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How to Troubleshoot Sound Problems that you Experience after you Install a Windows Vista Service Pack

If you want to view a web page in Internet Explorer then images on the web page may be incomplete or may be appear discolored. Basically this is occurs because of some display adapters, like STB Velocity 3D, STB Nitro 64, English STB Velocity Video with STB vision 95, ViRGE/VX 4MB 3-D PCI, Number 9 revolution 3-D PCI(8MB), Matrix mystique, STB velocity 128(Riva 128) Ver 1.70,Accel STAR II.

You can resolve these problems easily with this way, at first you have to click on the start, and then point to settings, click control panel and now double click system. After that you click on the performance tab and click graphics button. Now move the hardware acceleration slider to the left one position. Finally click OK and again click on the OK button.

Cause and correction of these Symptoms

Pictures are not displayed on Web Sites in Internet Explorer can occur if on of these condition is true

  1. When the image type is not supported by Internet Explorer.
  2. It is occur when the show pictures check box is not selected on the advance Tab of the Internet options dialog box.
  3. Based on the script, the images are displayed. If your computer or network configured to block one or more of these features like, an ActiveX control, a Java program, or HTTP referral information then the program doesn’t performed properly.
  4. The Internet explorer sometimes cannot determine some character set, which is basically used by the Web page, or files or registry key. And these are very important features to display the Web Page. This Internet Explorer basically use the character set which is specified in the HTTP content type and this is returned by the server.


If you want to correct these issues, then follows these methods

    1. Sometimes the link of the pictures on a web site is broken, and a picture is not being displayed. Then you have to visit another website to determine that, the pictures are being displayed correctly or not. On another website if you cannot view the pictures or if you cannot determine weather the, website you are visiting is broken, then you have to try clearing your temporary internet files. You can use the Internet Explorer 8 to perform this.
    2. If you want to clear temporary internet files  at internet explorer 8, First you have to start internet explorer 8, now on the tools menu you have to click on the internet options. After that on the general tab you have to click on the delete under browsing history and then click on the delete files now click OK to close Internet Options dialog box.
      • Internet explorer 7:

First start the Internet explorer 7 and on the tools menu you have to click on the delete browsing history and now click on the delete files option and finally click OK button to close the Internet options dialog box.

    • Internet explorer 6 and the earlier versions:
    First you click on the Internet option on the tools menu and then on the general tab you have to click on the delete files under the temporary files. Now click to select the delete all offline content check box and click OK. Finally click on the OK button to close the internet options dialog box.

3. If you want to verify that the show pictures options has not been turned off then at first you have to click on the internet option of the tools menu and then click on the advance tab and verify that the show pictures check box is selected under multimedia. And finally click OK.

4. If you enable scripting, active X controls, java programs, then click on the internet options of the tools menu and click on the security tab, and then click on the default level for the zone that contains the web page. Now you have to check that weather you can see the pictures or not.

How To Obtain The Latest Windows Vista Service Pack

The updates of Windows Vista are available in the form of service packs. With the help of the service packs it is possible to keep your Windows Vista current and they are used to extend and update your computer’s functionality. You can easily obtain the service pack for Windows Vista. Some of the conditions need to be true before you want to obtain the service pack. That particular service pack should not be already installed on the computer; you must be logged in through an administrator account and the computer on which the installation of service packs needs to be done should be connected to the Internet. There are various methods through which you can download the service packs for Windows vista but the most recommended one is by turning the automatic updates on so that the updates should be downloaded to your computer in an automatic manner. You can also check for the Windows updates yourself or can download it from the Microsoft download center also.

Turn automatic updates on

The most recommended method for installing the service pack for Windows Vista is by turning on the automatic updates feature. In order to turn these updates on you should click on Start then All programs and after this click on Windows update. Click change settings in the navigation pane. Now select the setting for the Windows automatic update which you want. If you do not know that which setting you have to choose then you must follow certain steps.

Automatically download the recommended updates

This is the most recommended option. You just have to click to select the day and time for the updates to occur and they would be scheduled. The automatic updates can be scheduled for any day and time but it is necessary that your computer should be on at that time for which you have scheduled the update and they would be installed.

Download update but do not install

This is the second option in which the Windows will recognize when you are online. It will make use of your internet connection to download the updates automatically from the web site of Windows update or Microsoft. The icon would appear on the taskbar in the notification area once the updates are downloaded. A message would also appear when the download is completed. You must click on the automatic update icon or the message for installing them. If you do not ant to install them then you must click on details then click on the check box to decline the installation of updates. Click install for installing the updates.

Notification for update download or installation

When you are online it would be recognized by Windows and the web site would be searched for the updates. The icon or message for the updates would appear. You can click the check box to decline it. In order to download the updates click on Start download. You can also right click the icon and press pause or resume. Click install to install the updates. In this method it is recommended that you should not select the option of never check for the updates.

You must click on the check box to choose Include recommended updates when downloading, installing or notify me about the updates and then press OK.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003