Antivirus programs are the shield for computers. It is very useful to keep your computer intact from any malicious activity and security threat. These programs are designed in a way that no hacker or virus can trace the coding of the antivirus application and that is why it is also very complex to remove any antivirus application.

An antivirus program cannot be removed only by using windows un-installer, you might need to perform multiple steps to remove any antivirus programs and these steps includes removing the registry entries for antivirus applications, running the uninstaller utility, etc. Trend Micro is not exception for that. It is a very complex application and very useful as well but it can give you lot of problems while you try to un-install it.

Here are the complete steps to remove Trend Micro antivirus application from your computer:


The first step is to remove the application using the manufacturer’s utility. Click on ‘Start’ button and then select ‘Programs’. Now select ‘Trend Micro’ option. This will show you the list of tools and utilities attached with the application and you need to select ‘Uninstall’ option from that list.

This will initiate the un-installation process and you need to reboot your system once after the process is completed.


The second step or method is to use Control Panel remove application.

For this, you need to go to ‘Start’ and then select ‘Control Panel’. Now select ‘Uninstall a program’ if you are using Windows Vista or ‘Add/remove programs’ if you have Windows XP installed on your computer. This will load the list of programs installed on your computer, select Trend Micro from the list can click on uninstall or remove. Reboot the system once it asks for it and the application is removed from the computer.


You might also need to remove some remaining antivirus files from the Windows Registry.

Click on ‘Start’ and then select ‘Run’ option. This will load a dialogue box where you need to type the command REGEDIT and then press enter.

This will bring a new window with five hives on the left hand side. First you need to take the back of current registry file. Click on ‘File Menu’ and then select ‘Export’ option. Choose the location and save the file.


Once you have taken the backup, you will need to search for the files or entries related to Trend Micro Antivirus. Delete any file which contains word like ‘Trend’ or ‘Trend Micro’ and reboot the system.

This is the process to remove any antivirus application completely from the computer. However you should be very careful while working with Windows Registry as any mistake there can lead to no boot situation.