide the general material on the best practices?  Of that operating systems do you emigrate in and? What editions of compatibility were noticed? Does the application play poorly? Does the application know editions of installation? Does the application return unforeseen results? Does the application hang on or does crash? Are the messages of error?

The application of third person which you try to install does not act as waited on a system aiming the View of Window or Windows 7. The engineers of Microsoft will use this Etui with tools of Compatibility Of application to re-arbitrate.

The Instrument of Test of Compatibility of Internet Explorer

The Instrument of Test of Compatibility of Internet Explorer gathers your editions based on Web of the Explorer of Internet of Windows 7 and the Explorer of Internet of Windows 8. The Instrument of Analysis of Organization automates the running of installations of application by controlling measurements taken by the fitter of every application. The standalone version of SITTING can control any fitters of Windows and fitters of third person. However, the instrument can only control fitters of Windows and fitters of third person who run without surveillance.

The SITTING discovers following potential editions:

Installation of cardinal drivers of mode, Installation of elements of 16 pieces, The installation of Graphic Identification and Authentication, The modification of files or keys of recording which exist in the Protection of Means of Windows.

The Standard User of the Analyzer, the instrument and the Standard User the wizard allows you to assess your applications and control the calls of IPA – INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ALPHABET to discover potential compatibility. You sell characteristics owing to the Control of User’s count in the operating system of Windows 7.

Application Compatibility Update of Windows OS

Windows update is a very necessary process while using the windows OS like Windows xp, vista or Windows 7.

An Update is information that updates something, the act or an instance of bringing something to date or an updated version of something – Free Online Dictionary, definition. Generally, we always want to update things around us, even our personal life. Especially when it comes to innovation updates on computer software or applications.

Windows application compatibility update is software update that allows improvement in your windows compatibility system through the use of a Dynamic update. A Dynamic Update is a mechanism defined in [RFC2136] by which updates for DNS records can be sent to the authoritative DNS server for a zone through the DNS protocol – Web, definition.

But mind you, not all updates can do well to your computers.

What is the importance and disadvantage of Application Compatibility Update?

The main importance of Application Compatibility Update is the improvement of functionality of the application inside the Windows system.

These include useful features, new or upgraded tools or even improvements of appearances.  It can even enhance the speed of your windows system.

When you have an updated version of applications, there is a hassle-free process if you want to install new release version of application for a certain program.

On the opposite side, it has certain disadvantages too. The main advantage is getting some new bugs that certainly make a 360 degree turn in your software leaving you problematic when you want to open your older version of files. Some other disadvantage is software changes. A new version of software is installed would mean a new set of applications will be recommended and some of your helpful old applications well then be replaced or worst, deleted. Another disadvantage is possible difficulty in adjustment because of some application alterations; you might find yourself having so much trouble in learning the updates.

So that’s way you have to carefully assess the applications whether it is compatible enough and is good for your Windows system.

Applications Updated as of June 2010

For Windows 7 or for Windows Server 2008 R2

Application Updates are as follows:

  • Lenovo Tablet Shortcut Menu
  • Logitech QuickCam
  • Sensible Vision’s Fast Access software
  • App-V
  • Lenovo Rescue and Recovery v4.23 and below
  • Lenovo Rescue and Recovery application
  • O & O Defrag Professional v11.6
  • Alcohol 120% v1.9.8
  • Dell WebCam Central
  • Alcohol 52% v2.0.0.1331
  • Quotewerks

For Windows Vista SP2 or for Windows Server 2008 SP2

Application Updates are as Follows:

  • Version Lie
  • WinAmp

How these Updates are obtained?

This following updates are available in a Microsoft Web page or in your own Windows page.

Remember that the above updates are only applicable for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 applications.

Now, you can enjoy the new access of features in your Windows Operating system.

How to Change The Read-Only Or The System Attributes Of Folders In Various Windows OS

This article deals with the occurrence of the situation when a user of Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 cannot view or change the read-only or the system attributes of folders.


One of the following is a problem you may face if you are a user of any of the above mentioned operating systems
· You cannot view or change the Read-only or System attributes of any folder by using the Properties option for that particular folder.
· A few programs may display error messages when you attempt to save files to a folder that uses the Read-only or System attribute. Consequently, these programs may not be able to save those files to the folder.


The Read-only attribute for a folder is different from that of a file. The difference is that for a folder, it is typically ignored by Windows, Windows components and accessories. When a folder has the Read-Only attribute set, it causes Windows Explorer to request the Desktop.ini of that folder to check if there are any special folder settings need to be set. If a network share has a large number of folders set to Read-only, it can cause Windows Explorer to take longer than expected to display the contents of that share while it waits on the retrieval of the Desktop.ini files. Slower the network connectivity to the share, longer is this process, which may be up to the point where Explorer may timeout waiting for the data and display nothing or look as if the system has hung.


The solution of this problem involves the use of the Attrib command in Command Prompt to view or to remove the Read-only or the System attributes of folders.
1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd (to run Command Prompt), and then press ENTER.
2. To view the syntax for the Attrib command, type attrib /? in the command prompt.
Please note that if you remove the Read-only or System attribute from a folder, it may appear as an ordinary folder and some customizations may be lost.

To remove the Read-only attribute and to set the System attribute, use the following command
attrib -r +s drive:\<path>\<foldername>

For example, to remove the Read-only attribute and to set the System attribute for the C:\Sample folder, use the following command
attrib -r +s c:\sample

Be wary that some programs may not operate correctly with folders for which the System attribute and the Read-only attribute are set.
Therefore, use the following command to remove these attributes
attrib -r -s drive:\<path>\<foldername>

For example, to remove both the Read-only and the System attributes from the C:\Sample folder, use the following command:
attrib -r -s c:\sample

Windows stores file and folder attributes in the file system with name, extension, date and time, and other information. The Read-only box for folders isn’t available as it does not apply to the folder. You can use this check box to set the Read-only attribute for files in the folder. On the other hand, you cannot use Windows Explorer to determine whether a folder has the Read-only and System attributes set.

How to Find Out Specification Required to run Windows Vista and Certified Programs to Install

Windows Vista a famous version of Windows OS, has certain required specifications for a computer to accommodate it as the operating system. Although not so spectacular, a decently configured PC is required to use Windows Vista as the operating system. If the PC is already running on a latest version of Windows XP, then the configurations are most probably suitable for Windows Vista too.

Use Upgrade Adviser

The best possible method to determine if a particular computer is ready for Windows Vista, is to download the upgrade adviser from Microsoft. Generally a not-so-old machine with a decent specification is fit to be installed with Windows Vista

Programs that are officially supported

Programs with both types of logos, ‘certified by Windows Vista’ and ‘Works with Windows Vista’ are officially supported by Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners. However programs that have not got a logo, does not mean incompatible with Windows Vista, instead it could also mean that they are going through the process of obtaining the logo or perhaps they have not yet gone through the Windows Vista logo program.

Programs with ‘certified by Windows Vista’ logo

This means that the programs bearing the logo have gone through a rigorous testing program that ensures not only total compatibility with Windows Vista and later versions but also safety and reliability of the program. The programs are expected to meet the technical requirements in four core areas: reliability, security, compatibility with Windows Vista and Installation and removal. Programs endorsed with ‘certified by Windows Vista’ logo are naturally of high standards regardless of the fact that they are compatible with Windows Vista.

Programs with ‘Works with Windows Vista’ logo

Programs with ‘Works with Windows Vista’ logo means they meet the basic compatibility criteria to be working on Windows Vista. However they are not totally endorsed up to the standards of ‘certified by Windows Vista’ logo. The lists of programs designated with such logos can be found at the Microsoft web site.

Use older programs in vista

Earlier versions of Windows operating systems can be simulated within Windows Vista using Program Compatibility Wizard. This is useful for programs that may have problems running on Windows Vista. However most programs that work on Windows XP also works on Windows Vista, reducing the time and effort spent in seeking help and support for compatibility issues.

PC specification and program compatibility issues are not unique to Windows Vista, neither to any particular OS of Windows. Compatibility issues are very common when back to back contrasting operating systems from a single manufacturer hits the market. This by any means does not mean that Windows XP and Windows Vista are contrasting OS’s. But they are drastically different in various aspects.

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