Nikon is a well-known Japanese company manufacturing cameras and lenses. The company was established in 1917 and after world war – 2 Nikon got attention all around the world with its Nikkor lenses and Nikon Camera Lenses. Nikon is very advanced in technology and has gained popularity over its flagship product – the Coolpix for their point-and-shoot digital cameras. Recently Nikon has developed its Pro-Worthy Point-and-shoot digital camera P7000, which is inspired by its competitor Canon’s G-Series pro point-and-shoot cameras. P7000 is large, square and with many external controls similar to G11. It has 3in LCD in its rear and dials on its top.

Nikon’s First Pro-Worthy Point-and-Shoot :

Nikon’s new P7000, which looks like the G11, gives advanced image quality and creative control in a compact body. It gives similar trick of dropping megapixels for better performance and it contains 10MP CCD sensor connected with 7.1x Wide Angel Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lenses for better image quality, while P6000 had 14.2 MP CCD sensor. So, Nikon has got confidence in sensor’s performance. Nikon confirms the ISO ranges from 100 to 6400 and can be expandable up to 12,800 in night mode, which ensures the sharp image when shooting in the night mode or fast moving objects. P7000 provides large optical viewfinder with diopter adjustment dial, which was missing in the LX5 and G11. To achieve the desired exposure with a histogram this pro-Worthy provides Tone level information, which determines the exposure while selecting the balance between highlights and shadows.

P7000 has an electronic Virtual Horizon Indicator to give the user visual confirmation about camera level horizon. This camera provides Best Shot Selector which will automatically takes up to 10 shots when the user presses the shutter and saves the image. When the camera shakes Optical VR Image stabilization by lens shift reduces the effects of shaking. Moving objects can be detected by Motion Detection feature which controls the shutter speed and the ISO setting for compensating the camera shake effect. It has many new features. P7000 provides NRW (RAW) file function which is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating system.

This amazing small Nikon camera provides editing functions like exposure compensation, COOLPIX picture control, noise reduction filter, Quick Retouch, D-Lighting and Active D-Lighting. To take the consecutive shots with various settings and select the best matches, this pro-Worthy camera provides Bracketing functions for Automatic Exposure (Sv and Tv) and white balancing.

The PSAM (Program, Shutter, Aperture, and Manual) control provides the advance control over the images, which are also known as full manual controls.

You can record HD movie with the resolution of 720p and 24 frame-per-pixels (fps) with optical zoom and autofocus control. With this COOLPIX audio recording facility is available for recording audio with an external stereo microphone via Mic Input Jack. It also provides HDMI output.

This Coolpix P7000 has already started getting too much attention before its release from the people all around the world because of its amazing features. It has made clear break from the industrial design of previous P-series compacts.

So book this amazing Pro-Worthy Point-and-Shoot camera from Nikon’s store or online today itself and enjoy the wide variety of features!!!