Kindle Apps now-a-days have become one of the widely used applications for iPhones, and iPods. These kindle books now come with all the expected and required features. They can be used for Video views , audio playbacks, various cookbooks, researches, guides for various things etc.

Though the application’s usage started 3 years back but the features present today are advanced and were not supported by the older versions of the kindle books. The older versions of it mainly consisted of non graphical photographs and words and many comprehensions .The older version was incomplete in it and never used the sources from outside. The Latest version of the Kindle Apps searches every minute detail from the media sources and presents complete information of every possibly related thing right in front of the user.

These books have become popular to such an extent that users are having a tough time in finding   and downloading them.  Most of the times when they are searched online for download for different purposes. They are unavailable or the link where they can be found is busy, but still users prefer the use of these books as they are quite good and helpful. The books are also easy to download as the time taken for downloading them is much less in comparison to time taken to perform other tasks.

Only some of the video download takes some time but that to is not more than 12-14 minutes. Moreover the video and audio books and records that are present are all properly listed but label they contain sometimes varies from the content.

These books are present at But users can download AV books over the wireless connection .It can’t be done by the usage of a 3G connection. Since the downloads for the apple devices are absent on Amazon, it is securing AT&T from getting connected to many users.


The good thing about these books is that all of them could be found at Every single book that has been released till now is present with full updated information’s and details. Thus should keep its record maintained and shouldn’t be afraid of releasing new versions of these books. According to the users they should take their rivals as the opportunities for allowing more and more people to experience their services.

Thus, with the help of many users, rivals Amazon will also be able to publicize these applications more into the markets and it will become easier for them to deal with its customers and critics and to carry out the further research and debugging for further advancement of their product. As none of the apps have been perfect till date without customer support, this phase is also one of the important parts in making the product public and common for users.