Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and regular update is an integral part of ever changing technology. If you want to add a new hard drive then you just need to follow few mentioned steps.

Do the research

It would be difficult for you to shop without knowing what you need. Same is the case with hard drives. You need to know your computer’s configuration and conduct research on which type of hard drive will be compatible. You also have to figure out how hard it would be to install the hard drive. You could either do this by looking at the manual or surfing the Internet. If you are unable to gather relevant information then you can always ask for help. You can browse online for information or you can go to your nearest computer store to upgrade with new hard drive.

Find the space

There is no use to install a hard drive if there are no memory slots in your computer. Many computers have the option for an additional hard drive slot, but if you already have two then installing a third drive is not possible. What you can do is to get an external hard drive. External hard drive doesn’t have to be installed as it connects to your computer via USB cable. As each drive comes with a set of instructions, so you need to follow the steps to setup the hard drive. They are available in a wide range of sizes so you can install the hard drive according to your needs and requirements.

Buy your hard drive

Computer Hard Drive Connected

Once you know what type of hard drive you need and how much space you have for it, you can go and purchase it anytime. You can go to the local computer store and ask for the specific drive you want and they will be able to help you find it. At some shops they will even install the hard drive for you at an additional cost. If you are unable to get it from local stores you can buy it online. There are many online shopping sites where you can get it. We always recommend you to shop at a reputable store to ensure that you are getting is the best quality. Always compare products and prices to make sure that you are getting a good product.


If you want to install your hard drive yourself then you need to get rid of the static electricity by wearing a grounding bracelet. After that you may set up the jumpers. The instructions for the installation are in the manual of your product package. Place the drive in the correct place and connect the relevant cables. Once you have done this you will need to format the drive.

Adding a new hard drive is not a daunting task even if you have never done it before. All you have to do is plan properly and follow the instructions. Your new hard drive will be running in no time, and you will have that much more space for business or entertainment purposes.