Computer has become the need of the generation in the present era. Every person either possesses a PC or is about to purchase it. So the international market is in great competition in the field of PCs and the things related to it. The operating system that is mandatory in every computer system is the main source of income to many organizations and firms like Microsoft. Microsoft produces Windows. There are series of versions that are very common and reliable in the market. Some of the latest ones are Windows Vista and Windows 7. But there are also companies that manufacture their own computer systems and also the operating system in it. One such globally recognized company is the Apple. The operating system that is preinstalled in the systems is well known as MAC. And the MAC users are also satisfied from the services and facilities that Apple provides them.

Earlier MAC was not very common as the windows. This was because of the complexity and toughness that was in MAC. Windows was always considered to be a lay man operating system. Windows is very easy and highly user friendly operating system. Many of the features and facilities that MAC provided are very similar to the features and facilities that windows provide it to its users. The main difference is always the representation of operating system. MAC is not that easy to understand and learn. But according to the recent survey that was conducted in different part of the world, MAC is considered to take the control over the market and give a serious competition to Windows operating system.

Apple is actually coming in a position to grab the market share. This is becoming more prominent because of less meaningful offers given by the Microsoft. Windows has already made a good position and to replace it needs a very good product with a very high number of users. Since Apple is making a good move in the international market, so it is expected that in a very short duration of time Apple will have a good position. It has been found through research that the PC makers will have to face a considerable slow rate of sale till 2012. Now this makes Apple to use this time and make out its own profit. So Apple has decided to launch the upgraded versions of MAC OS, also the launch of new MACBook Airs and a new iPad iOS too. All this will ultimately make the Apple a leading firm in the international market. Even though Microsoft has not left the field of computing devices, still in the near future it might be that Apple will give a good competition. Apple has also decided to launch the Ultrabooks which are considered to be PC equivalent of the MACBook Air. Thus all these plans that Apple has panned out to perform in the nearby future makes it more likely to defeat all other firms in the international market.