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Zynga® plans to connect its online gamers with ‘Zynga with Friends’

Zynga, the company behind famous social games like FarmVille and CityVille, announced that it will release a social network, dubbed as ‘Zynga with Friends’.
At present, Zynga is one of the world’s most eminent online gaming companies having millions of monthly active users. Its new social network, Zynga with Friends will connect all enthusiastic online gamers on different platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and It will allow Zynga gamers to befriend, make relevant communities, and solicit games. Zynga with Friends will also enable gamers to make a centralized profile to talk about their Zynga gaming experiences and compile their top scores in Zynga games on both mobile and web platforms. Apart from this, the anticipated social network will also include multi-player gaming and intriguing chat features.
According to Manuel Bronstein, a senior Zynga executive, Zynga with Friends is a “one network, one unified experience, and one social lobby that will for the first time connect all of our players, no matter where they’re playing. The new social features and services are designed for the sole purpose of bringing more people to play together.”

Zynga® Unveils New Gaming Titles

Zynga, one of the biggest and most renowned platforms for online gamers, announced a slew of games at its annual event ‘Zynga Unleashed’, held at San Francisco.
Some major titles announced are:
Matching with Friends
Adding another title to its ‘with friends’ franchise, Matching with Friends is a social puzzle game where the prime objective is to match three or more colorful blocks. It is a multiplayer game that enables various players to play against each other.
Zynga Elite Slots
Another game launched by Zynga is Zynga Elite Slots. Unlike other slot games, this game takes players to an epic slot adventure.
A new Ville title by Zynga, ChefVille includes mastering different levels to earn recipes that can be used to prepare real-world meals. In this game players will be able to make their own kitchen and establish a restaurant by mixing various ingredients.
Other few titles that were announced are FarmVille 2, Ruby Blast, and The Ville.

Zynga® launched Ruby Blast on Facebook®

Zynga, known for its simulation and role-playing games like CityVille and Farmville is turning towards other genres with the intention of broadening its audience reach.
Lately, Zynga launched its third arcade title for Facebook, called as ‘Ruby Blast’. Earlier examples of arcade games by Zynga, include Bejeweled, Meteos and Puzzle Quest.
The newest title is a fun, social, fast, and graphically enticing game that invites players to match gems, excavate a gem mine, and activate power-ups to beat their friends’ score. Made by Zynga China and Zynga Seattle studios, this match-three game follows the brave archeologist Ruby in speed into the lowest points of an ancient mine to uncover hidden treasure.
Currently the game is available in 15 different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch. Ruby Blast is free to play and is available on Facebook and

Draw Something Downloads Reaches 50 million Mark

Draw Something has got serious popularity overnight and that too without any huge marketing strategies and tricks. It has now become the fastest-growing gaming application for mobile devices and smartphones.

According to recent statistics provided by Venture Beat, the gaming app has been downloaded 50 million times in a period of just 50 days. The report also reveals that users have created more than 6 billion drawings since its launch in February 2012. If you bring down the figures to per second mark, you will get an astonishing number; 3,000 drawings per second. Isn’t that great?

Draw Something has become a huge hit for iOS and Android-based devices. The gaming app is available in both free as well as paid versions. It was originally developed by OMGPOP, which was purchased by Zynga last month for a price of around $200 million.

Zynga® Inc. to own OMGPOP™

Zynga Inc. is reported to have claimed OMGPOP, the creator of engaging game named Draw Something. In just few weeks, Draw Something has become one of the most famous and addictive game apps. The game basically revolves around the concept of drawing an image that is guessed by other partner or friend.

It is available in various versions for Android and iOS platforms and can be played on your tablet or mobile phones. Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus said, “The OMGPOP team has created a game that’s fun, expressive and engenders real social interaction.” “Draw Something has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world. We love the way they’ve worked playful and relevant culture into their games from Devo to Daft Punk, from Lin to Beckham,” he added.

Though the exact price has not been unveiled officially, but the deal is reported to be worth USD 200 million. Through this move, Zynga has certainly tried to turn one of the most advancing contenders to a friend that will help it to secure its top spot in the social gaming industry.

Zynga® to develop a separate Gaming Website

The recent announcement by Zynga to launch a separate website for social gaming from Facebook can have various intonations. You must have played many games on your Facebook account.  Zynga will still be with Facebook, but it will now operate games on a larger scale from its own website.

Zynga is a company that develops Internet-based social network games. The introduction of games to this social media account created a huge fan base for Zynga and made many of you addicts of the games like FarmVille , CityVille, Empires & Allies, and so on.

The step taken by Zynga to launch a separate website can be quite fruitful to the users who are just interested in playing games rather than social networking. The gamers will have quicker access to games and can also take the help of other users through chat or message. According to Zynga, the step will be able to build a distinct community for social gamers.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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