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Top 5 Video Chat Options for You

Near or far, video chat enables you to talk face-to face with someone you care about. And since the technology has garnered much praise, there are number of options being introduced every now and then. Thus, exclusively for you, we have shortlisted the best video chatting options available.


Our top favorite is Skype. Why, simply because it is a powerhouse. It not just supports instant messaging but also offers options like Wi-Fi calling and video chatting. And the best part is, it can be used on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and other mobile apps for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android platforms. According to your requirements, you can choose either from free or subscriptions plans.

Google Plus Hangouts

This is another handy option available to do video chat. With support for as many as 10 connections simultaneously, Google Plus Hangouts enable you to connect with all your acquaintances on Google’s social network. In addition to this, the service integrates with Google Drive, allowing you to edit your documents on a real-time basis. This web app is primarily available for iOS and Android based devices.

Face Time

Powered by Apple, Face Time is the perfect mobile-to-mobile video chat solution. It easily connects users of iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Face Time is a free service and runs on Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. High-definition video calling and picture-in-picture displays are the prime highlights of this amazing video chat option. However, this app works only on Apple products.


ooVoo is a great option with both a browser based interface and an app. It has the ability to support around 12 users at a time and works best on Macs, Windows PCs, Android, and iOS devices. It enables you to record your chats so that you can share them on channel like YouTube.


If you like to talk to strangers, this service is meant for you. Chatroulette is a free web-based video chat service that enable users to indulge in one-on-one video session with a complete stranger. Limiting your search to a few categories like language and gender, this service lets you discover new people.

So what are you waiting for! Make your choice and have a real-time conversation with your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

Nokia® Lumia 900 Batman edition smartphone coming to UK

The Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 will go into Batman-mode for the UK citizens this week. The Nokia Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 Windows Phone is expected to arrive in the UK on June 1st.

Features of Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 special edition

According to Pocket-lint, the special edition of this Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone will be available in black color and have the Batman logo laser etched into the polycarbonate body of the handset. Besides the branded logo, you get limited-edition packaging, the official Dark Knight Rises movie app, character wallpapers and ringtones. It comes with a 4.3-inch super AMOLED display.

How you can book Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition

Nokia has not disclosed how limited the new smartphone will be. But according to Pocket-lint, there won’t be many – so if you are interested, you need to be quick to book your smartphone. Click here to pre-order Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition. With your pre-order you also receive 12 months of free unlimited Wi-Fi and free cinema tickets to The Dark Knight Rises.

After UK, the new phone is expected to go on sale in Germany, France and a few other European destinations in the coming weeks.

News and image source: Pocket-lint

Windows Phone Mango RTM

Microsoft has finally announced that the new Windows Phone operating system code named “Mango” has reached the released to manufacturing stage. The operating system will now be available to carriers and handset makers. Users now have to wait for phone manufacturers to release new phone models with this new Windows phone updated OS. The announcement of release of manufacturing stage signifies that Microsoft has completed the development of the OS and now the OS is passing through carrier testing stage. The Mango OS is loaded with several new functions and features. The official theme for Mango OS is the same red theme used in Windows Phone.

Microsoft has come a long way in the Smartphone marketplace and the release of Windows Phone Mango OS is big milestone in its evolution. The Mango OS will be pre-installed on new Windows phone while the Mango update will also be available to current Windows Phone handsets users in this fall. Microsoft expect the users to experience the new features and provide feedback which will decide the direction of future journey and development of new features for this new Mango OS for Windows phone

Fujitsu branded Windows Phone will be launched by the end of August with carrier KDDI in Japan market. Microsoft had displayed the Windows Phone Mango at Worldwide Partner Conference. Some of the Mango Windows Phone displayed at the conference was waterproof Fujitsu branded Windows Phone, Acer and new ZTE devices. Microsoft also displayed a new Samsung Windows Phone Mango that look similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S II Android phone. Windows Mango Phones will support devices having front camera. Microsoft has not revealed the hardware specification for its new Mango windows devices. However, a specification for HTC device which is HTC Windows Mango phone was leaked recently. The HTC device will have 1.3 front facing cameras. The HTC Eternity will have a 4.7 WVGA super LCD display, 8MP camera with dual LED flash and Autofocus and 1.5GHz CPU. The HTC Eternity will have SRS surround speakers, 16GB storage and DLNA support.

Industry observers expect that Windows Phone Mango will be launched in September or October and it will be equipped with around 500 new functions/features such as support for Windows Live Messenger, Facebook. The new Windows Mango will also support multitasking. The new feature offered in Windows Phone Mango OS simplifies the communication in a smart way. The apps provided in OS will give the user the best web experience. Some of the exciting features that will become popular with users are combined messaging which allows the user to access IM, Facebook conversation in one window. User will also be able to listen to music, check email and start or exit different application at one time. The search results can also be connected to apps an integrated with Hubs such as Music, Video and Pictures.

Users are extremely excited to see different Windows Phone Mango from different manufacturers. The new Mango OS is expected to create its own niche in Smartphone category.

Microsoft Opens a Hometown Storefront

Microsoft Store in Bellevue is the company’s seventh, a miniscule number as compared to more than 300 stores operated by Apple Inc. which has prompted Microsoft’s entry into the retail business. Although the broad availability of its products in retail outlets, Microsoft has come up with the idea of opening stores in order to have more of direct contact with customers and to showcase it’s increasingly broad array of consumer technologies starting from Windows Phone to its Kinect camera for playing Xbox 360 games.

CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer talked about the special significance that the Bellevue store will have because of its proximity to Microsoft headquarters. He also mused over about visiting the mall about 30 years ago when there was no roof over it and the personal computer business barely existing. The one’s that are going to be opened as well as the one who are already existing are going to be very special to MR. Ballmer but this the one in Bellevue is going to be very close to him.

The most attractive segment of the Microsoft Store was what the company calls the “digital wall” a mosaic that is more than 120 high definition TVs. The screens which covers all the walls of the store can display a continuous series of images or portion of its can be harnessed for a demonstrations of a Microsoft product just similar to mobile phone.

All the new advents have been put into practise by the new inaugurated Microsoft Store to compete against the Apple stores which have grown matured as compared to the newly born Microsoft Store. It is one of the moves by Microsoft to expand its retail business and not to lag behind against any of his competitors in the race against time.

Google Launches Android 2.2 SDK

Google is going to launch an Android 2.2 SDK operating system for mobile devices on the ARM architecture. This operating system for mobiles is a competitor to the Apple’s operating system for the iphone, Symbion platform, Maemo, windows phone for mobile devices all based on ARM architecture. Its kernel type is Monolithic.

Android includes middleware and key application technologies. The software is open source and free. Initially this operating system was developed by Android Inc, a firm which was later purchased by Google, and after that open Handset Alliance purchased it. It enables the developers to write managed codes in java language and control the device through Google developer java library.

Android Operating System

Software stack of Android operating system consists of java applications working with a java based object oriented application framework on the top of java core libraries that are running on a Dalvik virtual machine. This Android operating system consists of 12 million lines of code. These lines include 2.1 million lines of java, 2.8 million lines of C and 3 million lines of XML.

Google released this software under the license of Apache which is free software and has open source license. According to the NPD group, Android operating system smartphones sale is at second rank among all smartphone Operating systems sold in the U.S in the first part of 2010.BlackBerry Operating system’s rank is first.

Android Operating System Features

Now I would like to discuss current specifications and features of android operating system. Its platform is easily adaptable to large 2D graphics library, VGA, 3D graphics library based on openGLES 2.0 specification. A lightweight relational database SQLite is being used for data storage purpose. Connectivity technology of Android includes IDEN, UMTS, Wi-Fi, CDMA, GSM/EDGE, WiMAX and Bluetooth.

MMS and SMS are the available forms of messaging, including threaded text messaging service. The web browser of Android is based on the open-source WebKit layout engine. The score for this browser is 93/100 on the Acid3 test.

Android supports the following video and still media formats:  in 3GP or MP4 container, AMR, MPEG-4 SP, AMP-WB in 3GP container, HE-AAC,AAC in 3GP or MP4 container Ogg Vorbis, WAV, MP3,PNG,BMP and GIF.

This operating system can use still or video cameras, GPS, accelerometers, touch screen, magnetometers, accelerated 3D graphics and 2D. Android operating systems contains a device emulator tool for debugging for memory and a plug-in for Eclipse IDE.

Android provides support for multi touch facility which was initially made available in handsets such as the HTC Hero. This feature was at first disabled at the kernel. Google has since released a new update for the Motorola Droid and the Nexus one which provide support for multi-touch natively. These all new features are increasing the usability of android operating system.

Google calendar is also available in Android phones. This is an application for android devices where the user will have the same problems that are present in the application for the calendar, because the proper time zone support is not available in Android operating system yet. So it is impossible to set the time zone on this system and this issue will create a problem for the users while traveling in different time zones.

Is Apple Proving to be More Insecure than Microsoft?

Whenever we mention those two names of the leading software manufacturing companies, we only have one thing in mind: rivalry. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates battle it out once more, on which operating system is the most insecure.


It has been a recent survey that showed that for the moment, Apple has the most openings in terms of system security. Sure, Windows have been known for the holes of the operating system that they make, but right now, the spotlight is in Mac OS X. A statement was quoted that Windows only happened to be insecure because most of the attacks were made to its operating system. But now that a few attackers changed their glances to Apple, weaknesses
were found and holes needed to be patched.

As for the applications, Mozilla Firefox was said to be the most vulnerable browser out in the market. It’s quite a shock because I myself use Firefox as my browser. It was then followed by Safari, but is lees popular and compares little to Mozilla by number of users. The least vulnerable browser for the moment is Google chrome and JRE, a product of Java Sun.

Third party applications

The largest information that the survey found is that now, the hackers attack the programs which are not associated with either Apple or Windows. Because now, Windows are updated almost every day and Mac OS X is still tight, the openings are found on the third party programs that run on the said operating systems.

The threats involve iTunes, Quick Time, and Safari, which makes Apple having the largest number of holes in the system. Adding to the Windows’ line of holes is Adobe, which is now a crucial target for the hack attacks. Windows’ default browser, Internet Explorer, and the work sheet processing program Excel, are Windows’ most vulnerable programs to date.

The answer to the holes

When the hacking attacks were out for the trend, both software developers found a way to minimize the damage. This is through their automatic updates. Updates were then released daily, or whenever the updates are available, and then were downloaded by the system and were installed. This kept the integrity of the operating systems at stake. These updates patched the holes of the system.

This is the same for the third party software and application developers. Say Adobe for example. They release updates every once in a while to serve as protection for their program, patching the hole that occurred on their side, making the system as solid as it can get.

Today is the era when thieves are all over the place. They may come in many different shapes and sizes. Even the internet has its share of the said thieves known as the hackers. They know how to get advantage of any weakness that your system has.

Now is not the time to select an operating system or the better anti-virus. Protect your system by downloading wisely and using the internet more responsibly. Microsoft and Apple are not the sole people to blame. We have to take responsibility for our own systems.

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