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Galaxy Jet Game for Windows® Phone 7

Author: Tomas Slavicek
Version: 1.10.0
Download Size: 1 MB
Operating System: Windows Phone 7 or higher
Price: Free

Galaxy Jet is the latest space shooter survival game for Windows Phone 7, which is available for free. This app uses the motion and direction sensor of the phone to control the movement of the space jet. You can tap your fingers to shoot laser at the incoming asteroids to survive and navigate through the galaxy.

Windows Phone 7 users have something new to keep their fingers warm this winter – shooting lasers and destroying asteroids. Own your personal space jet and navigate through the galaxy in a new and exciting game called the Galaxy Jet. Control the jet by using the motion sensor of your Windows Phone to fly it upwards and downwards and gain special skills by tapping your finger on the power ups. This is not any ordinary space jet as it is equipped with laser gun, which you have to shoot at the incoming asteroids to clear your way through the inter-galactic space journey. To fire the laser, use the flick gesture from left to right or use the pinch gesture for generating a shock-wave around the jet. Get bonus score by shooting more than one asteroid in a row. However, beware of the yellow planets and avoid hitting them.

This app will use the data services, and movement and direction sensor of your Windows Phone. It will also confirm the identity of the phone and the user. So, enjoy this unique game, compete with other online scores and set new records.

Download this exciting game for free at the Windows Phone website, and shoot your way through the galaxy.

Windows Phone 7 Challenge

The world is changing with a very high speed. This is because of the emerging technologies that are coming every now and then. But this leads to many useful and also many useless products. Some products that are in the race of being the best one in the market either achieve their goal or they just make a fool out of the customer to sell their product. The main products that are not good in performance are due to the fact that they are apparently very slow and many update windows always open up automatically which ultimately irritates the customers. One such phone is the Motorola Droid which has a small keyboard and the performance is very slow. The camera is also of very low quality. And at last the update messages are something that always pops up.

The next thing was Droid X. This was because of the Android system. Here in the screen was much bigger, the system was much faster and also the camera that can make any person crazy and fan of it. There is integrated Google search in this phone to make the customers satisfied and happy. Likewise the market is producing many technologies and each one is better from the earlier one. One of them is the Windows phone 7. Even though the sale of this product is not very good till date but the response that is coming is really a matter of appreciation. This product is also known as WP7 Mango. And after the 7.5 updates that were released, the response is even better. It has been noticed that the big boys are taking more interests in this product as they find more suitable and useful to their needs.

The main feature that this product offers to its users is that they can perform all the basic needs related to the online world. The users can add their facebook account to this gadget and stay in touch to their friends. Even the Gmail accounts can also be integrated in it. No matter how many accounts the user has, all the accounts can be facilitated here. This phone can be utilized in the daily routine of the customer for all its need and uses. Navigation of pictures and videos is also facilitated which makes the user to completely rely on this product for its daily needs. Any kind of account that the user has, like if the user has accounts on facebook or twitter can be used on a daily basis through this amazing piece of electronic device. All these facilities will surely attract the customers and make a great deal in the near future. Due to its all-round development, the customer of almost any field will be affected and will surely try to purchase this product. Thus it can be said that though the present sale is not that good but will boost up in the coming future.

Windows® Phone 7 Upgrade to Offer Cloud Support

CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, at the Mobile World Congress 2011, announced that Microsoft will launch an update later this year and this much awaited update will add a lot to Windows Phone 7. The update will add Internet Explorer 9 to Windows Phone 7. Along with Internet Explorer 9 this update will also carry support for Twitter. After this update Windows Phone 7 will also be able to use the Skydrive computing functions. Steve said these updates will definitely please the customers along with the wireless carriers, its developers and also the mobile phone manufacturers who are powering their hardware with Windows Phone 7. Recently Microsoft has also gone through an agreement with Nokia and soon we will see some Nokia devices powered by the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

The Windows Phone 7 operating system was launched around an year ago and it has gained quite a large popularity and acceptability among the users and Microsoft is continuously trying to work on the same to improve the operating system and make it more and more user friendly. The major Windows Phone update which Steve Ballmer was talking about will release in the second half of this year, but a small update carrying the copy and paste functionality will come in the first week of March 2011. Ballmer also gave several demonstrations for the new upcoming updates and presented the videos telling how users would be now able to connect to the Skydrive for saving and retrieving their data. It all will be accessible by the same Windows Live ID and files saved on Skydrive from a desktop computer can be accessed from Windows Phone using the correct credentials. He also demonstrated the new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) capabilities and features, and compared the speed and quick processing power of the new IE with its predecessors and other browsers. Though the demonstration of Internet Explorer version 9 was for the desktop version but similar version will be available for Windows Phone as well.

More highlights were given by Andy Lees, the president of Microsoft Mobile Communication Business. He said that Windows Phone 7 is soon going to enter the CDMA market, and will also come pre-installed in CDMA handsets. They have already ventured with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel for their CDMA version and new devices will be coming in the market very soon. Tying up with Nokia is being seen as a very big deal because now many of the Nokia’s online services will get incorporated with Bing and this will also find its place in Windows Phone 7. Nokia has the largest share in the mobile phone market and now many of the smart devices manufactured by Nokia will be powered by the user friendly Windows Phone 7. With all these new ventures, updates and public demand, Microsoft seems to be very confident in growing Windows Phone 7 more and more and capturing the smart phone market.

Nokia® and Microsoft® join forces

Microsoft and Nokia have declared that they will forge a long-term strategic alliance in order to challenge their competitors in the mobile devices industry. At a news conference, President and CEO of Nokia, Mr. Stephen Elop, and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, discussed their high level new strategy.

The alliance will be much deeper and more integrated than had it been with Android and Google. According to analysts, Microsoft’s strength will compliment Nokia’s weaknesses and Nokia’s strength will compliment Microsoft’s weaknesses. They will keep their options open if in any circumstance this plan does not materialize. They will jointly make it possible to increase the market share of their smart phones and mobile operating systems.

Nokia will offer great products, application store, maps, and assets of location to this alliance. On the other hand, Microsoft will offer Windows Phone 7 and the mobile brands which consumer desire, similar to Xbox Live, Bing and Office. Nokia will use Windows Phone 7 as their primary smart phone strategy. They will extend price points, geographies and market segments. They think this will be better for Nokia. It will give them scope to concentrate in their investments where they can differentiate best. It will give them a quicker path for the US market and it will give them a wide opportunity for taking advantage of their assets which are location based.

Windows® Phone 7 will sync to Mac®

Microsoft has officially declared that a product will be released by them for permitting Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to sync content with Apple Macintosh computers. The Zune software is required for syncing information between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and computers. However, Microsoft makes only the PC version for the application.

Phones which are based on Windows Phone 7 were the first to offer an iTunes type experience for the Windows users. All photos, media, videos and music may be synchronized between the phone and the Zune software. Moreover, Zune offers the service subscription which permits the subscriber to access eight million to ten million songs.

If Microsoft prepared a full version for its Zune software, it will offer Mac owners who purchased Windows Phone 7-based smartphones the type of experience they will get with the iPhone, and in addition a service for subscription music, which cannot be found at Apple iTunes Store. In addition, the measure could gain some converts with respect to Microsoft’s media player Zune that has a two percent market share in comparison to Apple’s iPod line that has more than seventy percent of the share. Windows Phone 7 will commence networks at first on GSM only such as AT&T, which is contemplating the launching of three types of smartphones in the month between November and December, and then it will be found on networks like Verizon during the ensuing year and in this manner Windows Phone 7 will sync with Macs.

Windows® Phone 7 update to get Internet Explorer® Mobile 9

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, provided a glimpse of the company’s plans for the year 2011 as it addressed the Mobile World Congress. The company is planning to update its Window Phone 7 operating system. According to sources, Internet Explorer Mobile 9 will be available on Windows Phone 7.

At present the users of Windows Phone 7 are using Internet Explorer Mobile, which is commonly known as IE7 Mobile. There are some features of Internet Explorer 8 added to it. The launch of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) brings with it a lot of performance improvements and additional features. ActiveX filtering and quicker tab closing are some of the new features added to IE9.

If the rumours are believed to be true then this would be a good chance for Microsoft to reassure its customers. Microsoft is likely to release the Windows Phone 7 update with IE Mobile 9. If that is the plan conceived by Microsoft then the August/September time frame for launch can be understood.

Analysts believe that the IE Mobile 9 will be the first major update of Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 will be updated with the latest HTML 5-complaint browser. Silverlight will however remain one of the primary tools for development in Windows Phone 7 and this configuration is understood to remain unchanged.

There are some features which might not get incorporated into the update for Windows Phone 7. There are rumors that there will not be any more updates between the first NoDo Windows Phone 7 and the present update. There are still other analysts who believe that Microsoft will not forgo the NoDo updates completely but will go for an interim update between NoDo and Mango.

There are also reports that the Mango update will bring for third party apps, multitasking support. Furthermore Twitter will supposedly get integrated directly into the People Hub on the phones. Whatever be the case, the final picture of the update will become clear only once the product gets launched by mid September.

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