Do you know there is a world deep down the Internet that people are almost unaware of? Yes, we are talking about the Dark Web also known as the Deepnet or the Hidden Web, the information on which is not indexed by search engines like Google and therefore it is still invisible to the mainstream public.

How deep is the Dark Web?         

The reason why many of us don’t know about the Deepnet is that all the major search engines have not indexed the websites to make things unseen on this hidden world. According to a study performed at University of California, Berkeley in the year 2001, there is an estimate of 1 billion indexed pages on the Internet and around 550 billion in the Deep Dark Web. The surface web shows only 19 Terabytes of information while the Deepnet has 7.5 Petabytes, which is far more than the visible web.

How to access the Dark Web?

To access the Deepnet you need a special browser called The Onion Router referred to as TOR, which is anonymous network of nodes that are projected to mask the user’s IP and protect its privacy. The TOR browser can help you find the information that is not there on the surface web, for example- you can read banned books on TOR, purchase goods from unidentified sellers, purchase fake identification, weapons, etc. Also, you can access websites where the illegal businesses like drugs dealing, child pornography, extortion, ransom, etc takes place.

What is the use of Bitcoin in the Deepnet?

The Deepnet is majorly used by criminals and gangsters and of course, there’s no cash or check exchanged over it and one has to use bitcoin to purchase anything from the dark web. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that has been created using the powerful computers and the same is used by people to buy drugs and other illegal items from the websites in the Dark Web.

What is there in the Dark Web?

The Deepnet or Hidden Web is a hub of criminals and gangsters who perform all the illegal operations like smuggling, gambling, drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, child pornography, selling of unlawful anonymous goods, and many more in the Dark Web. It contains all such pages that are not indexed by Google on the search engines.

Who can access the Dark Web?

Not everyone can get the access to this hidden Web world unless they have TOR installed on their PC. However,Military, Police, Journalists, and Whistleblowers including Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have used the Dark Web to investigate, communicate, and exchange confidential information.

So, now you can figure out what the Dark Web is all about and also why it is referred to as dark while it only contains pages and websites that your surface web includes. Well, The Dark Web has so much illegal stuffs that is not good for mainstream users and therefore it is good to be hidden then been visible.