If you are one of the users of 2 core or quad core computers then it’s about time that you change your computing experience. Wonder why? Well, the launch of AMD Opteron 6100 Series has made it so. If you think the processor which you have is the latest and the fastest then read through this article and you will end up saying no.

AMD is viewing the Intel’s processor market with the launch of the all new 12 Core Opteron 6100 Series. AMD is eyeing to tap price, performance and power-use. These are the 3P strategy of AMD. Now you know the positioning statement of 12 Core Opteron 6100 Series. Intel recently launched the Intel Xeon to hit a clean sweep of the processor market. But with the launch of Opteron 6100 Series, one can bet the money on it.

John Fruehe Director of Product Marketing for Server and Workstation of AMD said that the new version of the AMD chip will be a tough competitor for Xeon and it will definitely out perform the Intel’s Xeon. The chips that are available in market serve for three kinds of servers. One is the server that helps to serve the day-to-day activities. The activities include e-mail and document sharing. This consumes 20 percent of power. There are the second kinds of server that run in virtual machines and this consumes 40 to 60 percent of power and the last kind is the high performing system. The last kind of server consumes 80 to 90 percent of power. With the introduction of 6100 series processor, the power consumption can be slashed by more than 60 percent and so from now on the high computing super servers will consume the power equivalent to a server running for day-to-day activities. The new product by AMD holds the record of the World’s first 8 – and 12-core x86 server processor. It comes up with several new and niche features as well. The features include four channels of memory, Hyper Transport ™ 3.0 technology, the fourth Hyper Transport link technology and power management features.

The HyperTransport ™ 3.0 technology is instilled for the better communication between the processors in the server. Now the new AMD processor assures doubling the performance without the increase in costs. This is due to the power management systems. This niche technology is on par with the Intel Xeon and it is through these advancements that AMD out performs Intel. The better power usage is the vital point that AMD stresses. AMD Opteron 6100 Series is 21% faster than its peers and this is definitely a comparative advantage. The new AMD Opteron 6100 Series comes up with more affordable price and the consumers will be happy to grab with both the hands. Although the market is not flooded unlike other sectors, the market share of Intel is so huge that one has to give a best product in the market to capture a big pie. With the introduction of AMD Opteron 6100 Series it is for sure that the game is on!