Apple iPad 2 has a higher resolution screen compared to its predecessor while still not incorporating retina display density of the ppi. Apple called the new screen as Retina Display as it showed up a number of pixels compared to the human eye. This increase will require a big leap in the processing power in both of the components, the CPU and the graphics module. The reason for not having a higher resolution or retina display is that it would need a quasi retina of 260 ppi or more and this would need greater power, making the model more expensive to manufacture.

The super tablet has four times the resolution of the present iPad version. This will able to display 1024×768 pixels on a 9.7 inch LCD screen. Using this resolution is not going to make much difference. High resolution fonts and pictures are relevant to a certain extent. After which these become difficult to work with when on the move or when downloading.

Text on the web will appear tiny and the users will have to zoom down to be able to read. Finally the resolution is not a problem; the screen size is which needs to be able to pack 80 % of pixels on a 27 inch iMAC display. The iPad 2 has a new graphics interface POWERVRSGx543 which was launched way back in 2009. iPad 2 has the system on chip A5. A patent has been granted to Apple for how small nodes that are conductive could be used to shave off at least a fraction of a mm of thickness of an iPad as in iPad 2. Apple iPad 2 also has an HDMI output and an SD card slot.