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Why Microsoft Store Opens in San Diego

Microsoft is always ready to excel its competitors in the market around the world and it was clear when it inaugurated its fourth retail store in Sand Diego, California just at the moment as Apple announced to launch its iPhone 4 device. This is also very interesting that its stores are not far away from respected rival Apple’s store. The new store is only 4 shops away of Apple’s in San Diego.

It is also speculated that Microsoft is shortly going to open its fifth retail store in Seattle, having Microsoft latest products such as mice, keyboards, Xbox360 and Windows new versions, hoping Apple to be ready to do something new.

Market analysts say that Software giant is very keen to excel others market players than producing favorable products for the customers. The recent opening of the store is one such example of M.

Apple has over 286 stores and the fourth store of Microsoft is nothing but to compete and Apple nationwide. Thursday morning was looking like a battle ground before dawn, as there were two kinds of people waited for their respective stores to open. One crowd was eagerly waiting for Apple’s latest iPhone and second kind of crowd was excited to know what special Microsoft store has for them.

It was looking like a heavy and hard effort of M to take a bite from the share of Apple. According to the officials of Microsoft, there is no competitive environment in that region; they selected Fashion Valley just because it is considered the home of Microsoft customers and there is huge mix of people wishing to get both the stores at short distance. Before being inaugurated, the Fashion Valley store entrance was covered with a large white sheet, which was lifted on June 24.

Carolyn Hesse, a consumer, said that she is just a PC person and has nothing to do with iPhones. She also admitted that she is not sure if Microsoft is going to give any run to the Apple. Hesse said that this it not possible to beat Apple is there is any competition between them.

Microsoft new store spreading over 7,500 square feet area and is situated on the first floor of the huge mall is on the same place where Ann Taylor was once located.

George Belch-San Diego State University marketing professor said that having two business rivals at the same place is good but not for Fashion Valley. People come to the store to see and get knowledge of different things; they do not come just to visit Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft will offer its valued customers a unique range of products including PCs, display featuring touchscreen laptops, MP3 players and Xbox video game system and much more, expressed Belch. He also said that people are curious to go to the products but it matters how they draw the customers back to the store; as you must have more than enough choices because there are several stores showing uncountable stuff.

HDTV Web Experience on PlayOn

The growth of the Internet is such magnanimous that in the past few decades a majority of the population at most of the times are spending their time just on line. It is not that they all badly in wanton to pierce their heads into their monitors but there is no other choice to keep abreast with the latest. Apart from the prime needs, even if you consider the entertainment part of it, you have to go flabbergasted. But when the same entertainment if it is available on your bigger screens of your television then it would just be great is it not? You would certainly just fall for it as there is enough comfort in that while compared to your computer machine. Now believe me it is made possible for you to do so through certain simple means and that am what we are going to discuss about in detail over here.

Attractive websites.

Mainly in the United States of America certain websites like the hulu or the other sites like comedy central are all having good rapport in the opinion polls conducted. This is because of the fact that these sites enable the visitors to see any of the programs of your taste just for absolutely free. In such a case you well want to see that in your HDTV rather than from your computer. For that you got to get your pc hooked up to your television. You have to do it so by entering play on. The gaming console is the mediator here and it enables you to get whatever you want from your personal computer to be brought into your television.

Essential function

Play on is able to provide you this facility of watching videos of your liking from the web from sites like you tube, amazon vod and so on many more. In these videos you can view into your TV, through the supporting accessories such as Xbox360, ps3 and also the famous Wii. You can get it connected through your ps3 just within a span of few minutes. The maximum amount of charges what you would spend in a year is just about a forty bucks in your preliminary year. After that you are just going to pay only half of the price what you paid in the previous year. The most you have to having is all nothing but your personal computer and the console.

Flexibility for expansion

There is another additional flexibility over here which is the possibility of adding on more material. Any third party developer could be able to do such an addition with enormous ease. This is enabled by means of the company’s plug in application programming interface. It is very much an open book and if you are a reasonable level of developer you could just simply do addition of material to the play on. This could be achieved through means of penning an easy plug in. This is not suitable for any other operating systems apart from the windows, not even for Linux or Macintosh.


There is no idea for the company to get into other operating systems for the time being but they do have an ambitious plan to make the service mobile available in any rooms apart from being restricted to a single room of the house.

Gamer alert: Xbox will now support USB Memory

It is official. Major Nelson of Microsoft confirms that Xbox 360 is adding USB memory support on April 6th. This new system update will let gamers use their USB as additional memory for the Xbox 360. Users can utilize this for saving profiles, game data, demos and much more. Up to 16 GB per USB is supported. What’s more, two devices can be hooked up simultaneously to the console giving users up to 32 GB of added USB memory.

The Xbox 360 Elite consoles come out of the box with 120 GB HDD and 120 GB HDD. The Xbox 360 Arcade has 256 MB and 512 MB onboard memory.

Major Nelson however encourages users to use flash-based storage rather than the spinning media to maximize their gaming experience. Xbox is also partnering with SanDisk to release an Xbox branded USB flash drive in May. This drive will come pre-configured out of the box and ready to go. After the release of the system update on May users can use over 1 GB with the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, the system will not be able to automatically configure the device once it’s plugged in. To configure the device, users have to go to the system settings, select their USB Device, and select Configure Now (Format and Configure the Full Device), or if you are just setting aside a parcel of the drive’s available space, choose Customize.

What it Means

This upgrade will thrill all those Xbox 360 gamers who have found themselves in want of storage space. The ability to save profiles and game data to another device will also make it possible for users to bring their games with them to their friend’s house. That is, if that friend is also not bent on a finishing a game of his own.

This upgrade news left most Xbox users in a speculative mood. Is this the pre-cursor of Xbox Slim’s use of USB device? Joystiq’s interview of Ben Heckendorn, a modding artist, delves on the possibility of this happening. Apparently, based on the leak of Xbox Slim’s motherboard, there are no indicators that this device will use memory cards.

The 16 GB limit to the USB support also gathered some flack. Since 16 GB drives costs $75, Heck believes that most users will be concerned with the cost and not the limits. eBay however offers this devices for as low as $30.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003