Acer’s Timeline Series notebooks have been making news, way back from mid 2009, when Acer launched their first versions of thin and ultra-thin notebooks, with one of the main features being high computing power with the new Intel range of processors. The main USP (Unique Selling Point) was over 12 hours of battery backup time.

In 2009, Acer introduced its Timeline series of notebooks using the Intel 1.4 GHz, SU3500 Core 2 Solo processors. The other processor used in the higher range included the Core 2 Duo SU 9400 processor from Intel. Later in March 2010, Acer announced its next range of Timeline X Series notebooks with a choice of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, paired with ATI Mobility graphics, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Optimization and reduction of energy consumption has been the main focus of Acer, along with powerful graphics processing capabilities.

The Intel range of new processors has been one of the major factors in the optimization of energy consumption with the introduction of Intel’s dynamic adaptation of available power to workload requirements, allowing each chip to function as required, with the optimal power needed. The other factor helping in power consumption control has been the Intel Display Power Saving feature using the LED Backlit screen, further reducing power consumption by almost 30 percent in the display area.

Soon after an announcement of the new range, delays were inevitable due to issues regarding the Intel Sandy Bridge processors. Intel recalled its defective chipsets and subsequently introduced their amended versions. This brought about a further delay in the introduction of the much hyped Acer Timeline Series notebooks into the market. With the settling down of the Sandy Bridge issue, Acer has finally announced the supply of their ultra slim Timeline series notebooks, in the early part of April 2011.

Courtesy Sandy Bridge, April 2011 is going to see the launch of many a notebooks and netbooks from Acer and the likes of ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Hitachi and many others. With Apple launching the iPad 2, and Motorola Atrix, innovative products like these and a range of other tablets from HP, LG, Motorola and many others, a lot of hype is being created about the future of notebooks and laptops.

Acer, as a group believe that these tablets are going to have no effect on notebook sales and are busy developing a range of new offerings due to hit the market in the second quarter of 2011. No doubt, the tablet euphoria will definitely impinge on the netbooks and notebook markets. It is certain that both these market segments are completely different, and laptops and notebooks are here to stay. Tablets have their limitations in various aspects of computing and are principally not designed for hardcore computing.

Acer’s new range of ultraslim Timeline Series notebooks include 3 versions ranging from 13 inch to the 14 inch and the 15.6 inch models.