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Here’s a great download manager for your computer

Not every web browser has a download manager built-in, so downloads wouldn’t be managed by your browser. Opera browser has a decent download manager in it but most other browsers do not have a manager. So you need to have a download manager on your computer to manage downloads easily. ochDownloader is a great application for your computer if you’re looking for a download manager.

This download manager works well on both, Windows systems and Linux based systems. This application is completely free to download and to use and it doesn’t have any malware or spyware attached to it. You can download this application without any fear of installing the unwanted applications or advertisements. Yes, you heard it right – you wouldn’t see any kind of advertisement on this application.

ochDownloader is a clean and simple interface – a complete no nonsense application that doesn’t waste any time with visual brilliance. It does what it promises, it manages the downloads on your computer without making any fuss. You can find the buttons on the toolbar which are pretty much self-explanatory and in the settings screen; you can change the preferences and the settings of the application as you like.

It also converts links from some websites on the internet and downloads the files to your computer. For example, you can convert and download a YouTube video on to your computer with this application and it is a simple process too! First, you need to enable the option ‘Clipboard’ in ochDownloader and then copy the URL of the video that you want to download and go back to the application. You’d see that the URL is already on ochDownloader, waiting to be downloaded.

This is one of the best simple download managers available in the market currently and you need to use it to see how good it is. Download it today, it is completely free and easy to use!

BBC rolls out Earth Unplugged: The first original content channel on YouTube

BBC is the most savored channel of many when it comes to nature documentaries. If you are a die-hard fan of films and documentaries on wild life and nature but find it difficult to follow all the programs, then we have some good news for you.

BBC has unleashed its much-awaited original-content channel on YouTube. Known as Earth Unplugged, this YouTube-only web portal is for BBC’s natural history division, BBC Earth, and will feature new and original content on nature that’s unavailable elsewhere.

Earth Unplugged will showcase a slew of new films created for their digital audience, and the corporation says that their channel will become viewers most sought after destination for wild life and nature. Through this channel, BBC Worldwide’s Earth Productions division will host seven new programs every week. The new, web-centric offerings will include:

  • Earth Juice: A weekly news magazine that will discuss the latest discoveries in the world of nature.
  • Walking with Dinosaurs: Exclusive dinosaur videos for Earth Unplugged, containing new sketchosaurus.
  • Meet My Planet: A program that will feature interviews with people who have been inspired by wild life and nature.
  • Deadliest…: A YouTube spin-off of the BBC’s popular TV show – Deadly 60. It will feature a close look at the planet’s deadliest animals and their inhospitable habitats.
  • Amazing Animal Babies: A program that will showcase short feature films on baby animals.
  • Zoo La La: This program will take you on a world tour to explore some extraordinary animal behavior. The program will also feature Bugface, a show that will focus on insects.
  • Earth Files: It will cover stories from the nature, with a digital makeover through graphics and music.

Through Earth Unplugged, BBC is planning to connect to a new audience all around the world. Amanda Hill, Managing Director for BBC Earth says, “YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity to reach people and grab their attention with innovative nature content that will captivate and inspire.”

However, BBC has announced that it will not make its shows available on iPlayer. BBC already operates a number of YouTube channels, like Top Gear and Doctor Who among them, but all of them show clips from already-broadcasted shows. Earth Unplugged, on the contrary, will feature only original programs.

Image credit: Digital Trends

Samsung® unveils Wi-Fi®-enabled smart camera

Samsung Electronics has launched a new Wi-Fi enabled SMART camera, called MV900F.

Sporting a 16.3MP BSI CMOS sensor and 25-125mm equivalent f/2.5-6.3 lens, Samsung MV900F MultiView camera incorporates a 3.3-inch LCD screen that can be flipped up to an angle of 180-degrees. In addition to this, the camera also offers 1920×1080 pixel Full HD video recording at 30fps and has wireless smartphone connectivity. The 5x optical zoom further makes it all the more easy to shoot distant subjects.

Whether it is a self-portrait or a big group of friends, Samsung’s unique Gesture Shot allows controlling the camera remotely via the movements of hands.

With an F2.5 bright lens to capture sharp, detailed photographs even in the low light environment, Samsung MV900F delivers superior and versatile performance.

What’s more? The camera has the ability to instantly connect with Photobucket, Picasa, Facebook, YouTube and other photo sharing websites without having the need to connect to a PC with cables. The SMART LINK button further makes it easier to share and store pictures quickly and securely.

Considering buying Samsung MV900F, wait till next month, when it will be officially launched. The camera is listed to be available at $350.

“The MV900F’s stylish design and incredibly bright and fast lens, makes it an ideal camera for a night out in the town – as it will capture fantastic videos and photos, even in dimly-lit places. Now more than ever, we want to share these experiences instantly with friends and family, so the MV900 will take images that the consumers will be proud to share using the camera’s SMART Wi-Fi features,” said Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Mobile Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America.

Make mobile app of your choice with Infinite Monkeys

Have you ever thought of creating a mobile app with features and options of your choice? Your ambition to create your own mobile app can be really fulfilled with Infinite Monkeys.
Know what Infinite Monkeys is…

Infinite Monkeys lets you create mobile app on your terms and conditions. Whether you want to include Photo sharing, Twitter feeds, Videos, Chat rooms, or Community Walls in your app, Infinite Monkeys is the answer to all.
How does it works?
To start making an app with Infinite Monkeys, you do not require any coding knowledge. It is absolutely web-based and conveniently works on any tablet device or PC. The web-based GUI enables you to include already posted web content from various social networking platforms, such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and a few other blogging sites. Infinite Monkeys gives comprehensive step-by-step instructions for making a mobile app in as less as 60 minutes, provided you have ample of already posted web content.
The most amazing aspect about using this web-based platform is that it constantly keeps on adding content and updates to your app. It uses the easiest drag and drop process and you can begin by giving a suitable title to your app. By selecting preferred privacy settings, you can choose to make the app private or public. Also, Infinite Monkeys offers the option to personalize the background, font colors, and splash screen. And during the development process, at any point in time, you can preview your app. To choose your app platform model, you can select from the free level, pro level, or ad-supported model.
Start creating your app
With Infinite Monkeys you can create mobile app to connect with your friends, promote your music band, coffee shop, or business. The choice is absolutely yours.

Groove with Google+™ YouTube® Party app

How about attending a party wherein you can show your favorite YouTube videos to your friends? Well Google+ and YouTube will now offer you free entry passes to groove and be a part of such fun-filled parties. Lately, Google has integrated a novel YouTube party app to its popular Google+ Hangouts. And to own this app, the only prerequisite you ought to fulfill is to ensure that everyone has the web app running.

With the latest app you can create, save, share and even control playlists of YouTube videos with everyone inside a Hangout. Every member in the Hangoutsz can simply drag and drop YouTube videos to arrange the playlist accordingly or skip forward or backward for the next video.

And, if you like the current video that is playing, you can straightforwardly share the video amongst your Google+ Circles. Also you can save the playlist created by you and your friends in your YouTube account to view later. Apart from creating playlists, Google+ YouTube app will allow you to chat with your group with the help of the ‘Push to talk’ button.

Currently the app is available in as many as 60 languages.

Google+™ Hangouts on Air offers Live Broadcasting

Google+ is making the live Hangouts broadcasting feature available for all its users. The feature was till now available to a limited number of professional broadcasters only. With Hangouts on Air, the user can broadcast live video publicly from a Google+ stream, a YouTube channel or embed it on a website.


Is this simple video streaming?

Hangouts on Air is more than simple video streaming. When the live session is going on, the user can peep inside the hangout to check how many viewers are watching, and the show is recorded automatically. Once live streaming is finished, the recording is uploaded to the user’s YouTube channel, as well as on Google+ to keep for posterity.


The use of Hangout on Air goes beyond using a camera connected to your computer, as you can start a hangout from the Google+ app for Android.


Google said that it is rolling out availability of the service gradually over the next few weeks, as “launching millions of live stations takes some doing.” Once the user enables Hangouts on Air, he can link his YouTube account for automatic recording.


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Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
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