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Windows® Phone 7-based ASUS® E600 smartphone

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is likely to become the fastest-growing platform for operating systems in 2011. Windows Phone 7 has a unique and very simple user interface.  According to market analysts, Microsoft is finally managing to harness the evident design and user experience of its Xbox, Zune and Windows Live teams to create a proposition that is more than the sum of its parts. We can expect Microsoft to increase its share of the mobile operating system market in 2011.

Windows Phone 7 is a very popular OS and it has number of good features. With Windows Phone 7 you can connect to online gaming services like Xbox, Xbox Live and there are more like you can connect your phone to the Windows Phone marketplace and download music. You will have to just pay $15 for the music you love. There are various playlists according to different artists, genre and others. With Android and iOS around, Microsoft is also getting its picture right with Windows Phone 7. It has also your favorite Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for more convenience. Windows Phone 7 makes a very reliable smartphone operating system with these features.

There are many companies which are interested in Windows Phone 7 and one of them is ASUS. They started working on Windows Phone 7 long ago, but during the launch of Windows Phone 7, we did not see any ASUS powered Windows Phone. ASUS showed a prototype of Windows Phone 7 that was used to demo Windows Phone 7 features last September, but after that we have not seen any.

Now according to recent reports, ASUS is developing a Windows Phone 7 powered phone i.e. ASUS E600. It will be available on the AT&T network. The phone has a 5MP HD camera and 4 inch touch screen display with 1300mAH battery. ASUS was not clear about its price, but we are expecting that it will be in line with othersmartphones.

Microsoft is also mentioning now that they will launch an updated Windows Phone 7 OS in early 2011. Windows Phone 7 is the key strategy point for Microsoft in the smartphone market. Everyone is expecting a bigger picture i.e. second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona. In this update, it will include enhanced developer controls for applications and updated components. Microsoft is very keen to update the Windows Phone 7 OS performance wise and in the CES 2011, Microsoft was clearly indicating about the updates, they are going to do in the OS.

Homepage of Microsoft® Enhanced

The latest version of home page from Microsoft is being tested by the company where the line up of services and products will be changed completely depending on your status, whether at home or work. Microsoft has planned a new custom-tailored site, though such idea is not revolutionary, the company has managed to make it more attractive & creative by adopting fresh ideas and utilizing the web-based variant of Microsoft’s Metro. The home page will have a feature of page slide where in the pages can be glided from side-to-side rather than moving the pages by scrolling downward or by reloading the pages. This feature can also be seen in the smartphone i.e. Windows Phone7, the surface computer which is recently refreshed along with other products of Microsoft such as Xbox 360, Zune, and Media Centre of Windows etc. the users are also provided with an option to shift between these two versions in the site and for this the users has to click a tab that is present on the right side at the top of the page. Bye clicking the same tab again, you can see that the version toggles back.

As per a post in the Tech Flash blog, this updated software version finally goes around to appending the latest tagline of the Microsoft Inc., i.e. Be What’s Next, and this was leaked in the month of June, last year.  This was secretly revealed in the Global Exchange Event which was only for the employees of the company. This was officially released through a video advertising, last weekend on the event of Golden Globe prizes. This new tag line shows the great flexibility offered by the company between its various software products. This new look of the site is being tested currently by the company, Microsoft, in the form of limited preview.

This design is said to be a brilliant and attractive one, by the Microsoft Inc. Microsoft says that this new design of the site will supersede the senescent looks of the current homepage of Microsoft. This new home page design of Microsoft is surely an inspiration of the Metro UI pattern of the company. This Metro UI design is being used by both Zune and Windows Phone7. Now the software colossus is finessing the bets that the customers will appreciate its efficient and stylish look in web.

This new homepage design of Microsoft is also having integration of Internet Explorer Version 9. It is also featuring various options like pinning support, jump lists which are the fresh features on version 9 of Internet Explorer. It is not declared clearly or officially yet, regarding the launch of the new homepage design. No specific date was announced by the company for the release of its product. A spokesman from Microsoft also said that even the employees of the company also have no clue about the release date of the new homepage design.

New Greenpeace Report Ranks Nintendo and Microsoft Last

Greenpeace is the biggest environment oriented organization in the world. It has released the latest edition of its Guide to Greener Electronics companies and has ranked them in order to influence the purchase choices of potential customers.

Greenpeace is a non government environmental organization with the offices across 40 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam and Netherlands. Greenpeace states its goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nature life in all its diversity and focuses its work on worldwide issues such as Global Warming, over-fishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues.

In few years, Greenpeace spread to several other countries and started to campaign on the other environmental issues like commercial whaling and toxic waste. The different regional Greenpeace groups formed Greenpeace International to oversee the goals and operations of the regional organizations globally. Greenpeace has received intonation attention during the 80’s. This Organization has raised environmental issues to public knowledge influenced both the private and the public sector. Company has also started to evaluate the IT sector recently and recently ranked Nintendo and Microsoft last in the list.

These companies are judged to have increased its carbon emissions, despite whoop it up to limit them, and is criticized for having no actual policy on the electronic waste.

Microsoft is just one position ahead of Nintendo. Microsoft has lost one position since the last report because it has failed to abide by a commitment to eliminate, BFRs and PVC by the end of 2010.

Microsoft Corporation was judged on its Zune mp3 player and Xbox game console. Microsoft lost points for its pledge to eliminate toxic chemicals only in 2011 and for having no voluntary take back program for electronic waste and was ranked 16th place in the list.

Greenpeace judges companies on their mechanism for collecting and used hardware and on their timelines for eliminating vinyl or PVC and fire retardants that can be dangerous when released into the environment.

Sony, which is also into handheld and home consoles, was able to score much better than its rival companies. Sony raked sixth with Motorola and Panasonic.

The company got points and praise for the fact that they were able to eliminate dangerous chemicals from all the products.

With increasing threats to the global warming and greenhouse emission, it is necessary to mange such standards to keep the environment and earth save.

So far Nintendo and Microsoft are not able to maintain the standard but they need to improve in future.

Troubleshooting problems with Windows Live ID

Through Windows Live ID you can access your Xbox game account, mails, messages, photos, media, documents, and much more using one single Windows Live account and its password. But what if you have more than one Windows Live account? You might want to use all the accounts for mailing purposes but how to decide which account you should be using for communicating and connecting with other resources which can be accessed by Windows Live, and on what basis?

A Windows Live ID is an Email ID which can be used to sign in to Xbox Live, Hotmail, Zune, MSN, Messenger, SkyDrive, & Find My Phone. This one single ID can give you access to all these resources, if you were using multiple IDs to access these different portals then you can stop doing it that ways and just use one single ID for all. Your selection of configuring the best ID amongst the few available on your Windows Phone would depend upon your work practice. If you use the ID which you use for accessing your Xbox Live account then all your GamerTag information will get configured on your Phone along with your GamerTag Avatar and the Scores. You can use this ID to play your Xbox Live games on your phone. So if you give priority to gaming then you can configure this ID on your Windows Phone.

Other consideration should be for Hotmail. If you have hundreds of contacts in any of your email ID and you use your phone primarily for Emailing and Messaging purpose then it would be good if you configure this Email ID on your Windows Phone. With this you can also go ahead and share your photos on the web using it via Windows Live Photo Gallery and can also stay in touch with friends of your contact list using the Live Messenger.

Last but not the least the consideration should be given to the Zune. It’s being given last place because the MP3s which you have in your Zune Player under some other account will still work even if you use any other ID, but yes if you have lots of Zune friends then off course you can go with the configuration of this ID on your phone so that you can stay in touch with them.

In terms of best practice, Preference should be given to the Email usage of Windows Live ID because all the other things like Zune and Xbox can be reset with your Email ID but sending a new Email address to all your contacts would not be a good idea.

Essential features of Windows Phone 7

Windows phone 7 has several attractive and fun features which include the ability connect to Microsoft’s online game service, Xbox live and if you want to download music you can go Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace. If you are a music freak, just pay $15 to Zune to listen music as you want right on the phone. One of the main features is the operating system and interface of this phone; it can integrate with e-mails and calendars, you can also create different exchange accounts on this phone. If you want to use MS office then you can use the mobile version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint right on the phone.

Now talk about other famous features like memory and camera. This phone is integrated with 8GB of internal memory and it has 5 MP camera which helps you to capture and record high-definition videos. It has also a multi-touch screen and on screen keyboard. It is very east to type messages and e-mails on this phone. The phone is integrated with Bing search engine to search maps and other searches. The Windows phone 7 also has Microsoft’s Tellme voice recognition application to operate voice controls.

Though there is no instant messaging application installed on the phone but you can easily download one from the Window market place. One more thing is the navigation software but there is built in mapping applications, which are simple and easy to use. There is one more feature which stands it apart from other smart phone: you can hold down the camera even when the phone is locked or in sleep mode. If password is set on the phone you can still take photos from the camera.

But the competition is very strong from other manufacturer like Apple and Android, consumers are using these phones will be hesitant to buy a new one But we can hope for a wide consumer base for Windows phone 7.

All we can say about this phone is that: Windows phone 7 is good and better than the software introduced on the Kin phones. You can not say that this phone is a phenomenal, so, it may become famous among smart phone users. But there are some limitations present in this phone like other smart phone you can not add more application on the screen. Apple’s iOS4 and Androids ahs two screen panels and if you add more applications, it got longer and longer. Those smart phones have screen fitted panels which makes those phones better than the Windows phone 7.

Microsoft’s reshuffle to get E&D back on track

Robbie Bach and J Allard are one of those people who have worked very hard for the “Entertainment and Devices” (E&D) division of Microsoft. They both were also very much involved in the marketing and development process of the console of Xbox which has very much importance for the Microsoft because they have made lots of research and worked very hard for the development of such an amazing module. However, both have retired now from the Entertainment and Devices field of Microsoft. The retirement news of both of them is under lot of discussions all over the world. Robbie Bach was the main leader of the Microsoft group of home and entertainment. This group has done a lot for the development and research of many important projects for Microsoft like games for the Windows operating system, Xbox, Consumer oriented software and hardware products and many others. In the year of 2005, Microsoft designated Robbie Bach as a president of its completely new division of E&D (Entertainment and Devices). This new division is dealing with many important projects like Games for windows operating systems, Windows Media Center, Zune, Xbox 360 and Xbox. In Addition to these, it is also responsible for the research, development and sometimes marketing of Business of Media Platforms that consists of PlayReady, MediaRoom, Windows Mobile, Kin, and Windows Phone, Communication business of mobiles, many other services and devices and some particular Applications Business and devices which wraps the Surface, Microsoft Hardware, Windows Embedded and Office for Mac.

Whereas, J Allard worked a lot for the research, marketing and development process of Xbox module. He suggested the remarkable improvements in this amazing module of Microsoft Xbox. After completing his work on Xbox, he started to work on Zune and Kin which has just released by the Microsoft in recent days. Along with all these projects, he had also worked in amazing Courier project that has just finished in last year. He was the one who enhanced the importance and growth of internet and World Wide Web (WWW) in 1990s to the Microsoft who was bit confused about all these things. His guidelines made an amazing change for the Microsoft in the development, research and growth in Software industry.

Both these amazing personalities said that their instantaneous retirements are little accidental. Robbie Bach argued that now he wants to entirely focus on his handicap instead of working with Microsoft. But J Allard has made it clear that he will surely work with the Microsoft in the near future by helping the Steve Ballmer who is the advising CEO of Microsoft on various unnamed projects. He said that he has given 95 percent of his life time to the Microsoft and only 5 percent to his personal life and now he wants to change this ratio. He is thinking to give more his time to his personal life than the Microsoft. The fact is that the instantaneous retirements of both these personalities has a great jerk for Microsoft and will surely affect its market value in the future.

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