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WordPress® 3.4 with rich media abilities

WordPress, the most extensively used blogging platform has rolled out its latest version 3.4 Green.
The most amazing aspect about this most up-to-date edition is that it will allow you to view new themes in a test mode before applying them to your blog site. Using the Theme Customize feature of this latest version, you can change backgrounds, colors, and customize image headers accordingly. The process of selecting images and backgrounds now is extremely simple.
In addition to this, WordPress 3.4 Green has the ability to incorporate HTML code to image captions, further enabling you to format captions and add links. Other noteworthy feature is the ability to convert Twitter links to fully formatted Twitter messages.
Advanced WordPress localization and internationalization, and split in translation POT files are a couple of other noteworthy features of WordPress 3.4 Green.
This version of WordPress has to offer rich media abilities and other digital assets, which were missing till now.

Malware attacks pose a huge challenge

Over the last couple of years, we have seen phenomenal growth in collaboration trends over cloud computing. This growth in technology, has given an impetus to development on various levels, the scariest of them being, collaboration by malware creators with planned and focused attack strategies. In the last few years, players on a single platform, like antivirus and security software, change the rules of the game, by collaborating with each other at different instances for different projects, to fight virus and malware, as also spam and phishing. This year, reports from various corners bring about scary situations of arch rival malware creators, tying hands and working together, to bring about unprecedented levels of damage, is thought provoking.

Some of the targets for malware attacks are websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. These social networking sites, generally, are used by the young and unaware teen and pre-teen population, making them easy targets. Distribution of fake apps, and hijacking of a browser seem to be the commonest and easiest ways for hackers and malware distributors to spread their wings in a simple and easy manner.

The DDoS attack on WordPress, Mastercard, Visa and PayPal are clear examples of group efforts of cyber criminals waging war with the system. Fake antivirus software, Trojans, attacks on smartphones and tablets and focused attacks on the Macs and Windows 7, seem to be the latest trends. HTML 5 is also a target for attackers. The pre-mature introduction and use of platforms like HTML 5 in their nascent stages, are interesting targets for such cyber activists.

Twitter has launched a free browser plug-in, developed by Finjan Inc. with an aim to aid users restrain clicking on malware and malicious links which could target the click to spyware and malware servers. The Finjan SecureBrowser plug-in has been made available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, the Finjan plug-in missed out on some links like shortened URLs, while the LongURL Mobile Expander Add-on on Firefox was more effective.

The complex IT environment of today, the new cloud and other technologies entering the fray, and with the smartphones and tablets explosion underway, it has become all the more easy for malware to flourish. The various new manufacturers and developers are yet to incorporate stringent security measures on all their offerings. While various security software and application firms claim to have set their developmental activities, well in advance of products and processes being released, security literacy is yet to see the light of day, amongst enthusiastic new comers, worldwide.

Users need to educate themselves on viruses, worms, Trojans, adware and spyware, malware, rootkits, malicious mobile codes and blended threats. User awareness increase is the only road to safety.

WordPress hit with second big attack in two days

The website,, offers several tools for creating websites and blogs. Many of us have enjoyed using this wonderful creation of the Open Source Project. This Open Source Content Management System, very popularly known by most of us, as a blog publishing application, is powered up by MySQL and PHP. The powerful template and plug-in architecture of WordPress is used by over 10 to 15 percent of the websites.

Initially released in 2003, WordPress has grown over the years, with several versions and code names of the releases. In the past, much vulnerability has been noticed and many security issues have been taken care of. Over the last week, however, WordPress saw a severe Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks are accomplished using botnets of thousands of compromised computers that are directed to a target website with the motivation of overwhelming the site and taking it offline. The said attack has been fixed, but WordPress users have been advised that it could again recur at a later stage. This problem was earlier also noticed in 2009 and the required fix was introduced in version 2.8.5. WordPress even reported that the extremely large DDoS attack even affected connectivity in some cases.

As of now, after the March 4th and 5th attacks, the site appears stable and up and running.

Microsoft® Releases WebMatrix Web Publishing Tool

Microsoft is growing bigger and they are developing tools that can be used widely by developers. They recently announced a free web development tool called WebMatrix; it will help website developers of all skill level easily create, customize and publish websites on the Internet. Microsoft also launched a set of video tutorials; it will help new web developers to learn using how-to tips and other resources.

The web platform offers a complete range of products, partners and technologies, all aimed at helping developers succeed on the web. Every day, more people are looking to build, publish and manage a website, and now, with WebMatrix, Microsoft provides developers of all skill levels with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solution to get their sites online.

This tool is available in nine languages and includes a set of tools to create new websites. It has code provided through a variety of available templates or using existing free open source web applications, such as WordPress, DotNetNuke and Umbraco.

WebMatrix is designed by Microsoft for anyone wanting to create a website. It is very helpful for students and new developers. It provides a quick way to learn how to build websites. It can be used effectively by web agencies. WebMatrix also provides an efficient way to build websites using open source applications. Professional developers can use this tool for quick and easy data-driven website development. It also provides Nuget, a free open source package management system; here developers can submit published code, so others can benefit from their expertise.

WebMatrix also provides various tools needed to run a website; it also include a web server, database and web frameworks. Using WebMatrix will increase productivity with support for multiple programming syntaxes, such as ASP.NET or PHP. It also includes a web helper, which help you with a single line-of-code solution for complex coding tasks. These tasks may include interesting Twitter feed or video. To make the website search friendly, it contains a search engine optimization reporting tool to build search-friendly websites. Search-friendly websites will be more discoverable for web users.

Support for Microsoft WebMatrix Announced by Codero

The whole task of web hosting and creating ones own website has become even more easier by the announcement and the invention of the latest web development tool by the Microsoft boys which is better known as the Web Matrix developed by Microsoft. The greatest advantage  of using the Web Matrix is that it helps to build any website from the scratch and also allow to test, build, code, manage, create and edit your very own website and manage the database and front page contents as well. The Microsoft Web Matrix is one major software which allows any user who does not have much knowledge about the whole issue of web development and is just a novice in the world of web page development to develop and code one’ very own web page in no time and all of these things have been made easier by the Microsoft Web Matrix.

The Microsoft web matrix also allows building website from using some open source applications such as the WordPress, Drupal, UmBraco etc. At the same time, it also allows any user to build the website from the very beginning and thus supports various other application softwares, which can be used along with the Web Matrix such as the ASP.NET, HTML etc.

Recently Codero has announced to be the web hosting service provider and support the web matrix web page design and implementation tool developed by Microsoft. Codero has announced to provide service and support regarding web hosting for Microsoft web development software and the users as well.

A major problem, which is being faced, by most of the people who want a website for their own is that in most of the cases, a person has to spend a huge amount of money in getting a website of his own. The reason is that most of the web developers who can be amateurs or even professionals do take a huge amount of money when it comes to developing web pages. The web developer has to enhance his search for some of the best and the most complaint software, which would be needed to design the desired web site. Again, a website is not developed in one shot but several application platforms and database management software are needed in order to develop a website in modules. Thus, finding compatible software that can work in a synchronized format, with each other is quite a trouble for most of the web developers.

Thanks to the new Microsoft web matrix; this has given a huge advantage for amateur web developers to create their very own website without even giving the slightest of efforts.

The web matrix by Microsoft is available in 13 languages worldwide and it is for this very reason that the web development tool is highly demanded in the market.

How to find creative ideas for writing your blog

If you design and maintain blogs, then there may be times when you find yourself run out of fresh and new ideas. You are determined to write something unique, but even after several attempts, your mind is blank! This may happen sometimes! It is not easy for anyone to do great posts consistently on a day-to-day basis.  When you find yourself in such a situation, try these simple steps given below to keep your followers glued to your post.

Step 1: Visit forums. There are forums for almost every topic and they’re a great place to get ideas for new posts. You can create compelling and insightful post containing answers to some juicy questions someone has asked in the forum. Sometimes you can find a topic to write about in just a few minutes.

Step 2: Search for list posts that provides useful tips on overcoming blogger’s block such as how to improve your writing skills or how to become super productive. Read those list posts, and get new ideas from the points! This will help you improve writing and communication skills which in turn are helpful in getting traffic to your blog.

Step 3: Getting personal with your followers is another way to attract them to you as everyone loves reading a personal anecdote by their favorite blogger. It does not matter whether you share them on a day to day basis or divulge them sparingly to keep your readers coming back for more.

Step 4: Sometimes post a blog based on jokes or funny ideas. This will give your follower a hilarious break.

Step 5: You can also get new ideas by reading a book.  Go read a book and post a tutorial blog based on the book.

Step 6: Do an interview with key people in your niche and post a blog that gives out the details of the interview. You can also Interview controversial people in your niche.

Step 7: You can combine some of your best posts from your archives into a new series.  This will make an interesting reading.

Step 8: Comment on another blog and post the comment as a new blog. Also provide a link to the original blog so your readers can read up on what you’re talking about. Challenge your readers to respond in a new blog post of their own which is a great way to find new and interesting blogs to follow.

Step 9: When you are feeling blank, take a day off, but no more than that. Sometimes you just need to get away from your writing and taking a break helps you clear your mind and return later with fresh ideas and a new perspective. But be careful not to stay away too long as you’ve probably found before, once you break your routine of regularly blogging, it can be pretty hard to get back into it.

Step 10: Ask your readers what they would like to hear and make a contest out of it-answer the Top 5 questions allowing an individualized blog for each answer.

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