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Microsoft Extends Downgrade Rights for XP Till 2020

The latest operating system that are launched by Microsoft almost sells seven copies in one second and the company is releasing the copies in a quick manner but there is no match to the behemoth and huge operating system which is released by Microsoft i.e. the Windows XP operating system. Windows XP is considered to be the most popular operating system all over the world in spite of all of the recent nefarious attempts to invoke the spontaneous shutdowns, the slowing down of the hard drives as well as the triggering of the blue screens. Actually, it has also been admitted by one exec of the Microsoft that in the practical manner there are three quarters of the computers of the business that are running the nine year old operating system till now on the averaging of the hardware which is 4.4 years old.

Extended life of Windows XP

It has also been reported by the Computerworld that the Microsoft Inc. would be extending the lifespan of the Windows XP. In one official post of the Windows blog it is written that moving forward, the businesses would be able to buy the latest PCs and would also be able to utilize the downgrade rights of the end users to the Windows XP or the Windows Vista operating systems till the time they are ready to use the new operating system released by Microsoft i.e. the Windows 7.

Additional cost for the upgrade

It has been heard that the company has been reluctant to make the upgrade and it is due to the fact that a reliance of the previous software is there and also the cost of the additional IT is high. Probably it is not going to effects Microsoft in any case and it doggedly keeps the distribution of the operating system in spite of the other choices that are present in the market that are offered by Microsoft. Probably the futuristic operating system Windows 8 would finally win over the workplace. When you look at the bright side of the story then it can be something like this that when the intelligent robots battle for the controlling of the moon, at least the wrathful victors would be vulnerable to the blue screen of the doom.

The upgrade

So it looks as if the date of the year 2020 is kind of incorrect as according to the PR team of Microsoft. We are actually waiting for the official update of some kind and would also let you to know about it if or when it is available to us. One should not be worrying about the robots in the plan.

Second upgrade

The official team blog of Windows has now moved forward for reducing all of this confusion but they have only toned this down a little bit. Microsoft would not be committing to one exact date for the availability of the downgrade of Windows XP, instead of saying that one would be allowed to trade in to the OEM copy of the ultimate or pro version of the Windows 7 till the company stops selling that and which would be two years after the shipment of Windows 8.

Windows 7 in Good Side of Small Businesses

Windows 7 has actually gathered the most positive feedback from the large corporations. They are impressed and are actually ready to go in business with them. Now, it is not only the large corporations that have been impressed. The small businesses also have seen most of the practical features of the Windows 7.

There was a survey that included the medium sized business that has less than a thousand employees. The survey which was conducted only included those that handles IT sections or those that have the decision as to the kind of software or PC that would be purchased for the company. This was conducted in April by the NDP Group.

Advantages for Small Businesses

Small and medium sized companies are making the move to upgrade their PC hard wares. Actually, they are more willing to do such today as compared to how willing they are in 2009. Of all the participants, there is 77 per cent that would be able to do this. This is not only good news for Windows 7 but is also showing promising growths for the different companies.

This move by the small and medium sized companies are probably mainly due to having a better business result as well as the increased number of employees. The increase in the number of employees was actually seen from 40 per cent of the surveyed businesses. Thus, this is not only system upgrade but would also mean new hardware. This is good news that still asserts that the economy still has the small and medium businesses as the backbone of the economy.

Still, there is a remaining 23 per cent that is not as optimistic on the business’ future. Some of them are tight in the business that they cannot afford to upgrade their systems just yet. In fact, the 23 per cent of the small and medium business are only looking forward to cutting some expenditures of the company. Of such, 38 per cent states that the reduction is due to budget cuts while 18 per cent are looking worse at cutting some available jobs.

Another important aspect of the survey includes the demographics of the survey. The participants that have more than 200 employees are going for upgrading their system in a long-term basis. The systems upgrades towards Windows 7, this would show that the businesses are gearing up for a good growth projected by the business.

However, there are only 65 per cent of businesses with 50 or less than 50 employees are gearing up on such. Still, this is not a very alarming rate because the mentioned businesses have leveled out since 75 per cent of them have just recently upgraded the system.

This survey shows that Windows 7 is already banking a good image from individuals, to small and medium businesses as well as the large corporations. It looks like the system is already facing the bright future with the kind of reception it is receiving from the market. Thus, the Windows 7 company would only need to rid all systems with XP in the near future fast.

How to Solve “Invalid Product Key” Activation Error Problem in Windows 7

This guide provides instructions for overcoming any issue related to an invalid product key during the installation of Windows 7.

Diagnosing Your Problem

Here are a few things to check if you are facing difficulties related to an invalid product key:

  • Be certain that you have correctly entered the product key provided. It is easy to make mistakes while entering a long string of random characters. Retype the product key until you are sure you have entered all the right characters.
  • If you entered the right string of characters and the problem persists, check that you have the matching product key for the version of Windows that you have installed. Trying to activate and validate a version of Windows with a non-corresponding product key will not work.
  • If problems still surface, you may be using a product key that is specific to an upgrade version of Windows 7. You may have selected the Custom option during your installation. For the upgrade to work, you must have a previous version of Windows already running on your computer (Windows XP or Windows Vista). The ‘clean’ installation formats your drive, erasing all traces of your previous version. As a result, your product key is unable to activate your copy of Windows because it is no longer an upgraded version. To fix this problem, you will have to reinstall your previous Windows version and then begin with the installation of Windows 7 again. Be sure to choose the Upgrade option as opposed to the Custom (advanced) option.

Need a New product key?

If your product key still does not activate your copy of Windows, you may have to purchase a new product key from Microsoft. The only way to do this is to obtain an extra copy Windows 7 with a product key that works. The extra copy that you get must be of the same edition that you have for the product key to work.

The 30-day trial period

It may take some time for you to get an extra copy of Windows 7. In the meantime, when you are prompted to enter your product key, you can click Next and leave the box empty. Doing so will leave your Windows inactivated but completely usable. Windows will give you 30 days to enter a product key that will activate your copy of Windows. Please note that your product key will only validate a genuine copy of Windows. If you did not buy Windows from Microsoft’s official online store check that the local retail copy is genuine.

This has discussed the solutions to problems related to the installation of Windows 7 and an invalid product key.

How to Run Old Programs (Vista, XP, 2000) in Windows 7

If you have recently migrated from Windows Vista to Windows 7, you may have already realized that there are still a number of programs that have not yet been programmed to run in the new operating system. Most programs that had been intended for Windows Vista should run properly under Windows 7 as well. There are still some cases however, when a program will not run correctly, or even refuse to install. If you get an error message related to compatibility during the installation or execution of a program, this guide should help you overcome this problem.

Windows 7 has been tailored to be compatible with programs from previous versions of Windows. There are two main ways (excluding the shortcuts) in which you can fix any compatibility issues. This can be done manually, or through Program Compatibility troubleshooter.

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

For users who are unfamiliar with Windows 7 or any of Microsoft’s operating systems, this method is recommended. To get to Program Compatibility troubleshooter, go through the following series of instructions:

  • Select Start.

(By default, the Start button is the colorful window sign at the bottom left of the screen)

  • Select Control Panel.
  • Click the search box at the top right of the window.
  • Type troubleshooting.
  • Select Troubleshooting.
  • Select Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows.
  • Select the Advanced. (If you have administrator privileges)
  • Select Next and follow the instructions of the troubleshooter.


  • You can also go straight to the troubleshooter by typing run programs in the start search box and selecting Programs made for previous versions of Windows.
  • Simply right-clicking the icon of the executable program and selecting Troubleshoot Compatibility from the menu that appears will also take you directly to the troubleshooter

Manually configuring compatibility settings

You can change the settings of individual programs and run them in certain Windows versions manually:

  • Right-click the executable file you wish to configure.
  • Select Properties in the menu that appears.
  • Select the Compatibility tab.
  • Under compatibility mode select the box beside Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • Select the operating system the program is compatible with.
  • Select Apply and Ok.

Other options under Settings and Privilege Level can be used to further specify the desired behavior or a program you want to run.

Both methods above have been successful in solving compatibility issues. For advanced users, manually configuring the settings will be faster if you already know that a certain program will have compatibility issues. Using the manual method has also worked for installing files that refuse to execute due to compatibility issues. Selecting the appropriate Windows version in its properties will allow an installer to execute as though it was an ordinary program being run in a previous version mode. This guide should help in fixing any compatibility related issues when installing or running programs in windows seven.

How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk for a Computer

Many times it so happens that you would forget your system password and get stuck because you cannot access all your important data which is inside the system. Well, you can overcome this problem using a password reset disk which can be used in such situations. This article helps you in creating a Password reset disk for a system that is not a member of the domain.

The main aim here is to make password reset disk that can give you the access to your Windows XP-based computer if you have forgotten your password. The following steps are to be followed without any error in order to create a password reset disk.

  • First of all click on the Start Button from where you click on Control Panel. Select the type of account that you are working with.
  • Click on the Prevent Forgotten password after inserting a Blank CD in the drive. Type the current password if there exists one.
  • After the progress is complete you have the password reset disk ready.
  • The Above steps are to be followed from every type of account.
  • Now store the disk in a safe place where only you can reach it, and remember it in times of necessity.

The password reset disk should be used in the following manner.

  • The Type Password box appears on the logon screen of Windows XP. The password reset disk helps you in resetting your password.
  • Confirm the password again and finish the process.
  • The new password is set now. Using this password you can logon to the windows.

The Password reset disk is a very useful utility for those who have lots of passwords to remember and who constantly confront situations wherein they have forgotten their system password, the most essential one. There are certain drawbacks of this password reset disk which cannot be subdued. Take a look at some aspects that password reset disks need to overcome. One is you cannot use the password reset disk on a system on which it is not created i.e. on two different systems using windows XP as their Operating system with the same user name and password the disk created on one system cannot operate on the other system. But that in fact can be considered as a security feature as well for other systems. Otherwise anyone can use their password reset disc and reset your system’s password leaving you in turmoil.

Next is that the disk can only help in resetting the Local computer administrative password. It cannot reset the Domain password. If the domain password is lost only the system administrator can reset it. And at last, this disk is viable to attacks as anyone can reset your system password using this disk. So it is of prime importance that the disk is stored at a safe location.

Take care of all these points mentioned here and a password reset disc can prove to be an excellent utility for your system, but as technological utilities are a two sided sword, make sure that the wrong side doesn’t assail you.

How To Install The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

New Office Open XML formats have been added by Microsoft for Microsoft 2007 office programs. Excel, Powerpoint and Word of Microsoft office 2007 have received the new formats. One compatibility pack is also available in order to ensure that users would be able to open and save the Office open XML formats in the previous versions of Microsoft office. The compatibility pack can be easily installed on those computers on which Microsoft Office 2003, XP or office 2000 programs are running. Once you have installed the compatibility pack you would be able to open, save, edit and create the files in the robust Office XML open formats. For the installation you would need to follow certain instructions that depend on your operating system.

Microsoft update

For the installation of this compatibility pack in Office 2003 or Office XP, you would need to update Office followed by the installation of compatibility pack. The updates are not required in case of Office 2000. First you would need to update by visiting the website of Microsoft. The Microsoft update itself will scan your system and would check if some new updates are available for your system as well as for the Microsoft programs. You must update from the Microsoft web site and do so according to your own operating system, it will check that whether all of the programs are updated are not. You would need to click install and then type a password to continue in case of Windows Vista. For Windows XP, you would first click express and if the Microsoft programs are not updated then you would need to click Install updates for getting the latest updates.

Download compatibility pack

Visit Microsoft web site for getting the compatibility pack and once you have opened the Microsoft compatibility pack for word, PowerPoint and excel 2007 you must click download.

Installing the compatibility pack

In order to install the compatibility pack correctly you must follow steps according to the version of Windows which is running on your computer. First of all click on run for the compatibility pack. In case of Windows Vista you would be required to type in the administrator password. After typing you can proceed by clicking run. The checkbox of Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms should be checked and then press continue then click OK. In case of Windows Vista, you would be again required to give in the administrator’s password. Once compatibility pack is installed, you must click OK.

Again visit Microsoft update

In order to make sure that you have done all the updates and have done those that are the latest ones for the compatibility pack, you must visit the web site of Microsoft updates one more time. From the web site you would be able to check for the latest updates. A Microsoft update scam will be done to your computer in order to check that whether all of the programs and the operating system are up to date. If everything is up to date then you would not be prompted for any further installation.

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