Acer is one of the leading companies, which makes computers, laptops and other computer-related devices. Now as most of the companies are entering into the tablet computer market, Acer has also decided that they will produce and develop tablets. Now people’s attention is going to tablet computers, every other company is launching tablet computers today. But there is a problem with the tablet’s speed; they are slower than laptops because of the processors used in the tablets. Laptops running on Windows 7 are faster than tablet PCs, but Acer has claimed that they are developing a tablet with a 4-core processor that will run faster than the laptops with Windows 7.

A sales manager for the Taiwan-based Acer, recently told in an interview with IDG News, about their upcoming tablets. In the interview his remarks were very interesting about the tablets that will be coming to market in the first half of this year. He was very excited and claims that Acer will be releasing a tablet with a 7-inch screen and also a 10-inch tablet starting out this year. The main feature of these tablets is the Sandy Bridge processors (Quad-Core) by Intel and also they run on the Android operating system. He said that with these features, these tablets will be faster than the laptops that use Windows 7.

It has several features and the first is the single monolithic design that includes the processor graphics core alongside two, one is four cores and up to 8 MB shared L3 cache on a new ring bus, It is shared with the integrated graphics core. The other features include, AES-NI instructions. It provides the encryption/decryption acceleration and also it add Intel’s Advanced Vector Extensions(AVX). This will improve its floating-point performance for media-rich applications.

Sandy Bridge 4-core processor is way better than other available in the market and Acer may launch their tablets powered with this processor. They did not reveal anything about the price, but as per current trend we can easily guess the cost to be around $1000. Tablet computers are getting very popular and it will be really interesting to see the real progress of Acer.