As everybody knows ,AVG is a category of anti-virus as well as Internet security software for the Microsoft Windows/Linux, , Mac OS X, and many other FreeBSD computing platforms, which was originally introduced by AVG Technologies which is a privately maintained Czech company previously called as Grisoft.

Thus the brand name called AVG is derived from Grisoft’s initial product called “Anti-Virus Guard”, introduced in the country Czechoslovakia in the year 1992. In 1997, the prime AVG licenses were purchased by Germans and Londoners. AVG was launched in the U.S. in 1998.
A new suite named Premium Security is launched by AVG which has a naïve characteristic that the other AVG’s like Antivirus as well as Internet Security doe not have. But now the new AVG Premium is only utilized by the people of UK as well as USA. The new feature that is added called Identity Alert is useful to protect the personal information from an intruder.

According to Tony Ascombe, who is the brand ambassador of the company supplying free products said,”the new addition is a direct response to the favorites of the customers of AVG themselves. He says, the identity on the PlayStation mesh absolutely spotlights. About 94 millions among the Japanese were hacked by intruders and most of the information that were hosted on the servers got affected by it. Thus this process has been a worldwide problem.

Whenever you register for the new AVG service you will be signaled when your personal information like telephone number, email address, Insurance Number, Social Security or credit card number or any other such information are hacked will be disclosed in the internet. It also helps in counseling you to repair the anonymity to your own personal information when it has to be compromised.

The feature ‘Identity Alert will keep a guard on your Social Security, credit card number or phone number ,National Insurance Number or email address etc. which are all crucial to you.
The new characteristic is delivered by what Ascombe named as ‘A recognized service ‘, though he wouldn’t expose which company had accredited their technology to AVG ,only that which are all belong to USA as well as UK. Thus users who are well known of the features of the products of AVG has to check it out twice at the newly added interface, which will have the feature Identity Alert which they simply need to insert the alternative as one extra option among many others.

AVG Premium Security 2011 sells for about 70 dollars and it does not arrive with a trial version too. Comparing with other products, AVG Premium Security 2011 market price is 55 dollars, though it’s currently available to download from CNET download .com at the rate of 44 dollars. Nevertheless, the repose that a tracker for identity delivers is likely worth the yearly value to those who have had personal information theft issues.