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Homepage of Microsoft® Enhanced

The latest version of home page from Microsoft is being tested by the company where the line up of services and products will be changed completely depending on your status, whether at home or work. Microsoft has planned a new custom-tailored site, though such idea is not revolutionary, the company has managed to make it more attractive & creative by adopting fresh ideas and utilizing the web-based variant of Microsoft’s Metro. The home page will have a feature of page slide where in the pages can be glided from side-to-side rather than moving the pages by scrolling downward or by reloading the pages. This feature can also be seen in the smartphone i.e. Windows Phone7, the surface computer which is recently refreshed along with other products of Microsoft such as Xbox 360, Zune, and Media Centre of Windows etc. the users are also provided with an option to shift between these two versions in the site and for this the users has to click a tab that is present on the right side at the top of the page. Bye clicking the same tab again, you can see that the version toggles back.

As per a post in the Tech Flash blog, this updated software version finally goes around to appending the latest tagline of the Microsoft Inc., i.e. Be What’s Next, and this was leaked in the month of June, last year.  This was secretly revealed in the Global Exchange Event which was only for the employees of the company. This was officially released through a video advertising, last weekend on the event of Golden Globe prizes. This new tag line shows the great flexibility offered by the company between its various software products. This new look of the site is being tested currently by the company, Microsoft, in the form of limited preview.

This design is said to be a brilliant and attractive one, by the Microsoft Inc. Microsoft says that this new design of the site will supersede the senescent looks of the current homepage of Microsoft. This new home page design of Microsoft is surely an inspiration of the Metro UI pattern of the company. This Metro UI design is being used by both Zune and Windows Phone7. Now the software colossus is finessing the bets that the customers will appreciate its efficient and stylish look in web.

This new homepage design of Microsoft is also having integration of Internet Explorer Version 9. It is also featuring various options like pinning support, jump lists which are the fresh features on version 9 of Internet Explorer. It is not declared clearly or officially yet, regarding the launch of the new homepage design. No specific date was announced by the company for the release of its product. A spokesman from Microsoft also said that even the employees of the company also have no clue about the release date of the new homepage design.

Microsoft and Dell uniting against Blackberry

Dell has announced that it is planning to replace 25,000 BlackBerry Smartphone and in its place will provide its employees with Dell devices running in Microsoft’s operating system: Windows Phone7.

A report from Bloomberg states that Bank of America and Citigroup are also testing Android Smartphones and iPhones in an effort to widen their choice of devices for their employees.

In October 2010 Apple claimed that 80% of all the Fortune 500 companies are either using or testing the iPhone which includes P&G also. Even JP Morgan Chase is also exploring the possibilities of letting workers use iPhone and Android phones for corporate email. Six months back even Standard Chartered also announced that it would be replacing the BlackBerry with the iPhone.

On the other side of the coin Dell will also offer employees devices running on Google’s Android, an operating system which is already running on some of the company’s mobile phone models.

The move by Dell is not at all surprising. It makes sense for Dell as it prefers its own product over those manufactured by others. The Texas-based technology giant claims that this move will help in cost cutting measures. The company is trying to get the customers who use BlackBerry enterprise services to switch to similar business services offered by Dell. CFO of Dell MR. Brian Gladden also admits the reason behind the switching as the company competes with RIM. The move is proposed as to be more economical for them.

The enterprise practise Director of ABI Research Dan Shey also added by saying that iPhone and then Android, the business customers have more than one choice to pick from. As each region will have a different set of competitive dynamics within a few years, as the regional installed base market shares of 50% and above will be a thing of the past.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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