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5 Essential Windows 7 Tips

It has been one of the most popular operating System that will has brought Microsoft back in to the market of faster computer. Windows 7 after the failure of Windows Vista as emerged as a true leader in the Operating System. Though it is always advisable, to know your operating system so that you can computer better with your computer. Today we will share some handy tips that will help you to understand your computer better. Below are some of the tips.

Step 1: First step that comes in to my brain is safety of the computer. Yes Windows 7 has some feature like BitLocker that actually helps you to protect your drive from unauthorized access. It helps you to set password on the drive and then you can save all your important files in the drive. That means even some one is able to access the computer with user password he may not be able to access the drive which is protected.

Step 2: Please check the junk files on the computer with the help of the inbuilt utilities like disk clean up and defragmentation you can upgrade the speed of the computer as these junk files store lot of memory on the hard disk if not cleaned from time to time. So I would recommend you to clean the temporary folders from time to time to make sure your computer work with good speed.

Step 3: Uninstall the unwanted application from the computer as it is consumes the resources and they are of no good for you. In order to remove the unwanted application open control panel and then look for uninstall a Program or Program and Features. Once you get the list of all the application please remove all the programs and then you should be free of unwanted application and programs.

Step 4: Keep your computer updated with help of the Windows Updates. Every week Microsoft does releases updates for the it’s operating system and it is strongly recommended to download all these updates so that you are able keep the malware at bay. Not only Windows updates but we also recommend you to download the updates for the antivirus as well.

Step 5: And in case you happen to fall in problem which is more complicate than you can solve and are about to approach a professional help please use the utility called PSR (Problem Step Recorder). This tool can be used by clicking Start and then All Program and then type PSR and hit enter then click on the record this will save all the activity that you do and show the exact problem that you facing to the technician you may refer in future or you can analysis it yourself.

How to Streamline Your Windows 7 Experience

Windows 7 was specifically designed to keep the user experience in mind and what could be the better feature to increase the experience than Windows Explorer.

There are some basic tips and tricks which can make the digital experience more friendly and effective.

Here are some of the simple tips and steps to streamline the Windows 7 experience:

Step1: Customize the favorite lists:

The favorite list stays on the left of the navigation bar where it shows the folder which are important and which are frequently used. Users can customize this section and add the desired folder location in the left had navigation bar by simply dragging and dropping any important folder location for the right side explorer area.

This is completely customizable area and the item which you add can be removed in future by simply right clicking on the folder and clicking on remove.

Step2: Managing the favorite section:

Users can also add frequently used applications in the Favorite section. User might already be using some app-launching system but it is always suggestible to run any required program at the background while working on the system.

Step3: Map network drives and devices:

User might have a network hard drive attached in home network which they want to access frequently. It is very easy to access the network drive from the Explorer.  Navigate to Network Drive from the Windows Explorer, Right click and choose the option ‘Map Network Drive’, after which user can also assign a drive letter or a name to the network drive as per the convenient.  Users can also configure the setting to connect to the network drive while logging on to computer and the created network drive will appear under My Computer section.

Step4: View Hidden files

Operating system does not allow users to access some files and keep those files hidden as users might delete those important files accidently. However, an advanced user might need access to those files and to do so go to Organize, on the top left of Explorer and then choose ‘Folder and search options.’ Click on the View tab and check the boxes which say ‘Show hidden files, folder and drives.’ This step will enable you to view all the hidden files and folders even the protected windows files. It is also important to view some user created files which are attributed as hidden.

Minime tool for Minimizing Active Windows

Have you ever ran into a situation where you have opened so many windows that there is no space in the taskbar. If this happens, the size of the window buttons reduces and you cannot even read and identify which button is for which window. The situation worsens if multiple windows are of the same type because in this case even the icon image looks the same on these buttons. To avoid such situation Windows has a feature of grouping similar windows together. If this feature is ON then there will be just one button in the taskbar for windows of the same type.

For example if you have multiple Windows Explorer open, then Windows will display just one button in the taskbar and all the windows can be accessed by clicking on the button and then selecting the one from the stack. This feature was good enough to keep the taskbar neat and tidy, but in Windows 7 the arrangement of task bar buttons and icons was taken a step ahead.

In Windows 7, the task bar has icons in it and these shortcut icons also work as the buttons for opened windows of the same type. For example in Windows 7 there is a shortcut icon for Widows Explorer in the task bar (known as quick launch icon).

It opens Windows Explorer when clicked and a separate button appears in the taskbar. But when you minimize Windows Explorer, the button disappears and the minimized windows can then only be accessed by the quick launch icon.

Minime is a small tool which can be installed in Windows and with this you can minimize all the open windows in the system tray area of the taskbar. There are some applications which give this option to minimize to system tray.

If you wish to minimize any or all of the running applications to the system tray then you really need this tool called as Minime. Minime bundles all the windows into one single icon in the system tray and provides a listing of all the windows in the form of context menu.

You can click on the icon of Minime in the system tray to get the listing of all running applications and click on the name of the application which you want to maximize. It is a cool new way of arranging multiple windows together and not messing up the task bar. Minime is a freeware and takes only 6 MB of space in memory for its use.

Apps beat browser and voice in mobile device usage survey

There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets will break all records when it comes to the downloading of apps. Surveys by Zokeim, a mobile search firm, indicate the same. Apps are definitely popular and are many times more in use than voice or browsing. While Gartner reports 33 percent Android usage, 31 percent Symbian usage, 16 percent Apple iOS, 14 percent RIM, 3 percent Windows and 3 percent other, surveys in India show differently. 29 percent claim to be using Symbian, 13 percent claim to be using Windows, 7 percent use BlackBerry, 6 percent Android, and 3 percent use Apple iOS.

However, even in India, 47 percent users download apps for their smartphones as per the LD Mobile Usage Survey of 2010, as against 52 percent who probably don’t download apps on their mobile phones. India and China collectively added 300 million mobile subscriptions in 2010.

Interestingly, International Telecommunication Union, Strategy Analytics, IDC, and other international survey organizations, seem to think that mobile Internet will overtake the PC, that is, web access via laptops and smartphones will overtake desktop web in the next five years. Other surveyors and generally worldwide all of them confirm that Asia and China, principally will over the coming years be the dominating force in mobile web applications.

During this period, mobile advertising, mobile marketing and mobile app sales are expected to rule the roost as far as services are concerned. Worldwide be it Japan, or China, or Europe or the US or India and/or China, apps are going to be the biggest usage areas in mobiles.

Microsoft® Windows® security patches

In January 2011, Microsoft released two bulletins for patching up three shortcomings related to security measures which can affect the Windows operating system. The major vulnerabilities of serious nature can be exploited through drive-by downloading websites as warned by the software company. Flaws for the drive-by download which were covered through MS11-002 were briefed to Microsoft through the program ‘TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative’ which buys data of vulnerability from private researchers.

The bulletin contains a minimum of two separate types of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Data Access Components and cautioned that security problems are there in the path of Microsoft Data Access Components which permitted third party usage of API and allocation of memory. Microsoft treats this as an important issue various editions of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. On Window Server 2008, Windows Server R2 and Windows Server 2003 the harshness is downgraded to vital. The second bulletin projects vulnerability regarding publicly disclosed matter in Backup Manager for Windows.

MS11-001 extends a patch with respect to DLL preloading matter in the backup tool of Windows. It is rated as important and applies only for Windows Vista. Preloading of DLL is an issue in other operating systems. It attracted attention in August 2010 when many vulnerable applications were found. Given the opportunity of preloading vulnerabilities of the DLLs, it is recommended for implementing the updates, KB2264107 and Security Advisory 2269637 that neutralizes the malicious attacks.

Although, some shortcomings will not be rectified such as Graphics Rendering Engine of Windows and vulnerability patches related to zero-day threats. These vulnerabilities may still be exploited as opined by Dave Marcus, director of communications and security research at McAfee Labs. The recommendation of McAfee is that one should install patches of Microsoft as early as possible. Users of Home editions of Windows should utilize Windows Automatic Updates. Users of Business editions require implementing a strategy for risk management and prioritizing the patches.

Windows® Phone 7 will sync to Mac®

Microsoft has officially declared that a product will be released by them for permitting Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to sync content with Apple Macintosh computers. The Zune software is required for syncing information between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and computers. However, Microsoft makes only the PC version for the application.

Phones which are based on Windows Phone 7 were the first to offer an iTunes type experience for the Windows users. All photos, media, videos and music may be synchronized between the phone and the Zune software. Moreover, Zune offers the service subscription which permits the subscriber to access eight million to ten million songs.

If Microsoft prepared a full version for its Zune software, it will offer Mac owners who purchased Windows Phone 7-based smartphones the type of experience they will get with the iPhone, and in addition a service for subscription music, which cannot be found at Apple iTunes Store. In addition, the measure could gain some converts with respect to Microsoft’s media player Zune that has a two percent market share in comparison to Apple’s iPod line that has more than seventy percent of the share. Windows Phone 7 will commence networks at first on GSM only such as AT&T, which is contemplating the launching of three types of smartphones in the month between November and December, and then it will be found on networks like Verizon during the ensuing year and in this manner Windows Phone 7 will sync with Macs.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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