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The return of Halo 4

Microsoft Studios is celebrating the return of the Master Chief with Halo 4. Nearly five years after Halo 3, Halo 4 is all prepared to set the stage for the best first-person shooter saga.

If you are obsessed with Halo, here’s a good news for you. Lately Halo 4 developer 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios revealed a $399 XBOX 360 console bundled with a number of features.

Available for pre-order and to be shipped in November, 2012, the custom-designed Halo 4 XBOX 360 comes packed with 320GB of onboard storage capacity. The Halo fans will be glad to know that the Halo 4 package incorporates a couple of colorful controllers, wired headset, and copy of Halo 4.

In addition to this, the buyers also get an “XBOX Live tokens for exclusive Halo 4 in-game and avatar marketplace downloadable content,” according to XBOX patriarch Major Nelson.

PS: The users can purchase Halo 4 controllers for $59 from November, 2012 onwards.

Microsoft® Update will let you control XBOX® with your iPhone®

Microsoft has released a significant update for its popular app, dubbed as My Xbox LIVE 1.5. This prime update brought along support to control your XBOX 360, right from your iPhone.
Main highlights of My Xbox LIVE app

The app will allow you to see all the latest console-related activities, browse and play any kind of media files, and even do fast forward or rewind accordingly.
How you can control XBOX 360 with iPhone

To use the app, it is utterly important to connect XBOX 360 and iPhone on the same Wi-Fi network. To know the Wi-Fi status, you can go into the settings of your iPhone and network settings on XBOX 360, respectively. After ensuring that both the devices are using the same network, again go to XBOX settings, open ‘Console Settings’, and then navigate to ‘XBOX Companion’. Just click on ‘Available’ and you are all set to control your XBOX 360 with your iPhone.
What else?

In addition, this latest update by Microsoft will also let the My Xbox LIVE app users to launch games as well as apps from the app directly on their iPhone.

New apps to dash on XBOX® 360

Microsoft is going to release a handful of new applications to XBOX 360s in the U.S. and Canada. For beginners, those of you living Stateside will now have access to Manga Entertainment and MUZU.TV. Manga Entertainment provides access to free video content from its catalog, while MUZU.TV boasts of around 40,000 music videos from current and classic artists ready for users’ viewing pleasure.

FOXTEL app too updated

In addition to the aforementioned apps, the software giant announced an update to the Australia-only FOXTEL application with support for Microsoft’s Kinect. The Kinect support will enable the Oz folks to control this on demand TV app with hand gestures or by voice. So, what are you waiting for jump out of the couch and grab the remote to install the apps on your XBOX 360 now.

Microsoft® Kinect-powered Internet browser coming to XBOX® 360

You could be surfing the Internet using voice and gesture controls on your XBOX 360 gaming console in the very near future. It is being rumored that the software giant Microsoft Corporation is working on a Kinect-enabled Internet browser for the XBOX 360 gaming console. The browser is reported to include Bing voice search, however, it will be limited to media results only.

How it will benefit Microsoft?

Bringing Internet Explorer 9 to the XBOX 360 would help boost Microsoft’s browser market share — which has been rising slowly but steadily in recent months. This move will of course drag Bing along with it as the default search engine. If there is not extra fee charged along with the great voice and Kinect integration, then both the browser and search engine stand the chance to be great hits.

In the beginning of May month, Microsoft offered an interesting deal for XBOX 360. As per the deal, Microsoft will be offering a 4GB XBOX 360 Kinect bundle for a mere US $99 to U.S. buyers. But there is a catch to this offer. The user has to sign a two-year contract to XBOX Live Gold membership. The user will have to pay US $14.99 per month for XBOX Live Gold. The total cost for two years of XBOX Live Gold at that rate is US $359.76, bringing the total price tag up to US $458 before taxes.

If you are interested in this deal, get the deal from here and print it out. You will have to redeem it at a Microsoft Store.

Image by: dekuwa via Flickr (CC)

XBOX® 360 Continues to Rule: The Best-Selling Console in February

XBOX 360 users now have another reason to boast about their favorite console. XBOX 360 has maintained its top selling title for yet another month. It’s the 14th consecutive month of unprecedented reign of XBOX 360 as the best-selling gaming console in the United States. Microsoft has announced that around 426,000 units of XBOX 360 were sold in the month of February, leaving other console competitors far behind.

NPD Group, a leading provider of market research information, reported that XBOX 360 has 42 percent of the sale of current-generation consoles. Microsoft has reached $383 million in the total retail spending on the XBOX platform in the U.S. “The best-selling hardware platform for the month was XBOX 360 for the seventh month in a row. While most hardware platforms posted declines versus last year, all current-generation platforms improved sales over January 2012 by more than 50 percent,” said Anita Frazier, analyst, NPD Group.

It seems that Microsoft will be adding few more features to XBOX 360 to continue its supremacy. So, if you are planning to buy a gaming console, XBOX 360 does offer you enough reasons to go with it. Enjoy the video below about the most popular gaming console.

Harms Way — Action-packed race on your XBOX®

Harms Way is a thrilling racing game developed for XBOX 360 gaming console. The game title first appeared in the Unlock XBOX contest held in 2010, went on to secure its place among top three finalists, and has remained one of the favorites over the time.

In the gameplay, you would have to start as a driver or sharpshooter and select from one of the three tracks. The background setup is similar to a deserted area, which immediately seems to caution the player about the dangers lying ahead. There are three laps to finish. As a driver, you would have to choose a vehicle from the four different ones — Buggy, Pickup, Truck, and Bus. Each of these vehicles has a different combination of speed, built-strength, and handling. The more you drift, the more nitrous you earn. Similarly, you would have to do barrel roll with your vehicle to earn shields. You can also rebound the gunfire by drift or barrel roll. There are shortcuts along the tracks that you may look for.

As a sharpshooter, you can choose from four weapons — Sniper rifle, Burst Shot, Air Strike, and Missile Launcher. You would have to take on the vehicles, shoot them, and cause maximum damage. An accurate hit on the windshield would eliminate an opponent and earn you 5000 points. Explore this exciting game and show your adventurous skills.

To download the game, visit the XBOX Live Marketplace.

Rating: T
Genre: Action and Racing
Price: Free
Platform: XBOX 360
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Bongfish GmbH

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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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