OS X Lion is one of the advanced operating system unveiled by Apple till now. It comes with a new intuitive user interface and with some very advanced features and trackpad gestures. The operating system is built on time tested UNIX foundation and it delivers an incredible performance that is supported by stunning graphics. Many Mac users are already thinking   of upgrading to the new OS. The How Tos information provided will help them in navigation and also enable them to understand and explore the advanced features in a quick and easy way. If you have a  system with Mac Snow Leopard  operating system then  you need to equip yourself with some information that help you upgrade smoothly to this new OS.

Installing Lion OS X:

The new OS is offered in App Store in a downloadable format. In simple words, you will have to create your installation disc on your own after downloading it from App Store if you want to create partitions or use it for troubleshooting purposes in future. You can burn the DVD the following given instructions

  1. Purchase OS X Lion from App Store
  2. Navigate to Application folders. Locate the installation package
  3. Right Click Installer and select Show Package Contents
  4. Navigate to the /Contents/SharedSupport/ folder. Find the InstallESD.dmg disk image.
  5. Insert blank DVD in the drive
  6. Launch Utility Disk and drag  the image to utility disk sidebar
  7. Select burn button

You can use the DVD to install the new Mac OS X Lion.

Dual Boot option:

Not all applications from your previous Mac OS are compatible with new Mac OS X Lion. So if you think your work will be hampered without that application then you should think of installing it in dual setup.

  1. Install Lion
  2. Partition your drive
  3. Install Snow Leopard

Learning and exploring the new OS:  5 new features of Mac OS X Lion

  • Spotlight:

This feature allows you to drag and drop search results directly on programs or desktop. Hover the mouse to get an image preview.

  • Photobooth:

The application comes with new innovative effects to jazz up your images

  • Well Organized:

The files and folders can be organized in more smarted way. The OS present you with different options when you try to copy folder with same name.

  • Library Artwork acts like a jukebox.

Clicking on library artwork activates the jukebox.

  • Mission control:

The mission control allows user to navigate to multiple desktops and running applications.  A pinch will help you view all the running applications

  • Autosave:

Users now have different version of their documents they are working on. The Versions features automatically saves different version of documents and user can revert back to any version.

  • High quality text to voice speeches:

The OS also has an in-built feature which allows high quality text to speech voices. The feature can be enabled through System Preferences

  1. Click on Text To Speech tab
  2. Click on the “System Voices” menu
  3. Choose Customize and select option you want
  4. Select OK.
  • Login message:

You can keep a login message that can help the person who finds your laptop in event you lose it. The message can have   your contact details which help in recovery.